15 affordable and easy to install garden edging ideas


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  • A properly installed garden edging will enhance curb appeal and keep weeds away.
  • To find out what to look for in garden borders, we asked a gardening expert for advice.
  • Here are 15 garden border ideas for a beautiful garden decoration.

The garden border is a small detail that is both practical and aesthetic. A properly installed edging can prevent weeds and grass from encroaching on your manicured garden. It also keeps mulch and plants contained, resulting in a polished, finished look that can transform a disorganized plant jungle into a space full of appeal.

But choosing the right material for your garden edging is crucial to getting the right look and ensuring your landscaping project stays within your budget. To find out what to look for in garden borders, we spoke to gardening pro Michael Clarke. Clarke holds a degree in landscape architecture and horticulture from the University of California, Davis and worked for 15 years as a master gardener before founding Pulled Incan online platform that helps owners find service providers and experts in their area.

Whether you’re looking to contain a raised garden bed or create elegant borders in your landscaping, we’ve rounded up high-end masonry options and economical choices in sturdy plastic.


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