A Beginner’s Guide to Canada’s Work Permit.


(MENAFN- AMK Global Group) Did you know that working in Canada offers many advantages?
According to Canadian labor laws, the employer in Canada follows specific rules and regulations to ensure the health and well-being of employees. So, don’t you think putting in a lot of time and effort can help you get your work permit successfully as well as massive benefits in Canada?
Therefore, in today’s blog, we are here to bring a beginner’s guide to get a successful work permit in Canada and enjoy working there, so don’t forget to read the blog till the end, as it can be beneficial for you if you are keen to gain great work experience in Canada.
What is a work permit (WP)?
It is a legal document allowing foreign nationals to work in Canada. As a result, Canada has become a destination of choice for any foreign national seeking employment opportunities. According to the data, Canada issues approximately half a million WPs to temporary foreign workers around the world each year.
Who is eligible for the Work Permit (WP)?
To apply for a WP candidate, it will be necessary to have a Canadian job offer supported by the LMIA, the Labor Market Impact Assessment. Candidates qualified to apply for a WP must also meet the following eligibility criteria –
 Must have sufficient proof of funds to live, support family in Canada and return home.
 Except the intention to live once they work for the expiration of the authorization.
 Able to provide the requested documents that prove their eligibility to enter Canada.
 Not have a criminal history or be medically inadmissible to Canada.

How do I apply for a Canadian Work Permit (WP)?
The application procedure differs depending on the WP you have requested to apply for a Canadian WP. However, the first step is to determine the best WP that matches your eligibility and experience if you find it difficult to understand the application for you.
How can I extend my work permit (WP)?
If you are considering extending your WP, it is recommended that you apply at least 30 days before your current permit expires. However, technically a candidate has the last expiration day to apply for the extension request.

Can my family be included in my work permit application?
Well, if you are applying for an employer-supported WP, ​​only you may be eligible to include your spouse and dependent children accompanying you to Canada. However, if your children are of school age and already live in Canada, they may benefit from attending a Canadian educational institution without a separate study permit. Additionally, your spouse may also be eligible to apply for an open WP to work anywhere in Canada.
Are any documents required to apply for a Canadian Work Permit (WP)?
There are specific documents needed to apply for a Canadian WP, and this will depend on the type of WP you want. However, candidates applying for a Canadian WP must provide the following documents:
 Resume/CV
 Complete application forms
 Proof of family member status, if applicable
 A written job offer, if applicable
 Proof of payment of applicable government fees
 Results of medical examination, if requested
 A valid copy of your passport
 Copy of school diploma
 Marriage certificate, if requested
 Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), if applicable
 Evidence supporting financial terms to stay in Canada and return to home country.
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The medical examination for a Canadian work permit (WP)
Applicants must pass a medical examination depending on the length of their stay, where they have lived and the profession in which they will be working. If you plan to work in Canada for approximately less than six months, you will not be asked to provide a medical certificate. review with a few exceptions. Also, if you plan to gain work experience in Canada for more than six months, you will need to pass a medical exam.
In addition, an applicant must pass the medical examination with the physician designated by IRCC. Applicants also have the option of taking a pre-screening medical exam, which usually involves contacting the panel physician directly and taking the pre-screening to submit an aWP application. Additionally, if you do not provide the results of your medical exam with your application, IRCC officers will send you instructions on the process to take the medical exam, and they will also provide you with a specific time frame for completing the medical exam. medical exam.
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Can my work permit application be refused?
Yes, your WP request can be denied, and there are several reasons. However, if you are unsure why your application was denied, you can request notes from GCMS, as this can help you get a better idea and address any officer concerns if you decide to reapply. .
Below are some of the common reasons why your WP might decline.
 You do not meet all the eligibility criteria for the WP for which you are applying.
 The officers were not convinced by your application that at the end of your authorized stay in Canada, you would return to your country of origin.
 The agent was not convinced that you could do the job well.


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