A beginner’s guide to succeeding “among us”, including tips and recommendations

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Among Us is a video game that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and swept the gaming industry. However, it has since surpassed its highest level in a few months. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished the game by then. We have an in-depth Getting Started Guide to Among Us that will show you how to play Among Us. InnerSloth’s mobile and PC video game Among Us has swept Twitch. tv, and possibly the entire gaming industry. Gangster gaming is great for socializing, especially if you haven’t had a fight with your friends in a while and are looking for a good debate. Therefore, this good introductory guide among us is crucial.

The main plot of Among Us is simple. A group of 4-10 players (usually 10) perform activities in an area while 1-3 pretenders known as impostors (2) try everything they can to disrupt their efforts and assassinate them all. The game can end in four different ways. The duration of the game depends on the number of participants, their abilities and the options chosen by the game group. When a game begins, you will be assigned a role, either a crew or impostors, and their objectives and methods for them. achieve will change accordingly. If you are a crew member with us. This implies that you are on your way to help repair this ship/station/colony. Tasks will be given to you in your work plan for each game as a crew. On the map, you can see where you need to go to complete these tasks. Just walk around each area and complete the task.

After all, of course, there could be imposters between us, so watch out for unusual behavior. Imposters do not perform tasks, but they can imitate them. You can keep an eye on the task to check what tasks have been completed, and if anyone suspects anything strange, you can always request a meeting using the button on the desktop. If you end up with an impostor, you can become a ghost. However, even if you died, it doesn’t really mean your job is done, so focus on completing your tasks and rely on the other crew members to solve your murder.

The impostor implies that you will be able to wreak havoc on their business and ensure that this job is far from “standard operating procedure”. You’ll see a checklist of things and corresponding locations on the map on your screen, but these are just recommendations for activities to counterfeit, not your real goal. Instead, you should aim to separate crew members and assassinate them whenever possible. Of course, it won’t be easy, and you’ll have to be stealthy.

Meeting is the only opportunity for players to communicate with each other, making it a core part of Among Us. Meetings are called when a death is reported or when the meeting button is pressed. Players can choose to execute one player at each meeting, and whoever receives the most votes will be thrown out of an airlock/into a lava flow. You can also choose to jump down if you don’t want to kick someone out.

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