An easy guide for beginners to everything FUT


If you’ve never played FIFA Ultimate Team before, it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

We’re here to help, so if you’ve just had FIFA 22 for Christmas and are looking to get started right away, use this little guide to navigate your way through the game mode.

Read on for a brief explanation of what you need to know when playing Ultimate Team, along with some helpful tips to get you started and some silly mistakes to avoid!

Game modes

One of the first things to decide on Ultimate Team is where to spend your gaming time.

You’ll end up playing in all modes, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • Squad Battles – Play against the computer, with weekly rewards
  • Division Rivals – Play against humans, with weekly and seasonal rewards
  • Champions / Weekend League – Test yourself by playing competitive matches against human opponents, 20 matches, the more wins the better the reward
  • FUT Friendly – Play against humans with tight team selections, typically used to achieve goals
  • Draft – You can play against computer or humans and will draft random players to assemble your team, the more you win the better the reward
  • Squad Building Challenges (SBC) – Swap players from your club to complete specific tasks and earn instant rewards

We advise you to get used to playing in FUT Friendlies mode, where ranking is not involved and players do not lose contracts.

(Contracts apply to players and managers – if you use them in matches, their contracts will run out. You can add more contracts using consumables – except players on loan)

Team selection

One of the main differences between Ultimate Team and other game modes is bonding between players on your end, making sure they have good chemistry.

Players of the same team, league or nation will bond well with each other and receive in-game bonuses.

Individual chemistry ranges from 0 to 10, if closer to 0 players will get reduced stats, closer to 10 then it will be increased stats.

LINK UP PLAY – Find the best chemical connections for your players

Player positioning also affects this, and if you’re playing against someone who isn’t in position, they may not be able to achieve maximum chemistry.

If so, you can change their base position (within certain limits) with consumables available in packs and on the transfer market.

Goalkeepers and central defenders cannot change positions, but everyone else can.

As a guide, here is how you can change the position of the players:

  • LB / RB
  • LM / RM
  • CDM

Get ready to see forwards like Cristiano Ronaldo line up as CDM, just to get the right chemistry and the right ties!

Find a formation and tactics that you think suit your playstyle and build around it.

If you haven’t played a lot against human opposition before, we recommend that you keep your full-backs to stay behind while attacking – you’re no longer against the computer, and if your players are bombarding forward, you will be taken over the counter.

Having the right manager adds the finishing touch to your side, again if the players have a common nationality or league they will get some extra chemistry.

There is also team chemistry to watch out for, which can reach 100.

This isn’t as necessary to worry about as the players’ individual chemistry, and you will find the better individual chemistry, the better the team chemistry.

Again, the closer you get to 100, the better your team will perform in a match.


YOUR MISSIONS – Destroy the objectives and climb the XP trail

If you check under the Goals tab, you will see that there are various tasks to complete, which offer varying rewards.

  • Season Process – As you gain XP through other objectives, you will level up to levels up to 30. You will gain pack rewards and vanity items along the way and at levels 15 and 30 a player choice (refreshes approximately every six weeks)
  • Objectives – The benchmark for daily play, new objectives are arriving on a daily and weekly basis, with silver stars and tasks for players promoting events to watch out for (objectives are refreshed at the end of the season except contrary indication)
  • Milestones – Longer term goals that you will achieve as you play the game also offer rewards to players (does not update with the new season)
  • Team Events – Coming at irregular intervals, you have options to choose from which will then give you more goals to accomplish related to your chosen team / player

Make sure you complete the objectives to get free players, it’s always worth it even if you end up using them to complete SBCs.


Meta-players are some cards that are widely used, so you will come across them a lot.

Getting used to who they are and how they are used will not only help you compete with the opposition, but also see which cards you should be using for yourself.

The main factor to consider is speed.

PACE IS ACE – Prepare to rely on this attribute

Not everyone likes this aspect of the game, which can give an arcade-like feel, but it’s best to match the meta or you’ll be overwhelmed.

You may also come across players using full-backs as center-backs, which is another aspect of the meta.

With better players showcased through promotions, center-backs become less relevant as they can’t keep up with play, so full-backs will start to take their place.

Tips for beginners

Tip 1

Before you even kick a ball, a good place to start is completing the core team building challenges.

It won’t just teach you about SBCs, but how to build a team with good chemistry in general.

LEARN THE ROPES – Start with the basics and go from there

The rewards you earn are also redeemable (many rewards are not redeemable), which means if you pack a top player you can choose to sell them on the transfer market and use the funds to invest. in an excellent starting team.

Tip 2

If you check the Objectives tab, you’ll find tasks that offer rewards to players, whether it’s the Weekly Silver Star, a player celebrating the latest promotion, or Squad Foundation or League Players in the Milestones.

Complete these goals!

Prioritize those with short expires (those on regular goals, not milestones) and build your club.

There are plenty of cards you can team up around, and while you don’t end up using them during the game, they can be SBC fodder.

Tip 3

If you want to accumulate your coins from scratch, get ready to grind the bronze pack method.

Indeed, it is about buying the cheapest pack available and reselling the content for a profit.

It may seem like it won’t earn you millions, but you will be surprised if you decide to go down this route.

Little nonsense

When you are new to a game you are bound to make stupid mistakes or fail to perform simple methods that have become second nature to others – here are a few examples to watch out for:

Do not use loan players in competitive matches!

You will notice that a Loan player will have the number of Contracts (games) remaining on their card image, and this cannot be increased (unless you wrap another Loan version of their card).

READY AREA – If they have the blue circle, keep them only for friendlies

You can get some of the best players in the game on loan, so keep them to play in FUT Friendlies, where their contracts won’t run out and you can use them indefinitely.

You can have multiple squads!

You are not limited to the number of squads you can form, so don’t keep changing your first to meet the objectives.

Once you’ve found a formation and tactics that you like, it may be worthwhile to create a “base” formation and then copy it every time you create a new team. He will keep all your tactics, and you can always change them to suit the new team.

Duplicates can be exchanged!

It won’t be long before you’re annoyed by all the duplicate players you pack, especially if they aren’t tradeable.

Don’t forget to exchange the duplicate with your club’s copy (you will see an option for this at the bottom of the screen), then if your club’s is exchangeable you can add it to the transfer list.

Sort your outstanding players!

While we’re on duplicates, if you let them wait in limbo, you won’t be able to open any more packs.

Our advice, use them immediately in an SBC before quickly selling / binning them.

If you happen to get a top notch player duplicate, it may be worth keeping them in limbo for a bit to use in a quality SBC.


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