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Blue Archives is a gacha Roleplay game edited by Nexon KR for the global region. It’s a collectible waifu game, with animated L2Ds featuring a solid story as well as voice acting for many characters. Here is a Blue Archive beginner’s guide to explain the important aspects of the game.

Blue Archive Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Sensei level

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This is the main level of your account and also determines how many levels your characters can reach, if your Sensei is 50 then your characters can only reach up to level 50. Sensei level can be increased by using action points which is simply Endurance, action points regenerate at the rate of 1 AP every 6-8 minutes. The conversion rate for experience is 1:1, which means using AP anywhere is the same to level up Sensei.

Campaign Missions

You’ll see the core gameplay and all the content the game has to offer here. The campaign includes missions. The main story content of the game is here, you can progress by completing the different stages.

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Each stage of the mission has both Normal and Hard tabswhere normal tabs are for story progress and hard stages have the character’s Eleph as rewards, Elephs are used to unlock characters and to unlock Mystic, which is similar to leveling up a character.

Mission requirements

On the mission info you will see the enemy structure/composition and the requirements for the clear S rank which is the three star clear. Different stages will always have the same requirement for three clear stars, that is-

  1. Mission accomplished
  2. Acquire rank S ‘x’ times
  3. Clear the stage in ‘x’ turns
Mission Requirements Beginner's Guide Blue Archive
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The only thing that changes is the number of times an S rank is required and clearing the stage in a varying number of turns. So be sure to see what they are and try accordingly.

Checking your enemy list

It is strongly recommended to check the composition before the battle, so you will have a better idea to counter them. Now enemies have attributes of two types just like your characters which are attack attribute and armor attribute and there is actually attack and defense efficiency mechanism in the game, the chart below will show how this relationship works.

Normal Explosive Piercing Mystical Seat
Light Normal Weak Resist Normal Resist
Heavy Normal Normal Weak Resist Resist
Special Normal Resist Normal Weak Resist
Structure Resist Resist Resist Resist Weak
Synergy Information

Resist means all attacks from that enemy will be reduced to only 50% dmg, while low means 50% more damage on the enemy, and normal means no such change. So from there, you can easily see why composition optimization is important and you don’t want to face enemies that have to resist your characters.

This synergy is universal and works for all game content, so even if you have slightly weak power units then your main team uses them to gain the advantage, apart from some characters in very particular situations, it is better mostly use this perk.

Upgrading and upgrading your character

Aside from skills and gear, the easiest way to improve a character is to level them up. The character level is however capped at your Sensei level, which means that the character level cannot exceed your account level.

The material used to increase the experience is activity report, these mainly have four types which are novice activity report, normal activity report, advanced activity report and activity report superior. The best place to cultivate the activity report is to cultivate on the basic commission defense steps.

Unlock Mystic

It’s basically a character’s ascent to the next level and uses character elephants for that. The Eleph character can be purchased from the store using the special Eligma currency which can be obtained by obtaining character dupes through the gacha.

The climb for each level is different, see details below to see the exact amount needed.

Unlock Mystic-
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  • 1 star to 2 stars – 30 shards
  • 2 stars to 3 stars – 80 shards
  • 3 stars to 4 stars – 100 shards
  • 4 stars to 5 stars – 120 shards

Now, some character shards can be farmed from the hard stages, but most of them are limited and can only be purchased from the store, so be sure to plan and use your Eligma carefully.

Master character skills

Skills play a very important role in a character’s damage potential outside of team synergy and gear. Each character in the game can have four different types of skills, Normal Skill, Passive Skill, EX Skill, and Sub-Skill. Normal and EX skills are available from the base rank and the following passive skills and sub-skills are unlocked at 2-star and 3-star respectively.

Blue Archive Character Skills Beginner's Guide
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  • normal skill: Normal skills are frequently used by characters on the battlefield after a certain number of turns, upgrading should provide a damage boost.
  • EX Skill: The most important skill for any character as it determines their role and has very powerful effects, ranging from high damage output to team buffs and more. This skill should be the top priority for investment, except for some characters.
  • Passive Skill and Sub-Skill: These skills provide standalone character support and can provide stats, buffs, or even increase the damage potential of already powerful EX skills.

Skill leveling priority largely depends on the role of the character, as some have powerful EX skills, others have a significant sub-skill, so keep that in mind when leveling them.

Take the lessons

You can take special lessons at various schools in Kivotos, at the start of the game each player will have a limit of 3 class tickets per day which will increase as you level up in various school ranks during the lessons. Tickets will renew daily, but additional tickets can be purchased in the store via Pyroxenes.

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Lessons are primarily used to increase student bonds, but may also provide additional rewards, which have a relatively low probability of appearing, and therefore should not be relied upon as a reliable source of items.

At different locations, you’ll see groups of three students, two students, or one person trying to maximize ticket usage by teaching more students, in a single lesson.

Understanding MomoTalk and increasing bonds

You can strengthen bonds with various students by interacting with them during class or at the coffee shop. As your relationship progresses, you can communicate with them through MomoTalk to learn more about them.

MomoTalk and Bonds Blue Archive Beginner's Guide
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After reaching a particular rank, you can even access the L2Ds of different characters to see it in the main lobby. That’s it for the basic tips and tricks, if you’re struggling to progress through the game, you can always refer to this Blue Archive beginner’s guide for help.

That’s it for today’s Blue Archive beginners guide. Did you find our blue archives Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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