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From the house of 37GAMES Global, Chrono Heritage is a turn-by-turn Roleplay game that will allow you to cross a timeline and fight with historical characters and defeat many enemies during your long journey. Chrono Legacy is an exciting game as it will test your strategy by positioning your heroes on the battlefield in order to finish the enemies in no time, while your heroes will take control by themselves so you only have to watch the battle. Before you start playing Chrono Legacy, it’s important to have a good overview of the game mechanics and what you need to do to progress faster. Here we will give you a great overview of the Chrono Legacy beginner’s guide and simple tips that you can use to start your journey.

Understand the basics of Chrono Legacy


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There are 90 heroes awaits you in Chrono Legacy. They are distinguished according to their classes (Warrior, Tank, Archer, Mage, Assassin, and Support), factions (Ironblood League, Disciple Union, Oblivion Fort, Psionic Council, and Ascent), and rarities (Legendary, Epic, and Elite).

game mechanics

Game mechanics
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Before the battle begins, you will need to choose the six members who will participate in the battle. The battle has an automatic system that allows you to only watch the fight until the end. The key will be your decision to put the position of your heroes because some heroes are vulnerable to direct attacks.

PvE content

Content Pve Chrono Legacy Beginner's Guide
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There are exciting modes you can try in order to collect more resources and test your hero power and training. You can mount the tower of the ancestor to challenge the other player to climb as high as possible to get more rewards, or you can peek more information for your gallery collection in Chrono Intel Center, or you can set sail to find resources in the heroic expedition.

PvP content

Chrono Arena is your doorway to claiming the title of the strongest in Chrono Legacy by challenging another player. It is obvious that you will find a stronger hero with a formation that you have never seen before and this is where you need to test your hero and your formation.


There are different buildings that you can visit in order to suit your needs. The database will take you to open the gallery overview and tableau storage where you can change your battle tableau to summon new heroes to the altar.

Basic Chrono Legacy Beginner's Guide
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Energy Hub is where you can promote your heroes and increase their stars after completing specific requirements, while Hero Hut will temporarily increase your hero level as long as you charge them as a mentor, and Chrono Store is where where you buy items in exchange. for diamonds.


Alliance Chrono Legacy Beginner's Guide
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It is important that you join Alliance as it has a huge amount of benefits for you. You can add more resources for yourself in the Alliance Treasurer after completing several tasks, while you can also gather your alliance’s resources in the jungle collection because you will also be rewarded or you can help your alliance to grow by joining them in technological exploration, mining. , build a new wonder, or attack another clan in Exotica Invasion.

Chrono Legacy Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Advice for progress

After completing the prologue, you will have William Wallace, Hanzo, Cleisson and Royal Archer as your starting hero. You cannot unlock the base and the altar until you reach stage 3-12, so be sure to prioritize yourself to reach this stage. Make sure to leave your hoard idle for at least 1 day so you have a bunch of resources once you claim it.

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Once you’ve unlocked the altar, all you need to do is make sure you have enough blue crystal and diamonds as you’ll need them to perform a summon, or you can complete all of the main tasks in step 3 in order to get 10 summoning factions.

Use your resources to upgrade your hero level and be sure to equip them with an item you got from the reward, and when you reach stage 4 your 6 main heroes will reach level 60 with the item equipped finished.

2. Know the affinities

Like other games, each hero has their own affinity and each affinity contradicts the other. Here are the affinities:

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  • Ironblood League win against union of disciples but lost against Psionic Council
  • union of disciples win against strong from oblivion but lost against Ironblood League
  • strong from oblivion win against Psionic Council but lost against union of disciples
  • Psionic Council win against Ironblood League but lost against strong from oblivion
  • climber have no contradiction with another faction.

3. Leave AFK again for a long time before claiming it

You can find your AFK at the start of the game, precisely placed on the right side of your combat board in the engagement menu. This treasure will increase on its own over time so you don’t have to rush to claim it, instead you just have to wait for a long time to get massive amounts of treasure.

4. Keep an eye on your heroes Positioning

Your hero’s positioning will be key to achieving victory. It is better to place vulnerable heroes like mage or support in the furthest grid of the combat tables because they have less HP than tank and warrior. You can place tanks in front of the battle grid as they will act as shields and hold back every incoming attack, while warriors will be your main damage dealer as they possess massive damage and could withstand attacks better than mages and warriors . You can have your favorite formation that suits your style of play.

5. Actively participate in Alliance

The alliance will bring huge benefits as it will give you more rewards if you actively participate in every event it organizes. So, be sure to join one once you start understanding the game mechanics and game flow.

Final Thoughts

Chrono legacy is an exciting RPG game that will also give you a great insight into historical characters. Having a good resource is essential because you will need a lot of them to improve your heroes, promote them or summon a new one because they have 90 heroes and some of them are legendary heroes which are very important for your list as they have more power. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to focus only on the campaign as you can try another event to collect resources and upgrade gear in Journey mode.

That’s it for today’s Chrono Legacy Beginner’s guide. Did you find our Chrono Legacy Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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