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Survival Crafting – Immortal is a free mobile survival game that immerses the player in Aeron, the world of dark fantasy. Gather resources and craft weapons and armor to fight against bandits and hordes of zombies. Rebuild and upgrade your base and uncover the secret of your past. This is a beginner’s guide to getting to know the game and some tips to get you started in Craft of Survival – Immortal.

Understanding the basics of Craft of Survival – Immortal


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When you first open the story, you will be introduced to character creation. Choose the option you want but choosing a certain race (Human, Orc, Dark Elf, High Elf) will give you different passive skills and access to certain options, such as talking with other characters.

Equipment and qualities

Equipment is items that you can put on your character. There are many types of equipment your character can use. They are :

  1. Helmet : For your head.
  2. Armed : Equip in the right hand if it is a one-handed weapon. If the weapon is two-handed, it will also fill the shield slot.
  3. Armor : For your body
  4. Belt : A slot to allow you to use a belt.
  5. Trousers : To protect your legs.
  6. Gloves : For your hands.
  7. Shield : A slot for if you have a Shield, a second one-handed weapon (meaning you can wield two hands in-game), or a two-handed weapon filling both the weapon slot and the shield.
  8. Bag : Where you can put a bag to increase the size of your inventory. Crafting a better bag means your inventory slot will increase even more.
  9. Pet : When you unlock and acquire a pet, you can equip it in the slot and it will accompany you in battle.
  10. Boots : To protect your foot.
  11. Necklace : To put around the neck. Not only gives extra protection, but also some stats.
  12. Rings : There are two slots in which you can put rings. They can give you increased protection and stats.
  13. Drink : The location where you can put your Full Waterskins and Potions to have quick access to the main screen.
Equipment and quality
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The equipment is also available in different qualities. The same equipment can be of different qualities depending on a chance. The ratings from lowest to highest are:

  1. Standard (White)
  2. Quality (Green)
  3. Excellent (Blue)
  4. Epic (Mauve)
  5. Legendary (Orange)

Each piece of gear will have a durability where if it runs out the gear will break. You can increase their durability by using the Repair Hammer.


Focusing on weapons can grant different types of abilities depending on what type of weapon it is. Bladed weapons such as swords and axes are usually divided between Quickly (meaning they swing quickly) and Slowly (meaning they swing slowly). However, Slow usually dealt more damage than Fast to compensate for their lack of speed.

weapons such as Staff and bows also have their own specialty, in which they have an additional critical rate boost. In addition, the staff will of course be different from other weapons, since it will inflict magic damage instead of physical damage.

Crafting and Shelter

One of the main base systems in the game is where you can use the materials you’ve collected. Craftsmanship comes in different categories, these are:

  1. Survival : The basic survival kit. Consists of stone axe, stone pickaxe, small bag, bandage, chest, farm land, campfire and well .
  2. Weapons : List of weapons. The most essential for beginners would be the makeshift sword as they are inexpensive to craft.
  3. Armor : List of armors. The most essential for starters would be the Exile Hood, Exile Jacket, Exile Gloves, Exile Belt, Exile Pants, and Exile Wraps, as they are cheap to make and available from the start.
  4. Tools : List of tools that can help you gather materials. Since you can craft basic axes and pickaxes in the survival tab, the focus will be on collecting enough materials for the bag and big bag.
  5. Buildings : Places where you can transform your materials into other materials you may need to craft better gear. All of them are essential to play the game.
  6. Decorations : Various objects. Some must be crafted for missions.

The shelter is where you can construct and place buildings. Each time you construct and upgrade buildings, you gain prestige. You need to reach a certain prestige point to upgrade various buildings.


The six main attributes your character has are:

  1. Strength : Physical attack damage
  2. Dexterity : Physical attack critical rate
  3. Endurance : Health level
  4. Intelligence : Magic attack damage
  5. Wisdom : Magic attack critical rate
  6. Charisma : The chance that you can use persuasion against other characters
Stats Craft of Survival - Immortal Beginner's Guide
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Each time you level up, you will get a point which you can use in the stats menu. The stat can also be increased by using certain equipment such as rings. You can also reset the points you have used by using certain amounts of crystals.

Map and travel

The map and the movement
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When you play the game, you will have to go to different types of places. Getting to a location will either cause you to wait a certain amount of time or consume movement which allows you to get there quickly.

Passive Skills

As the name suggests, there are various additional abilities in various categories such as Survival, Armament, Plunder, Craft, and Call. Passive skills can be unlocked using skill books.

Craft of Survival Passive Skills - Immortal Beginner's Guide
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Skill books can be obtained either by exchanging your Extract from the Writings of the Prophet in the trade camp which usually spawns sometimes or by spending crystals to open equipment loot boxes.

Store and safe

In the store you can buy different types of equipment such as weapons, armor, repair hammers, using crystals, currency which you can acquire through quests, rewards and payment using real money.

Craft of Survival – Immortal Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Craft of Survival – Immortal Beginners Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

1. Always bring basic equipment with you

The thing to watch out for when playing is that your gear breaks, and they tend to break a lot. So what you want to do is make sure you have the materials to craft new gear on the go. So be sure to save essential materials such as Save, Calculation, Grass, Cloth, Hide, Birch planksand iron bar.

2. Complete your daily quests and events

Many crafts can only be accessed after reaching a certain level, you need to make sure you level up fast. What you need to do is do the daily quests which will appear every day and the event quests which appear often.

3. Use your movement effectively

Since moving around in the game will cost you a good number of moves or time, it’s best to plan where you want to go efficiently. If you want to use farming equipment, make sure you free up just enough space, and once there, farm full stacks of them. Then you can return to the castle to store it or use it for crafting. Never be in too much of a rush to leave a place, make sure you’ve checked everything out and got the things you need.

That’s it for today’s Craft of Survival – Immortal beginner’s guide. Did you find our Craft of Survival – Immortal Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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