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Disney Twisted Wonderland is a japanese adventure game with rhythm game elements created by disney and Aniplex. You are summoned by a magic mirror to a world different from yours. And you arrive at Night Raven College, a prestigious arcane academy. This is our Disney Twisted-Wonderland beginner’s guide to getting to know the game with some tips to help you out.

Understanding the Basics of Disney Twisted-Wonderland


When you start to open the game, the game will present different types of dorms to choose from. You can choose a dorm and then a character in which you unlock their SR rank cards for free.

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There are in total seven dorms based on the seven villains in Disney movies. They are :

  • Heartslabyulbased on queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. The students you can unlock in this dorm are:
    • Riddle Rosehearts
    • As Trappola
    • two spades
    • Trey Clover
    • Reply to Diamond
  • Octavinellebased on Ursula from The little Mermaid. The students you can unlock in this dorm are:
    • Azul Ashengrotto
    • jade leech
    • Floyd Leech
  • Beetle, based on Jafar from Aladdin. The students you can unlock in this dorm are:
Picture via Aniplex
  • Pomefiore is based on the Evil Queen from Snow White and Seven Dwarves. The students you can unlock in this dorm are:
    • Vil Schoenheit
    • Spell Felmier
    • Tower hunt
  • Ignihydebased on underworld from Hercules. The students you can unlock in this dorm are:
  • Diasomniabased on Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. The students you can unlock in this dorm are:
    • Malleus Draconia
    • Lilia Vanrouge
    • Money
    • Sebek Zigvolt


The game features a card system, where a character can have multiple cards based on different outfits which can have different ranks, stats, and abilities. They can be categorized into 3 different types, i.e. Attack, Defenseand Balance. The ranks of the cards differentiated from the lowest are:

Picture via Aniplex
  • R-rank Cards that can go to level 40 but can be maxed to level 60 after being uncapped.
  • SR Rank Cards that can go to level 60 but can be maxed to level 80 after being uncapped.
  • RSS Rank Cards that can go to level 80 but can be maxed to level 100 after being uncapped.

You can level up a card using blooming honeyincrease his Vignette level to the maximum to unlock his Vignette story with Snacksperform Groovification to unlock another map artwork using Candiesand use Awakening perfumes to increase the maximum level. Each also has their own buddy, where the card will gain an extra boost in their stat when on the same team with certain characters. The buddy level can also be increased to a higher level.

Spells and Elements

Each card will behave like 2 spells which they can use in battle to attack enemies, heal allies, and more. Spells are generally differentiated into two types, a comes out all at onceand one 2-hit spell.

Spells and Elements Beginner's Guide Disney Twisted-Wonderland
Picture via Aniplex

They also come with different types of elements, there is a rock, paper and scissors system placed for some elements. The elements are:

  • The water : Strong against Fire, but Weak against Flora
  • Fire : Strong against Flora, but Weak against Water
  • Flora : Strong against Water, but weak against Fire
  • Cosmic : Neutral. Neither strong nor weak against any element


There are several types of stories you can follow. The first is the main story where you can explore your journey in College Raven by Night as well as the problems that occur in each dorm. The second is thumbnails, which are mini-stories that you can unlock by acquiring cards of the specific character. You can also unlock Cats which are also mini-stories by completing certain criteria involving lessons.


Lessons are modes you can do to increase your player rank and increase your card levels. There are 3 types of courses present in Twisted-Wonderland, they are:

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  • Story : Increase your map map level. You can also earn rewards like Blooming Honey.
  • Flight : Increase Vignette level of your cards. You can also earn rewards like snacks.
  • Alchemy : Increase buddy level of your cards. You can also earn Spell Enhancement Materials and Alchemy Tokens. The characters you can choose and the material rewards you can get may differ depending on the schedule.

Taking a Lesson will consume a Lesson Point, you can collect them by waiting after a certain amount of time or by using items such as Starshards and Gems.


There are a number of different currencies in Twisted-Wonderland. But there are two most essential currencies which are used in the game i.e. Thaumarks and Gems. You can use these marks with other items to upgrade your maps and you can also use them in the shop. Gems can be used in many things, such as summons, lesson point recovery, stores, and many more.


The main part of the game features a turn-based system. In a round you can choose two spells to use against the enemy. The enemy will also choose their own fate. To win, you’ll need to figure out which elemental spells they’ll use. To give you an edge, the game also has a system called First shot Second shot.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Battle Beginner's Guide
Picture via Aniplex

Usually the game will tell you which element the enemy will use for the First movement in the first round, then the second shot for the next turn, then returns to the first move, and so on. You’ll have to figure out the rest by looking at all the spells they have and making a decision based on that. Of course, the outcome would be different depending on your luck.


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Twistune is a rhythm mode where you click incoming tunes with precise timing. There are 3 types of Twistunes present in the game i.e. A color, two colorsand Timer. You have a certain number of points to be able to pass the stage. Once you have completed a Twistune stage, you can replay it at any time in the Twistune menu.


Are battles where you can fight enemies with certain conditions. Such as elements, difficulty and many more. You can earn rewards mainly in the form of exam tokens for completing a stage of an exam.


Picture via Aniplex

A gacha summon system From the game. You can use Gems and magic keys to summon cards with all different ranks and stats. If you happened to summon a card you already have, it will automatically level the card up. However, if the card has already reached max pickle, it will be exchanged for an Awakening Scent instead.


A place where you can buy all kinds of things using all kinds of currencies. The types of Shop present are:

Picture via Aniplex
  • Jumpstart Gem Shop : A limited-time shop where you can use paid gems to buy bundles of essential items.
  • Gem shop : Where you can use your free gems to purchase bundles of essential items
  • Alchemy Token Shop : A shop where you can use your alchemy tokens to buy items, mainly spell enhancement materials.
  • Exam Token Shop : A shop where you can use your exam tokens to buy magic keys, awakening scents, star shards, blossom honey and even thaumarks.
  • Card shop (Thaumarks) : A shop where you can use your Thaumarks to buy rank R school uniform cards of each character present in the game.
  • Background Shop (Awakening Fragrance) : A store where you can use Awakening Perfume to purchase backgrounds to use for the main menu background.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Disney Twisted-Wonderland Beginner’s Guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

1. Collect the first 300 gems

The mirror will present you with a guarantee SSR Card Summon the first time you play. You can use your first 300 free gems, and right after that you can only use paid gems. So be sure to use it effectively, following a relaunch guide.

To get free gems, you can focus on the main story and the mission, because completing a certain mission will give you a good amount of gems. Also, remember to log in daily for the first seven days to acquire gems through login rewards.

2. Have strong friends

A support card can really turn the tide of battle, especially ones with high levels. Having friends who have high levels will most likely allow you to borrow their strongest card. So be sure to befriend many powerful players!

3. Play the game regularly

Since Alchemy Class Features a planning system, the only way to get stronger is to play the game every day and focus on getting spell upgrade materials. And since the game gives you login rewards for the first seven days, you will need to login daily.

That’s it for today’s Disney Twisted-Wonderland Beginner’s Guide. Did you find our Disney Twisted-Wonderland Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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