Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide: Tips on what to do when you’re just starting out


Elden Ring is not a forgiving game for beginners. Those just starting out will get some direction from the NPCs and then they’ll be on their own. As a result, many players will be looking for advice on how to succeed early on, especially if they’ve never played a Souls game before. Luckily, there are a few tips in our beginner’s guide that should help anyone survive their first few hours in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide

We played the first hours of Elden Ring several times in different classes. These tips should help those just starting out survive long enough to master the game.

Choose a class with a ranged attack

As with previous Souls games, most enemies in the game cannot handle ranged attacks. Many of them are melee-oriented, and their only response when hit with a bow or magic is to run towards the player. Picking a class that starts with a ranged attack, like the Samurai or Astrologer, will give players a way to take down enemies quickly without too much risk.

Don’t be afraid to start over

Don’t worry about which class to choose. Just pick the one you find the most interesting and start over if it doesn’t work for you. Each of them has different starting gear, abilities, and stats, and most of them start the game by heading into a particular specialization. So instead of grinding to “fix” a character, just start at square one. There’s nothing more frustrating for gamers than trying to use a build they don’t vibrate with, and there’s no reason to.

Make a straight line for the horse

The Spectral Steed is the player’s most reliable companion during a game of Elden Ring. Obtaining the Spectral Steed Whistle should be a player’s first objective when entering the Lands Between. The quickest way to do this is to enable these three grace sites:

At the third Site of Grace, Melina will introduce herself and give the player the whistle which can be used to summon the Spectral Steed. It is extremely valuable for both its increased movement speed and the power of mounted combat. It also helps players make a quick retreat if they come across an enemy they are not ready to fight.

Find a weapon you are comfortable with

Almost any weapon used by an enemy in Elden Ring can be looted. Thus, you have the choice between a wide range of swords, spears, bows, hammers and other weapons. Some players may just equip the weapon that has the strongest stats, but that’s a recipe for disaster in this game. Each weapon has its own unique stats, and players had better use one with which they are confident and improve it as they can.

On the other hand, players must give each new weapon a chance. Also keep in mind that each weapon has a two-handed ability and form, which should be factored into a player’s decision to equip.

Practice patience

Elden Ring is not a hack and slash, so players should hold back in battle. It is essential to study the enemy’s attack patterns, learn when to block and dodge, and how to identify openings. A group of enemies early in the game can potentially trample a player equipped with the best upgraded late game gear if they rush in and wave their weapon. Be patient, take a step back, and stay defensive when in doubt.

Don’t be afraid to be corny

Elden Ring isn’t always fair, so players shouldn’t feel bad when they find a way to take advantage of the fact that it’s a video game. Sometimes enemies get stuck in corners or behind doors, and there’s nothing wrong with using that to defeat them. Those who feel bad about cheeseing enemies should keep in mind that the game will cheese them a lot more,

Spend, spend, spend

Runes are the currency of Elden Ring, and they are used both for experience and to purchase items and materials. However, don’t cash them in without a good reason. Unspent runes are just tears ready to happen, and players should always hover around zero. There’s always something to spend, whether it’s leveling up or buying crafting manuals or other gear.

Enjoy DIY

Crafting can be incredibly useful, and players should strive to get as many recipes as possible and pick up crafting materials at every opportunity. The ability to craft arrows and bolts alone will save players a ton of runes. It is also useful for quickly crafting items such as Fire Pots when players encounter enemies with fire weaknesses.

Know when to retreat

In Elden Ring there is a large open world full of things to do. So don’t get stuck on a boss. Instead, players who get stuck in a particular section should teleport to another Grace site and start exploring. This will help players build up a stack of runes to spend, and they’ll find new gear and items that could help them get through the section they were stuck in.

Know when to quit the game

Soul games can be infuriating. Most players will find themselves dying and running through the same section over and over again, and bosses will kill them with only a shard of life. Sometimes it’s not enough to move on to another area. Players who get angry while playing should take a break and relax for a while. No one does their best when they’re angry, and a break can allow players to gain a new perspective on a situation when they return to play.


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