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Epic Seven is one of the most played Roleplay games developed by Great creative studios and published by Smilegate. Epic Seven is a game suitable for everyone because Epic Seven is an RPG game where you don’t need to spend your money to upgrade heroes. With that, here is the Epic Seven beginner’s guide for new players to start their adventure in Epic Seven.

This guide is designed to help new players get into the Epic Seven game without any difficulty, although the game itself is not difficult and complicated to learn, but there is something that new players still do not understand not just doing the tutorial or maybe forget about it.

Epic Seven Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Look for Goddess Statues

As you enter the battle inside the game, in some areas you will find a Goddess Statue. This statue will help you finish the battle. There are two different types of Goddess Statues you will come across in the game, the Salvage Goddess and the Soul Goddess.

Goddess of Recovery

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This type of goddess statue will recover the Point of view for all the heroes in your formation, the characteristic of this statue is that it will be surrounded by a green light.

soul goddess

The type of goddess statue that will give you a soul. The soul will be collected in a gauge at the bottom of the screen. There are two functions of the soul, the first is to improve the skills of your heroes, to do this it’s simple when you see “burn” in the soul gauge, you can tap on it and your heroes will receive an improvement for their skills, this improvement is called Goulburn. The second is to summon a tutor.

soul goddess
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In order to summon the guardian, you will have to collect the soul until it fills the gauge, then you click on the guardian button to summon it, the guardian will appear and help you defeat the enemy. The recommendation to summon the guardian is when you fight the boss.

Keep in mind that you will only encounter one in an area, when you enter battle you will either encounter the Goddess of Salvage, the Goddess of the Soul, or you will encounter none at all.

2. Introducing the Guardians

Guardian is your special companion on your adventure with your heroes. A guardian can be summoned using souls you have collected when fighting the enemy.

Guardian Epic Seven Beginner's Guide
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Guardian will be very useful in the boss battle. But before you can summon your tutor you will have to get it first, to get it you just have to progress in the story, you will get one in your journey.

3. Understand the basics of gameplay

Epic Seven not only provides players with RPG fighting style gameplay, but players will also not encounter any combat zones.

Game Type Epic Seven Beginner's Guide
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Right after clicking the adventure button in the lobby you will lead to a map of the game world, once you start your adventure one of them is on the map, usually you will fight monsters right away, but in Epic Seven this is not always the case, sometimes the objective of the area is that you just need to talk or meet someone and you will also have to open the golden chest so that you get three stars.

The area map in this style is different, you will be in some kind of area with corridors and turns, but the game will not confuse you, there will be arrows that will lead you to your main objective, which is to meet someone, but the secondary objective, which is to open the golden chest, is not directed by these arrows, you will have to explore the entire area of ​​the map to find it.

4. Master the equipment

RPG players will be very familiar with the equipment in the game, all RPGs will have equipment in their game, which is always the crucial thing in the game. As you all know, equipment is used to improve the combat power of your heroes in the game, in Epic Seven the role of equipment is the same as other RPGs, but there is a difference from most RPGs.

Epic Seven has a set of gear that will give the hero wearing it an extra boost to their attributes. You can get equipment from chests you might come across while in battle.

Attack set

Attack set
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Attack set is the gear set that will give your hero increased attack power to 45% if you put a full set of four in them. The attack set will be marked with a sword symbol at the bottom of the equipment image.

Health set

Health Set Beginner's Guide Epic Seven
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Health set is the gear set that will give your heroes increased health points by 20% if you put a full set of two pieces of equipment in it. The health set will be recognized by a heart symbol at the bottom of the gear image.

Critical set

The Critical Set is the gear set that will give your heroes an increased critical hit rate of 12% when the hero is fully equipped with a full set of two gears, gear with this set can be seen with the symbol of the spear under the image of the equipment

Critical set
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There are still many sets that will help you easily win the battle in the game, you will find them in the game when you collect your equipment. The other difference is that in Epic Seven you will need gold to unequip your hero’s gear.

5. Know your artifacts

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In Epic Seven, you can not only equip heroes with gear, but you can also equip your heroes with artifacts. Artifacts are special items with passive skills. If your heroes are equipped with Artifacts, they will get boosted stats and an additional passive skill that will really help you lead your team to victory. You can get the artifacts by summoning them.

Final Thoughts

Epic Seven is a game similar to most RPGs available in the mobile gaming world. This game is suitable for people who love anime style characters. The story, character design and gameplay of this game are beautiful but there is a catch, a game with good graphics and designs will need more space on your phone.

That’s it for today’s Epic Seven Beginner’s guide. Did you find our Epic Seven Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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