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Fortnite has been around for a while now, is well-loved and available on many platforms, from PC, Xbox, Playstation, etc. The game has swept the world by storm, with players all over the world, of all ages. It’s a free game, but it contains a currency called “v-bucks” which players can use to buy skins, weapons, etc. Some players choose to buy fortnite accounts which already contain these attributes as it may take some time to get them. Additionally, some in-game items are only available during certain seasons.

Although the game has had many different updates, new chapters, and characters appear, the basics remain the same! In this guide, we’ll see some tips to help players get their Victory Royale!

While there’s no surefire way for a player to win gold every time, there are some things you can do to improve your chances.

Here is a list of practical tips to maximize your chances of achieving victory:

  • Avoid the biggest battles until you have to participate. While landing in populated areas can get you more loot and weapons, you have a higher chance of doing so. A beginner, to be Eli, instead.
  • Land of roofs, you have less chance of being shot down and there are often chests on the roofs of buildings. Although perfecting your landing can be difficult, it is often the safest option.
  • Zig zag, never run straight. Match snipers will take advantage of an easy target, so don’t give it to them!
  • Use your game volume to your advantage. While not everyone is a fan of game sound effects, if you don’t use them, you lose half of your benefits. Enemies can be heard approaching, treasure chests chime to indicate where they are, etc.

Know your card and where to deposit:

When a player first appears in the match, they will appear on the battle bus. From there, they will be asked to jump. There isn’t exactly a bad or right place to land in Fortnite, there are however “best” places to land, depending on how you want to play. For example, players wishing to avoid the action are recommended to land somewhere unnamed away from the flight path. While those wishing to jump straight into battle must stay in the flight path.

At regular intervals throughout the game, a white circle will be visible on the map. This means where the next area will be, it is essential to stay in this circle to progress. If not, follow the white line that appears on your map, this will show the quickest route to the safe zone.

Outside this area, we speak of ‘storm’ and this zone will increase in size as the match progresses, gradually reducing the safe zone to give players less space. If you fail to enter the safe zone as the storm encroaches, you will start to take damage, and it will get worse unless you re-enter the safe zone.

When you fall back into the storm, a blue line will then appear indicating the fastest exit. Note that the white and blue line may not line up, depending on whether a new safe zone has already been established.


While it’s far better to have one than no weapon at all, they are vastly outmatched by many other forms of heavy weapons in the game. We advise you to research better options as soon as possible.

These weapons have always been considered top notch in the game. Learn how to use these weapons and you will make your Fortnite experience much smoother.

Great for dealing damage to other players’ structures and finishing an attack after a few shotgun hits.

One of the best weapons as it is a versatile gun, although it can be random. Try to use this weapon for controlled bursts and avoid long ranges.

While these weapons require players to get used to with a bit of practice, they can turn out to be epic. They have “bullet drop”, which means the shot drops with distance, so to shoot at a moving target, aim high and forward.

Great for destroying forts or taking out nearby enemies, Rocket Launchers take time to hit, so take that into account.

This is used more as a collection tool throughout and accompanies you from the start, but is no less important, as you’ll find out in our next segment.

How the build works

Players can build structures throughout the game, heal themselves, hide, and simply create more late-game space to fight. Like when the safe zone gets smaller, players still have to keep fighting for that Victory Royale!

The materials to build these structures can be found throughout the game. There are three of them, wood, stone and metal, they each take a different time to come together. Let’s see how and where to get these materials.

Wood can be found all over the map in furniture, wooden pallets, and trees. Using your pickaxe, you can get this material. Fallen trees, however, can alert other players to your location or leave a trail they can follow to find you. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye on the health bar, it shows how many health points are left on the object to avoid this.

These materials can be obtained by destroying vehicles, brick walls, and other objects found around the map. The same logic applies to wood, in that it is not necessary to completely dismantle these structures to obtain the materials.

When playing expect to take a few hits and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get this instantly Victory Royale! Be sure to keep practicing, consider some of our tips and tricks, and work to win! We at AK hope you enjoyed and found help in our article.


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