How to Unlock Co-op, Repair Weapons, and Invite Friends


Dying Light 2 is finally out – and with 500 hours of open-world content, there’s plenty to see and do.

Opening up the map, you’ll notice it’s filled with the kind of myriad activities that are normally reserved for games like Far cry Where Assassin’s Creed. Among other things, there are windmills to climb, inhibitors to find, neighborhoods to liberate, and hiding places to unlock.

There’s obviously a path for you to follow, but along the way you’ll inevitably be distracted by some of these optional missions and you may even need to do some to improve your combat prowess.

In short, although it is possible to simply cross Dying Light 2 campaign (and even a bit tempting given the number of other huge blockbusters on the way), we wouldn’t recommend it. Not only will you miss out on a lot of enjoyable content, but you’ll also make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

That said, here’s a beginner’s guide to the complex world of Dying Light 2.

How to Repair Weapons in “Dying Light 2”

The image shows the gameplay of “Dying Light 2: Stay Human”. You can repair weapons a finite number of times using the mod system.

Technically speaking, you cannot repair degradable items in Dying Light 2but it is possible to at least increase their lifespan.

When you install mods on a weapon (to alter its stats or infuse it with elemental damage), you also buff it as a nice little bonus. This is shown on the right side of the crafting menu, where you can see the durability bar for whatever you’re upgrading. This will be filled by about 20% each time you install a mod.

The downside is that you can only upgrade each weapon a certain number of times (three to be exact) before all of its upgrade slots have been used. As such, you will eventually run out of opportunities to repair your gear and it will wear out.

Kind of like with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildthis is probably to encourage you to experiment with different loadouts throughout the game and not rely too heavily on one weapon.

How to Fast Travel in “Dying Light 2”

Dying Light 2 infected
The image shows the infected in “Dying Light 2”. You will need to clear the subway stations of these enemies if you want to unlock fast travel.

Given the enormity of its zombie-infested world, you’ll be pleased to hear that Dying Light 2 has a fast travel system. There’s a fun in-universe explanation of how this works, because you’re basically using the subway tunnels to get around (a similar concept was used in the game We are happy some).

Of course, Aiden can’t materialize anywhere on the map without doing some legwork first. Infected and bandits have taken up residence in the various metro stations around Old Villedor, so you’ll need to eliminate them if you want safe passage.

Once you’ve navigated the dungeon environment, you’ll then need to complete a small traversal challenge (often against the clock) to activate the generator at the subway station.

If you manage all of this, then it will be accessible as a fast travel point in the future. To actually use this feature, open your map, then hover over the subway tunnel icon. A prompt will then appear asking you to hold down a contextual button (square for PlayStation users).

When does co-op unlock in “Dying Light 2”?

Screenshot of Dying Light 2
The image shows the gameplay of “Dying Light 2”. After completing a few story missions, you will be able to play co-op.

Dying Light 2 supports 4-player co-op, letting you take on the zombie hordes with friends.

This option is not available to you from the start and you have to earn it. Specifically, you must complete the prologue and tutorial section on your own, as well as the “Markers of Plague” quest. Gating the multiplayer component until you’ve learned the ropes is fairly standard for this type of game, as a similar approach is used by most Far cry payments and sea ​​of ​​thieves.

Once you complete “Markers of Plague” (after about 90 minutes of play), co-op mode will unlock. Sadly, Dying Light 2 doesn’t have a cross-play feature at launch, which means you can only invite friends who are on the same platform as you.

How to invite friends to co-op “Dying Light 2”

Screenshot of Dying Light 2
The image shows a screenshot of “Dying Light 2”. It is possible to face the hordes of undead and the camps of bandits with up to four friends.

Assuming you and your friends are all on the same console (or PC), then you can invite them to help you with your Dying Light 2 playthrough.

To do this, launch the game itself and then open the pause menu. From there, choose the “Online Menu” option, which is third in the list.

Here you will be able to calibrate various settings that dictate who can and cannot join your campaign. The part you may need to change is the “Game Type” setting. Your options here are:

  • single player
  • Public (allowing anyone to join)
  • Friends only
  • Private (Even friends need an invitation to join)

As long as you haven’t selected “Single Player”, you should be able to invite friends to your Dying Light 2 game via network tools on your respective platform. There is also a dedicated “Friends” tab that you can use in the Dying Light 2 Online menu page.

How to Increase Health and Stamina in ‘Dying Light 2’

At the beginning of Dying Light 2, you will be relatively weak and defenseless. However, you can gradually improve your health and stamina by tracking down inhibitors (there are 126 of them).

For the most part, these collectibles are in GRE containers. When one is nearby, your passkey tool will alert you. A voice notification saying “container of inhibitor detected” will sound, then a small icon in the lower left corner of the screen will appear.

This also provides a range readout, letting you know how far away the Inhibitor is and if you’re heading in the right direction.

Dying Light 2 is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is expected to release later this year.

Screenshot of Dying Light 2
The image shows the gameplay of “Dying Light 2”. The zombie game emphasizes melee combat rather than gunplay, so you’ll need to stock up on inhibitors.

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