Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG Guide and Tips for Beginners


Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG is fun and Casual idle RPG game where you summon an army of unique gods and heroes from distinct cultures to create an elite team to fight the dark forces threatening the fate of the world. Here is the Mythic Heroes beginner’s guide for players who are just getting started in the game and some tips to help you out.

Understand the basics


The characters you can choose to fight in Mythic Heroes are known as heroes. Heroes are differentiated by many factors, such as rank, types, and faction.

Hero Rank and Status

In terms of rank, there are currently four types of rank a hero can have. The lowest is R (rare), SR, SSR and UR (ultra rare). The higher the rank, the more and better the abilities of the heroes will be. Status is your heroes’ current rank, but can be increased by ascending (however, only SR ranks and above can be increased). From the lowest, they are uncommon, rare, and elite.

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Type of hero

Hero types are differentiated based on what a hero primarily focuses on in battle and what type of damage they deal. There is :

  1. Fighter (red) : Heroes focused on the attack and inflicting physical damage
  2. Tank truck (yellow) : Hero who focuses on group defense and deals physical damage
  3. Mage (purple) : Hero who focuses on magic and deals magic damage
  4. Support (green) : Hero who focuses on support and deals magic damage

Faction of Heroes

Finally, different heroes will belong to different factions. There is currently a rock, paper and scissors system between the four factions present in the game. The factions are:

  1. Luminarch (yellow) : Good against Shadowarch but weak against Verdian
  2. Shadowarch (red) : Good against Guardian but Weak against Luminarch
  3. Verdean (Green) : Good against Luminarch but Weak against Guardian
  4. Guardian (Blue) : Good against Verdian but Weak against Shadowarch

However, ultra rare (UR) heroes belong to factions at the same time, so they can be a bit tricky.

Equipment and runes

Equipment is the items you can put in your heroes. There are 8 different types of gear that give players a different stat boost, these are:

  1. Pangu Ax : For each auto attack, there is a chance to deal additional damage to the target. Damage is treated as actual damage.
  2. Staff of Sharur : Deals extra damage to an enemy with less health. To bosses, deal bonus damage (regardless of their health percentage).
  3. Sudarshana Chakra : Ultimate deals bonus damage.
  4. Yasakani Magatama : After the hero uses an active skill, there is a chance to halve the cooldown of the same skill the next time.
  5. Excalibur : As long as the bearer is alive, increases the Attack and Defense of all allied Heroes (effect not cumulative).
  6. hammer of thor : When the wearer is attacked by an enemy, there is a chance that the opponent’s hit will reduce their attack speed.
  7. Scarab Badge : Wearer recovers a percentage of max health after falling for the first time.
  8. Aegis Shield : Blocks damage a certain percentage of the time.

Equipment can come in different levels. The lowest are Common (Green), Uncommon (Blue), Rare (Purple), and Elite (Yellow). The same goes for runes.

Equipment and runes
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The runes are split between 8 different elements that give different stat increases. There is :

  1. Earth : Reduces damage taken.
  2. Water : Increases shield and healing abilities.
  3. Fire : Increases damage inflicted.
  4. Air : Reduces skill cooldown.
  5. Thunder : During the attack, ignore the target’s Defense.
  6. Forest : Increases resistance to control abilities.
  7. Light : Recovers a percentage of max health every second.
  8. Dark : Restores energy every second.


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You can also make your heroes stronger by spending god gems for certain religions into godhood (however, only heroes of SSR rank and above can do this). There are currently four different religions, these are Asteria, Immortality, Primeval and Psyche. Each hero will have a different combination of Faith and also different passive abilities to unlock.

Group and faction aura

Players can choose 5 different heroes to place in battle. Depending on the number of Heroes with the same faction, faction aura can be activated. There are 2 different types of faction aura, which are Majority Stamina and Minority Stamina.

Majority Vigor can be activated if there are 2 or more heroes of the same faction on the battlefield. The system is as follows:

Group and faction aura
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  1. 2 Heroes : Increase 4% attack and defense
  2. 3 Heroes : Increase 8% attack and defense
  3. 4 Heroes : Increase 12% attack and defense
  4. 5 heroes : Increase 16% attack and defense

Meanwhile, Minority Vigor can be activated if there is a second group of heroes belonging to the same faction. The boosts that will be given are:

  1. 2 Heroes : Increase 8% final damage
  2. 3 Heroes : Increase 12% final damage
  3. 4 Heroes : Increase 16% final damage
  4. 5 heroes : Increase 20% final damage

Summoner’s Shrine

Certainly the most basic yet important aspect of many mobile games. Through the Summoner Sanctum, you can summon all sorts of heroes of different ranks and abilities using Standard Summon Scroll, Faction Summon Scroll, Limited Summon Scrolland Diamonds.

Summoner Sanctum Mythic Heroes Beginner's Guide
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After doing a certain number of summons, the game will give you certain rewards.

Battle Modes

Mythic Heroes offers a number of different battle modes for players. There’s the good old fashioned story campaign, Hades Hell where the environmental skill is present, Trials of Ascension where you can fight certain bosses, The Pantheon where you can make decisions, and many more.


The Astrolabe is basically a watch where, after a certain amount of time, players can earn all sorts of rewards. The rewards increase as time passes. You can also speed up the time for receiving rewards by using Gears of time.

Astrolabe Mythic Heroes Beginner's Guide
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There’s also The Cube of Truth, where you can gain increased attributes by spending Cube Fragments. Currently, there are the Sun Cube, Moon Cube and Star Cube. You can also change the clothes of Hecate (a support character in the game) by acquiring them through events.


Guild Mythic Heroes Beginner's Guide
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Is a group of players where you can research in the Research Center, wish in the Fountain of Wishes, buy items in the Guild Market, win prizes in the Altar of Fortune, fight bosses in guild demons and fight other players in the Colosseum.

Mythic Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use your Scrolls and Diamonds for Summons

The game will regularly give you Diamonds and scrolls daily tasks, achievements and events. To use them effectively, you can either use the diamonds for bundles in the standard summon since the price is reduced (10% off) or wait for Collect Limited Summon Scrolls and Diamonds long enough for the Limited Summon Bundle as it will guarantee an ultra rare hero after 200 summons.

2. Understand what to focus on

Since the game gave you guaranteed SSR rank SRs and Luminarch heroes from the start, you can focus on building a Luminarch party to get a faction aura. However, you should also get a few SR and SSR characters from different factions to counter different enemy types.

3. Complete tasks and collect rewards daily

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Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, and Achievements provide you with plenty of items and Diamonds. So don’t forget to complete them regularly.

4. Join a guild

Of course, joining a guild is a must for any Mythic Heroes player. You should quickly join a guild once it’s unlocked to get boosted stats and acquire gear.

That’s it for today’s Mythic Heroes beginner’s guide. Did you find our mythical heroes Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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