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rainbow story is a cute 2D style AFK MMORPGs where you can cooperate with friends from multiple classes, explore the land of Tyr, team up to challenge the lord, and turn the tide in breathtaking battles with your clan. You can also create a warm community with your friends in the game! Trustworthy pets and mounts to keep you company on your relaxing adventures. This Rainbow Story beginners guide will help you if you are still a beginner or want to start playing the game.

Understand the basics of Rainbow Story

Creating your character

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When you first launch the game, you will be presented with character customization. You must first choose your class in which there are 3 choices. They are Mage (uses staff), Swordsman (uses swordfish) and Archer (uses bow). You can also choose your gender, hairstyle, hair color and makeup according to your preferences.


The main part of the game. You can do the main quests, daily quests, side quests and many other quests to earn lots of rewards such as experience, materials, new equipment and many other types of rewards .


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Rainbow Story introduced 10 different types of equipment that you can use for your character in the game. They are Armed, Helmet, Armor, Necklace, Belt, Ring, Jewel, Relic, Bracersand Boots. Equipment can usually be upgraded by consuming Improve stones.

They also come in different ranks, each with their own color and prefixes (the highest rank has a different prefix for each class). From the bottom, these are:

  1. Grey : Adventurer
  2. Green : Adventurer
  3. Blue : Ethereal
  4. Mauve : Vigilant
  5. Orange : Magister’s (Mage), Knight’s (Swordsman) and Warden (Archer)


It’s a feature you can turn on to let the AI ​​automatically move your character and attack enemies for you. Undoubtedly, a super useful feature that can help you progress quickly in the game.


Mounts are creatures you can ride that will make it easier to travel to another part of the world. There are 2 types of mounts, normal and special. Currently, the normal type only has one mount you can choose from, which is the House Pig. However, there are several special mounts that you can unlock through rewards, payments, or events.

Each of the special mounts also has its own unique skill. They are :

  • Whale : Assault Tempo, Increase Attack
  • mangy dog : Sacred Bath, Increases Healing Effect
  • Black Panther : Fast run, increased movement speed
  • God Doge : Blessing, will get 10% gain 50% more EXP from killing them.
  • Alpaca : Deadly Tempo, increases chance of deadly strike and attack
  • Adamantite Tiger : Raging Tempo, increases the chance and attack of Raging Blow
  • blue moon tiger : Skill Reflect, have a chance to silence the attacker when receiving damage
  • star killer scorpion : Weaken, have a chance for attacks to cause Helpless on target
  • Bone Rex : Redemption, Gain damage reduction when receiving a debuff
  • homing frog : Cleanse, change attacks to remove an enemy buff
  • polar penguin : Thorns, have a chance to reflect critical damage.
Mounts Rainbow Story Beginner's Guide
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  • astral beast : Fight harder, increase damage for each monster killed
  • intercontinental missile : Holy Blessing, Gain a stack of bonus EXP after killing a monster
  • Harley motorcycle : Reset, have a chance to immediately refresh the ability cooldown.
  • golden chick : Ferocious attack, Increases attack damage when wearing a buff
  • flying dragon : Divine Shield, Gain a stack of shield each time damage is taken.
  • Sparkling Dragon : Reborn, Revive on sport and recover some HP
  • fantasy butterfly : Butterfly dance, Increase movement speed
  • elk sled : Go back in time, convert incoming damage to HP recovery when HP drops below 50%
  • three tailed fox : Intimidator, increases critical damage when attacking enemies with 50% or less HP
  • White Rabbit Moon Cart : Moon Power, each attack will increase the damage
  • Carp Streamer : Dying Instinct, increases dodge when HP drops below 20%
  • ice wolf : Exploit Weakness, next attack ignores enemy defense after dodging an enemy attack.


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Pets are companions that you can equip that will accompany you in the fight against enemies. They have different ranks, the higher their rank, the more powerful they will become. The lowest ranks are B, A, S, SSand SSS. You can summon new ones in the Recruit section using Pet recruitment tickeyou or Shells.

character rank

Your character also has a ranking system, starting with the lowest rank and being able to climb higher as you complete your qualifications. Rainbow Story has quite a long range of ranks you can climb through, and starting from the lowest rank they are Beginner, Beginner, Skirmisher, Mercenary, Director, Expert, Elite, Brave, Distinct, Glory, Specialist, Master, Champion, Grand Master, Baron, Challenger, Legend, military leader, Maker, Mythical, Immortal, Demogorgon, Celestial, and finally Astral. The higher your rank, the higher your bonus stats will be.


Artifacts are items that are permanently equipped to your character from the start of the game and will increase your stats by spending different types of Source Orbs. There are currently 4 artifacts present in the game each being able to activate different types of abilities, they are:

Artifacts Rainbow Story Beginner's Guide
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  1. cup of life : Can increase HP and Defense by spending Source of life. Their abilities are usually called grail.
  2. blocking shield : Can increase percentage of block, block recovery, and block damage mitigation by spending Block Source. Their abilities are usually called Aegis.
  3. Arch of Damange : Can increase minimum attack, maximum attack and fixed bonus damage by spending Origin of damage. Their abilities are usually called Eternal.
  4. Blade of Rage : Can increase enrage hit chance percentage and enrage damage by spending source of rage. Their abilities are usually called chaos.


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You can compete against other players in the arena. You want to make sure you’re going up against players who have significantly lower CP than yours in order to manage a win.

EXP Lair

In the EXP Den, you can fight enemies for a certain number of minutes in exchange for mostly experience rewards. The better you perform in battle (like your attack damage power), the higher the rewards will be.

Adventure mining

You can hire miners to dig for certain materials for a certain period of time. Examples of materials they can mine are Improve stones.


There are mainly 3 main currencies that you can use to buy items and other things in Rainbow Story. These are honor points, pearls and shells. Honor Points and Pearls can be acquired mainly by farming Bosses. While shells can rarely be obtained for free via email due to events. But of course, you can also buy seashells in real-world currency.


Beginners Guide to the Rainbow Story of Bosses
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Bosses are huge enemies that have a lot of health that you can fight in order to get rewards and complete quests. There are different types of boss fights, such as VIP boss, field managerand the mayan temple.


You can join a clan to be in a group with other players. The player can help them in battles and they can also do the same. You can also purchase items from the Clan Store, fight Clan Leaders, and explore the Clan Kingdom.


You can buy all sorts of items and materials using your pearls. The things you can buy are for example angels, spirits and mounts.

Rainbow Story Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Rainbow Story Beginner’s Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

1. Using automation

If you want to get far in the game easily and quickly, you will need to enable the automation feature. You will be guaranteed to exceed level 80 in less than an hour if you activate the automation.

2. Focus on removing main quests

Main quests giving you lots of rewards and some features that can only be unlocked once you have progressed enough, you should focus on clearing main quests first. Later, when the quest becomes more difficult (since you are tasked with doing farming tasks), you can divert your attention to something else.

Tips for Beginners Rainbow Story Beginner's Guide
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3. Join a Clan

Finally, don’t forget to join a clan with active members. Since you can’t always win against bosses, other clan members (especially those with high CP) can help you take them down. You will also get other benefits depending on your status in the clan, so don’t forget to join one.

That’s it for today’s Rainbow Story beginners guide. Did you find our Rainbow Story Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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