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Lost Ark has been a massive hit since its release on February 11, 2022, and the class system helps set the game apart from other MMORPGs.

Class systems are not uncommon for video games, especially in the MMORPG genre. However, Lost Ark’s class system allows players to customize their characters and use whatever playstyles they choose.

Additionally, 15 advanced classes branch off at a certain level, giving players even more freedom.

Each class in the game has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the player’s abilities. It’s been 10 days since the game launched, and already some starting classes seem to have a distinct advantage in specific ways.

So while there aren’t many gaps, there is a visible hierarchy when it comes to class effectiveness.

Lost Ark Starting Class Tier List

The tier list goes from position five to one to keep it simple for the player. Again, players are encouraged to choose a class they like.

5) Killer

The Assassin is the perfect class for players who aim to do massive damage. However, there are only two advanced classes available: Shadowhunter and Deathblade.

The Shadowhunter class is powerful and can work well in the right hands. The Deathblade class, on the other hand, relies on speed and agility, but there are better options than the Assassin class when it comes to pure damage.

If there are more options in the next few days, the Assassin class can definitely go up a rank or two. Both advanced classes have better alternatives in classes like Gunner (Sharpshooter), Martial Artist (Striker), and Warrior (Berserker).

4) Magus

The Mage class is primarily instrumental in squads. But if a player plans to play solo, problems arise. Players have two options available: Bard and Witch.

The Bard class is arguably the best support class in Lost Ark, but comes with its fair share of difficulties when playing solo. The Sorceress class offers enough damage output, but its low health and low defense make it better suited for advanced players.

The limitation of the Mage class is its overreliance on the Bard, and no matter how good the role, players cannot play it effectively as solo players. There are rumors of an advanced third class in the form of Summoner, which could put the Mage class higher than it currently is.

3) Gunner

Unlike the previous two classes, players will have four options to choose from in Gunner: Deadeye, Artillerist, Gunslinger, and Sharpshooter.

The Gunner class offers a lot more variety and is perfect for Lost Ark players who want to play with guns and more. Deadeye and Gunslinger classes can use a variety of weapons in QuickTime. The Gunner is compromised on speed to deal massive AoE damage, which is great for getting rid of swarms. The sniper uses a bow and arrows, has excellent mobility and the ability to heal.

The Gunner class will rank even higher for players who specifically want to play with guns or bows in the game.

2) Martial Artist

The Martial Artist class is heavy DPS and offers four options: Striker, Scrapper, Wardancer, and Soulfist.

Players can switch between Striker’s faster attacks and Scrapper’s slower but more damaging attacks. The Wardancer can support his teammates with his ability to buff. Finally, Soulfist is a mix of all types and even offers ranged attacks and healing spells. The classes of martial artists differ in their damage potential and the variety offered.

While Striker is an advanced level 1 class, it is best used by advanced players. Scrapper is a great learning stage for players looking to master the advanced Striker class.

1) Warrior

The Warrior class has three advanced options: Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer. Each of them is as good as the other.

The Warrior starter class is currently the strongest in the western version of Lost Ark. Players can choose to go the DPS route or take on the tank role. The Berserker can deal an insane amount of damage, especially when going into Burst Mode. The Paladin can restore teammates and be used as a Supported Hybrid. The Gunlancer is for players who want to go the DPS route on the back of ranged attacks.

There are also rumors of an advanced fourth class coming to the starting Warrior class. While damage can be dealt by several advanced classes in Lost Ark, the Warrior class offers that extra bit of protection. For beginners, the Warrior class is the perfect balance between durability and damage.

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