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Stickman Saga NFT introduces a new form of blockchain-powered gameplay to its metaverse. Although the game is still in development, the game is developed in collaboration with the community.

After launch, the team will introduce multiple forms of games to its metaverse. The Stickman Saga NFT will serve as avatars to play these games. The higher the player rises in the hierarchy, the more chances they have of earning rewards.

The Stickman Saga team will change the narrative of the NFT by creating a community and projects that will benefit in the long run. Genesis Stickman will significantly impact the innovations brought by Web 3.0 projects.

In this article, the curtains will be rolled down of this NFT project, discussing stats, roadmap, price, price prediction, where to buy and many more.

Stickman Saga NFT Items 5,555
Stickman Saga NFT Owners To be determined
Stickman Saga NFT low price To be determined
Stickman Saga NFT Volume Traded To be determined

(The above details are valid as of March 18, 2022)

Stickman Saga NFT – All about the next NFT drop

The Stickman NFT Saga is a metaverse video game project within the metaverse. NFT holders will be able to battle and rank up in the Stickman ecosystem after Stickman Saga issues the coin in a PvP battle arena, play to win and decentralized after Stickman Saga issues the coin. The game is also set to be the first in a long series to release as a web game and on consoles in the future.

This 2-D platformer with 2.5-D Stickman figures will be a multi-level battle arena for stickmen in Stickman Saga NFT. Gameplay choices will allow you to fight alone or join other Stickman Saga owners to fight as a team in different game modes.

Maps with different layouts will be generated automatically for each match. While most of the changes are cosmetic, there will be modest variations in landing placement to give everyone a distinct playstyle.

The entry fee for the battle arena will be $STIX tokens, which you collect from NFT holders. The $STIX paid to participate is placed in the champions hat and then awarded to the victorious team as a reward for their bravery in battle.

After the launch of Stickman Battle Arena, campaign and clubhouse modes will be available for beta testing.

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Let’s talk about the important dates of Stickman Saga NFT

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Collecting 5,555 Stickman Saga NFT drops on April 23, 2022. Collectors must battle to earn the $STIX token. This new NFT drop will bring a new generation of games with foundational utilities into the metaverse ecosystem.

Stickman Saga NFT price mint

Since the NFT has not yet launched, the price of the Stickman Saga NFT mint + gas charge is hard to say. We will notify you immediately when the NFT becomes available for download on

Stickman Saga NFT Roadmap

Stickman Saga NFT phase 1 takes you to where the community created the social networks of the project in discord. Then, to create buzz in the NFT world, they launched the Stickman Merch Giveaways, which led to the big event, the official launch of

After the official launch of the website, Stickman Saga NFT held several community events. They launched the Stickman Saga Teaser video on their NFTs and Rarity to reach more people. After releasing their teaser, they managed a giveaway on their Discord channel, which was a huge hit. After this success, they launched the Stickman Merch Market.

In Phase 2 of the Stickman’s journey, Saga NFT has released their public sale date, which is April 13, 2022. After that, they intend to launch an official $GEN3 token airdrop. There will also be a big party for NFT holders. The party is dubbed Stickman HODL Party.

In Phase 3 of the Stickman Saga NFT journey, the team plans to release Stickman Staking and Collateral in partnership with this phase is successful. They will launch an improved Stickman Battle Marketplace.

After that, it is planned to release the Stickman Saga Clubhouse for collectors. Since this is the gaming NFT, that’s why they launched the beta version of a gen 3 gaming platform for next-gen games. And last but not least, they will hold the Second Stickman Arena Tournament with the prize money.

Stickman Saga NFT Sales, Stats, and All About the Numbers

The Stickman Saga NFT has not yet launched. Stickman Saga NFT floor price TBA

Stickman Saga NFT Price Prediction

The NFT has not yet launched, so it is difficult to make a Stickman Saga NFT price prediction. But the NFT collection is growing steadily and, as of March 18, 2022, has 45,000 followers on its social media platforms.

How to Buy Stickman Saga NFTs

Stickman Saga NFT owners will get $STIX tokens as a gift four weeks before the game is released. So if you are wondering how to buy Stickman Saga NFT, here are the steps:

  • Create an online crypto broker account.

The first step to acquiring a Stickman Saga NFT is to acquire Ethereum. Create an account in a centralized exchange like Gemini.

  • Check and buy Ethereum

Once the account is created, provide your KYC information and verify the account. After that buy Ethereum via debit/credit card.

  • Set up an NFT-enabled wallet

To obtain and store an NFT, you will need an NFT-enabled wallet like Metamask. Keep your chosen seed phrase in a safe place and do not share it with anyone.

  • Ethereum transfer to Metamask.

The Ethereum you bought from the Gemini exchange, transfer it to your Metamask wallet.

  • Connect Metamask to Opensea

In the upper right corner of Opensea, you will find the connected wallet option. Left-click on it and follow the steps to connect your Metamask wallet.

Once the wallet is collected, navigate to the Stickman Saga NFTs you wish to purchase. Click buy now and the NFT will be credited to your Metamask wallet. Once the NFT project is launched, you will be able to buy from Open sea.


The team is also working behind the scenes for a unique NFT game under the name Stickman’s Battleground. This will allow players to earn money easily in a well-balanced economy. Stickman Underground will be created as a merger between the popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game and the Stickman franchise.

Great designs, enticing cryptocurrency incentives and superb gaming experience have all been brought by this NFT project. Stickman Saga NFT also offers different game types, a well-balanced token system, and a well-seasoned development team.

Let’s wait for the collection to be launched. Until then, check out the social media handles and project discord for more info.


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