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Ragnarok: Lost Memories is an exciting novelty 2d play a role game (RPG) which allows us to explore the world of Rune-Midgard with Perr, who has lost his memories accompanied by Rina Wardotir, a beautiful mage from the city of Geffen. This game will bring some nostalgia, especially for you who have long been big fans of the Ragnarok game franchise. Ragnarok: The Lost Memories brings a new game mechanic especially during battle as it is combined with the card system, so you will have to use the card wisely in order to defeat monsters during the journey. In this guide, we’ll show you a simple beginner’s guide and tips to give you an overview of Ragnarok: The Lost Memories.

Understanding the basics of Ragnarok: The Lost Memories


There are 20 playable characters which are divided into several classes that you can obtain throughout your journey in Rune-Midgard. But don’t worry, you will get two strong characters who are Rina Wardotir and Perr to accompany you at the beginning of the game.

PvE Content

  • Tower of the Magi: You can find Mage Tower in the dessert. You can try your hand and defeat the enemies on each floor and climb as high as possible. At the end of the week, you will get rewards based on your floor.
  • Halls of Valhalla: This is a house for Valkyrie Brynhilde waiting for someone worthy enough to fight her. You can get goods to improve skills as a reward for defeating new enemies every day in the halls of Valhalla.
  • Dimensional crack: A Dimensional Fissure is a random event that can appear anywhere, so keep an eye on the map with this Fissure as you will get special props and materials as a reward from this Fissure.
  • closed dungeons: Closed dungeons are special dungeons located in the deepest part of normal dungeons. Warning! This is for brave, experienced and courageous fighters only!
  • Listen to the rumors: A pub is the best place to hear rumors. Visit the pubs in town and give the bartenders a penny and he’ll give you a glimpse of all kinds of hidden treasures that have become rumors for so many times.
  • Midgard Festival: There will be an exciting party full of demands and rewards in every city of Rune-Midgard.

PvP Content

It’s the only place to claim yourself as the most powerful being in Rune-Midgard by competing against other players. It will require a good combination of cards, proper placement, and reading the opponent’s mind will lead to victory.

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

The key to exploring Rune-Midgard well is to have a good combination of cards, and also good manna management during your fight. It is best for you to explore every part of the map, especially in the forest. You need to keep an eye out for the surroundings as you will find treasures which you can get for huge rewards. Here we will give you simple tips that will help you in the beginning of your journey through Rune-Midgard.

1. How to progress

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Before you start your journey, make sure your team is suitable for your playstyle. But, it will be better if you have a balanced composition with two close-range heroes, two medium-range heroes, and a support. You will also need a solid card combination to increase your chances of victory. Finally, you will need a lot of experience potion, especially at the beginning of your adventure in order to level up your hero in no time.

2. Don’t Skip Cutscenes

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In some cutscenes, you will encounter cutscene events when you have a chance to get 1 until 5 gemsso it’s best not to skip any cutscenes that appear.

3. Use Exp potion when exploring dungeon

The dungeon is the best place to farm more experience as the chance of encountering monsters with higher stats will be high. It is therefore recommended to use the experience potion first. You can buy experience from the store, or you can get it as a reward after a boss battle or as a reward from quest or daily login.

4. Fully Explore The Map For Hidden Gems

hidden treasure
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Besides listening to rumors, you can always find hidden treasure. Usually they are hidden in the trees or hidden in the grass, so always explore your map fully to each side of the map.

5. Focus on your card suits

card combination Ragnarok: The Lost Memories
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Your combination of cards will determine your chances of success during battle. Make sure that in addition to the attack card, you must bring support cards with a healing regeneration effect or a stat depletion effect to ensure your victory.

6. Complete any side quests you can find

side quest
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Sidequest has the same importance as the main quest. Also, you will get so many rewards that some side quests will be tied to your continuation in the main story. Some side quests will need to be completed to unlock the town, dungeon, or items.

7. Close More Before Hunting World Map Bosses

It will be better if you farm and increase your heroes’ stats to their maximum level first, as well as leveling up your items and maps before challenging yourself to defeat world map bosses. Be patient, there is no rush for everything!

8. Run Valhalla At Least Twice A Day To Search For Special Items

Run Valhalla Ragnarok: The Lost Memories
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Hall of Valhalla is a good place to search for special items to improve your hero. Therefore, the more you enter the Hall of Valhalla, the more items you can get. However, the price to try Hall of Valhalla is quite expensive as you will need 100 gems per trial, after using your daily free trial. So, make sure you have a huge amount of gems in your inventory.

Final Thoughts

Ragnarok: The Lost Memories is a very good addictive game especially if you are a lover of RPG games. Like another RPG game, farming your hero will be your first priority as it will help you for the rest of your journey. As Ragnarok the Lost Memory is an open-world game, you need to keep an eye on your surroundings because there is a good chance that you will find hidden treasure.

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