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Came from the house of games, Ubisoft, clash of beasts will give you different vibrations of strategy games with a combination of enemy base attack and defense of your own base and resources from raiders. Here are some tips and a beginner’s guide for Clash of Beasts to get you started.

Gameplay overview

Clash of Beasts will let you play as a Beastmaster on your journey to get revenge against Gideon Morvus, the villain of the play, who is trying to get everyone in the sprawling game world of Veren, by abducting Beastmasters and capturing their sparks through bloody sacrifice. One of those unfortunate Beastmasters was your mother, Lara Molorn. The main objective is to defend your fortress to fend off enemy beast attacks while collecting soul stones to summon powerful beasts to attack your enemies’ base.

Collecting gold and gasoline will be another important objective in order to improve your base and the cannons. This time we are going to show you the beginners tips and guide to maximize your stronghold and train your beasts to their maximum power in no time.

Presentation of the basics


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There are 65 beasts you can summon and train as a mighty army. They are separated into 4 classes (Tank, Mage, Rogue, Berserker,), 5 rarities 9 (common, rare, epic, mythical, legendary) and 5 affinities (Vorm, Theras, Ghaia, Haala and Slern). Each beast has its own abilities and you need to train the team to a certain level in order to unlock the skills.


clash of beasts fortress
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In order to protect your fortress, you will need strong protection by building a complex of towers. The 4 types of towers you have at your disposal are Tank, Heal, God and Damage. There are twelve towers to choose from, all with their own distinct outcomes, such as Stun, Cure, Freeze, and others that will help you defeat enemies.


clash of beasts affinities
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There are 5 affinities that apply to both beasts and towers. Vorm is associated with fire, while Theras is associated with water, Gaia is affiliated with nature based Goddes Gaia from Greek mythology. Haala is associated with light while Slern is the eternal guide of darkness.


Clash of Beasts is fully multiplayer, so you can join a guild to unlock additional PvP gameplay, access the Loan Beast feature, and chat with your clan mates about strategies and life in general. There is also a Clan War feature, which allows you to command members to join in attacks for the greater good of the clan. The more players you join, the more Soul Shards you can earn, meaning it’s worth taking an active approach.

Beginner’s Guide to Clash of Beasts: Tips and Tricks

Since Clash of Beasts tests your ability to improve your beast’s attack while strengthening your stronghold, the key to willpower is balance. You have to split your essence to train your beasts and another to improve your towers. You don’t need to use gasoline to upgrade the main base building as it will use gold. Players should focus on upgrading the Gas Well, Gold Mines and Storage so that you can have huge amount of Gold and Gas.

1. Train each beast with different affinities

You will grant 5 slots at the start of the game and you can open slots up to a maximum of 10 for your beasts. It is recommended that you train each beast with different affinities for your roster to avoid the affinity curse.

train beast clash of beasts
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For common base they will only have 2-3 skills which will unlock once they reach the next level while rare beasts will have 4-5 skills. Make sure you have at least 3 beasts with max level in order to complete the raid in no time.

After you have 3 beasts with max level and all skills unlocked, make a reserve of them and start prioritizing your low level beast to gain experience faster. Don’t worry if they die earlier in the raid, as they will still gain experience from the raid. You will need beasts to reach their maximum level in order to parent new beasts that you will summon in the Beast Forge.

2. Watch For Enemy Affinity

The most important thing you need to keep in mind before starting the raid is your enemy’s affinity in order to avoid the affinity curse. The Affinity Curse activates when your beast’s affinity matches your enemy’s affinity.

enemies clash of beasts affinity
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This will decrease your beast’s attack power by 25% and its mana will not be regenerated. You can see the enemy’s affinity by the minimap on the right before choosing your enemy, there will be a giant circle with specific colors depending on the affinity.

3. Prioritize the tower complex

Your tower complex will be your last hope to fend off enemy beasts. It is therefore recommended to build them as soon as possible. Once you have built three towers, you can activate their affinity at your own will.

clash of beasts complex tower
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He will summon a mystical beast that will enhance his abilities. Farm essence will quickly grant you a two-tower complex with two different affinities in two days. This will provide a huge boost to your defense.

4. Complete Quests For More Resources

clash of beasts quests
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There will be three different quests that you can complete throughout the game. There will be Contracts, Daily Quests, and Story Quests. Contracts are mostly filled with tasks regarding your beast while daily quests covered most aspects of the game including upgrading your fortification. He will give you various resources that will be useful to you.

How to get gasoline fast in Clash of Beasts

Essence will be your primary resource for obtaining Essence. However, you need to upgrade it in order to maximize its potential as it only produces 100 essence per hour at the start of the game. You can briefly increase its production rate by 100% using an Essence Well Boost. These increases for 24 hours can be obtained through rewards and crafting.

You will need a high level workshop to craft more. If you have an active Beastmaster Pass, you can also collect more Essence. You win 50% more resources collection, so it’s best to wait until your Essence Well is full of Essence to get the most out of it. It will be better to attack enemies that have more resources, including Gasoline and Gold. Sometimes they have a good fortification and it gives you more difficulty before you can attack them but if you have more than 3 beasts available with different affinities from your enemies, it will be easy.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your resource in high numbers will be important as you need to keep pace between upgrading your fortress and training your beast. Don’t be afraid to attack enemies that have strong fortification while your beasts are at their max level because their skills will help you so much to clear the towers in no time.

That’s it for today’s Clash of Beasts Beginner’s guide. Did you find our Clash of Beasts Beginner’s Guide useful?

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