Turbo Golf Racing: A Beginner’s Guide


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  • What is Turbo Golf Racing?

First we had car football, now the classic sport of golf has been revamped into a car arcade with Turbo golf course Hugecalf Studios. This fast and frenetic driving game is best described as brightly colored anarchy, but in the best possible way.

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There aren’t many rules for beginners to remember, but there are plenty of moving parts you should get familiar with right from the jump that can be especially helpful for beginners. So to help you hit those holes faster than everyone else, here’s a beginner’s guide to Turbo Golf Racing.

What is Turbo Golf Racing?

If you know Rocket League or Golf Night, you’ll find your place here. Turbo Golf Racing is basically a mix of the two where everyone tries to hit their ball into the hole in the course at the same time. Only instead of clubs you use high-powered cars.


Points are awarded to whoever can do it the fastest and there are a ton of creative and challenging levels to launch your giant golf ball at high speed. Bonuses and special abilities for your vehicles mingle with the chaos. These can help you gain the edge over the competition in this chaotic game of high octane golf.

Game modes

On the surface, Turbo Golf Racing is all about catching a bunch of people, getting into big sports cars, and slamming gigantic balls around a golf course.. But scratch below that and there are fun and genuinely challenging game modes to keep you throwing those giant bouncy balls for hours.

For starters, there’s the Time Trial mode which rewards you with experience points, upgrades, and stars which can be used to unlock cosmetics. There’s also the main multiplayer mode where a group of up to eight people compete over a series of rounds to see who the next Tiger Woods of Automotive Golf is.. With points awarded for the position you finish in. So, for example, first place gets eight, second gets seven, third gets six, and so on. Which encourages you to finish as soon as possible.


There are a number of unique vehicles that you can take to the course and start sliding around the green. While there isn’t much of a difference in stats, they’re all pretty customizable with parts from the Garage. All of these attachments can be unlocked by completing specific objectives, reaching milestones, or winning matches.

No doubt more cars will be added over time, but for now there are enough for you to make your car quite unique. You can change everything from paint scheme to spoiler and more, although it’s mostly cosmetic. Moreover, they are all paid with the in-game currency which is Gears and Trophies, so you can have goals to achieve. Don’t expect to tune the carburetors or stiffen the suspension springs.

The kernels

To keep things nice and chaotic, there are special abilities called Cores that can be pushed inside your car. You have a customizable loadout that can be modified and modified to give your car the winning edge and all of these abilities are pretty strong. They also come in two flavors, passive and active. Some of them are more useful than others, but they all offer a unique ability that you can take advantage of as you go through the different maps.

From magnets to boost upgrades and power ties to keep your ball close if you start to lose it. There’s plenty to unlock that can help you navigate your way to victory over your rivals. The majority of these abilities must be unlocked by beating specific requirements, such as reaching a certain level or completing a special quest. It is highly recommended to mix and match them to see what works for you.

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Beginner’s tips

Turbo Golf Racing is quite easy to pick up and play since the object of the game is to put your ball in the hole before everyone else. But it can help to know some tricks once the game starts. Mainly because he descends into complete anarchy within seconds.

To make those first few matches a little smoother and to help you get to that final hole as quickly as possible, here are some beginner tips to remember when your foot hits the gas.

Train in the time trial

If you’re new to Turbo Golf Racing and are having difficulty in multiplayer, it’s always worth taking some time to practice. Time trial mode is the perfect place to develop your skills and learn the maps.

Each level is the same as used in multiplayer, so it’s a great way to learn where the hole is, what the dangers are, and where the best boost rings are. Plus, as you hit your ball, you can learn the best route and where to head right from the start of a multiplayer match.. Maps can be completed in less than a minute at most, so they’re not too difficult to memorize.

Learn the punt

The golf ball physics in Turbo Golf Racing are pretty solid and there’s a lot of map to traverse in a very short time. So reducing the force of your punches should be your main goal..

A light hit will result in a small boost from the golf ball, while a 100mph fender bender directly on it will shoot it like a cannonball in the direction your car was heading. But by far the most convenient move is the humble punt.. This nifty little kick just under the ball can send it all over the map and it’s extremely easy to do. All you need to manage it is to hit the boost, then jump right before hitting the ball from underhand to launch it extremely far. Perfect for hitting a power drive through some of the trickiest sections of the map. Or to give yourself some breathing room to line up your next shot.

Play smart, not fast

Although the fastest runner who drives the ball across the board may seem like the best tactic early on, playing smart can often lead to much easier and faster wins. It doesn’t take much for physics to send your golf ball into oblivion. So chasing it at top speed is often counterproductive.

Think of it like a huge mini-golf game where there are shortcuts and area jumps everywhere. But the trick is knowing where they are. For example, it may be faster to launch your ball over a risky edge if there is a lane or boost ring below that could launch your ball closer to the green. The bullets are quite unpredictable, although there is a small line that will tell you where its trajectory is. So use it to keep your ball pointing in the most effective direction.

Hit those boost rings

Various floating rings are dotted around the maps and this is where you should aim for as often as possible when sending your golf ball projectile flying. Quite often these rings will readjust the ball mid-flight and send it zooming to where it’s supposed to go..

So if you hit your shot and just come in off the angle, he should settle once he gets inside. It’s handy because it helps you if you cut the ball badly and it can save a lot of doomed shots. It’s a very small feat, but it can be very useful if you land a lucky shot and the rings manage to clear your ball over a difficult section or other players.

Don’t ignore power-ups

As you speed through the map, there will be Mario Kart-style power-ups left around the location. Grab these to give yourself a little edge and somewhat disrupt other players as you all dash for the hole.

There are missiles that seek out the nearest target, shields that block incoming attacks, and refills for your car’s built-in booster. They are dropped at key points on the map and refresh after a few seconds. It’s always worth grabbing one just in case an opportunity to use them arises.

Only care about your own ball

You would assume that having eight players on a lane would mean a lot of golf balls flying. But luckily, you only have to worry about yourself, and that should honestly be your main focus.s.

It is possible to interact with the other player’s cars. Their bullets are basically rendered in ghost mode. Thus, you will cross them without danger if you try to hit your opponent’s ball out of bounds.

The developers have stated that other modes are planned. So in the future you may be able to play with other people’s projectiles.

The handbrake is your best friend

The developers themselves said that they entered the game with the idea of ​​having no right angles. So you don’t have to worry about tight turns because everything flows together perfectly. There are no hard turns to override the handbrake at the last second.

Instead, the handbrake is your best friend for establishing the best line of approach with your car or whipping yourself quickly if you miss the ball. Which is much faster than stopping, reversing, then realigning. So be prepared to follow the back of this car whenever you need to.

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