WWE 2K22 MyFACTION Beginner’s Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success


As we approach the game’s official release date, some players will need some help with the first launch of WWE 2K22 MyFACTION.

The good news is that we have all the information you need to have amazing lineups and have a blast playing the MyFACTION game mode.

From proving grounds to locker codes, let’s start playing WWE 2K22 MyFACTION.

WWE 2K22 MyFACTION Beginner’s Guide

If you’re looking to get started fast in WWE 2K22 MyFACTION, there are a few things you need to do first. We’ll break them down here, so you have all the information you need to build a solid MyFACTION.

It’s important to get familiar with the hub to get started, but the first decision you’ll make is your Starter Pack. You can choose between RAW, SmackDown or NXT, each pack comes with two free cards and a ton of extra perks.

FIRST STEP: Choose your starter pack and create your range

Here are the contents of each Starter Pack in WWE 2K22 MyFACTION:

  • RAW (20 CARDS)
    • AJ Styles and Becky Lynch Superstar Cards
    • Stephanie McMahon Card Manager
    • RAW Cosmetics, side plates and contracts
  • SmackDown (20 CARDS)
    • Rey Mysterio & Baley Superstar Cards
    • Paul Heyman Manager Card
    • SmackDown Cosmetics, Sideplates, and Contracts
  • NXT (20 CARDS)
    • Tommaso Ciampa & Raquel Gonzalez Superstar Cards
    • Director card William Regal
  • NXT Cosmetics, Sideplates, and Contracts

Once you’ve decided on your Starter Pack, you can head to the Proving Grounds and start earning cards and earning MFPs.

Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds section in WWE 2K22 MyFACTION will be one of the main areas where you will earn cards and MFPs for your comp.

If you’re just starting out, complete the “Normal” mode challenges first, this way you can get a feel for the mechanics of the game. We’ll remind you that the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

MYFACTION HUB: Add your favorite WWE Superstars to your MyFACTION lineup

Each chapter offers different rewards, ranging from consumables to superstar cards. You’ll also earn MFP with every match you complete, giving you more to spend on cards and consumables.

Proving Grounds aren’t the only place you’ll earn rewards and MFPs in WWE 2K22 MyFACTION either. You can also head to Faction Wars and Weekly Towers.

Faction wars and weekly turns

The Faction Wars area lets you pit your top four superstars against four AI opponents. Each victory will give you different rewards, ranging from MFP to free cards.

This is a great area for beginners, as you can add some great cards to your MyFACTION.

FREE MAPS: Earn rewards and create the best possible four-person team

Here are some of the rewards you can expect when navigating the Faction Wars area of ​​WWE 2K22 MyFACTION:

  • 1 win: 200 MFPs
  • 2 wins: 5 WWE 2K22 tokens
  • 3 wins: 200 MFPs
  • 4 wins: 10 WWE 2K22 tokens
  • 5 wins: 68 OVR Emerald Big Boss Man

You will also need to track the briefcase rewards, the first set will expire on April 1, 2022. Weekly spins will allow you to complete matches to earn free MFPs and packs. Some of them are also quite easy, which makes it perfect for WWE 2K22 MyFACTION beginners.

Locker codes

Perhaps the best place for newbies to watch is the Code Locker hub and the Official WWE 2K22 Twitter account.

You can enter codes for free stuff, which gives you the ability to upgrade your MyFACTION, without having to complete any matches. There is already a locker code to enter.

LOCKER CODES: Keep an eye out for locker codes in WWE 2K22

For completing the WWE 2K22 tutorial, you will receive a free locker code. However, we will let you know the code here. Enter code: “NOFLYZONE” for a free Drew Gulak 65 OVR Emerald card. This code does not expire.


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