10 Endgame Memes That Sum Up The Movie Perfectly


Anticipating the release of Thor: Love and Thunder in July, MCU fans get hooked on every movie and Disney+ shows a part of the universe. With thousands of minutes of screen time to enjoy throughout the MCU collection, fans also love sharing memes referencing the scenes that influenced them the most.

These Avengers: Endgame The memes perfectly encapsulate the most important aspects of the film. This episode concluded the Avengers storyline which introduced the team behind the first avengersconcluding an epic story.

Ominous clue from Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange is preparing fans for Endgame.

This meme is technically created from a scene from the previous film, Avengers: Infinity Warbut it clearly refers to the last stage of the fight with Thanos.


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There was a lot of anticipation as fans waited for the release of End of Game, eager and nervous to see what will become of the Avengers after the loss of so many central characters. After the film‘s release, audiences were reminded that Doctor Strange had seen over 14 million realities, and only one of them had won the fight.

Shrek as Thanos

Funny meme with Shrek as Thanos.

After all the devastation caused by Thanos, he is shown at the start of the film leading a calm and picturesque life in peace. This meme refers the scene in which the Avengers discover his whereabouts and go to seek their revenge.

It was just as shocking for fans as it was for the Avengers to see Thanos, who turned the lives of so many upside down, living like he wasn’t even a villain. No matter how serene he seemed, it was satisfying to see Thor finally go for the lead.

The Avengers are getting ready

Funny meme about preparing for Endgame.

After jumping five years into the future, fans wondered what life for the Avengers would be like after Infinity War.

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While most of the remaining Avengers continued and prepared when it was time to take Thanos back, not all of them were prepared. Tony can get a pass to live a serene life and have a child, but this meme shows that of Thor Decentralized state over the years. Blaming himself for not killing Thanos when he had the chance, Thor gained a lot of weight and seemed to have a drinking problem.

What happened in Budapest?!

Funny meme about Black Widow and Hawkeye's secret.

It’s a running joke in the Avengers movies that something happened in Budapest that Clint and Natasha remember quite differently.

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When the two are on their way to the past to retrieve the Soul Stone, the two again comment on their time in Budapest. Fans are waiting to know what the references to the incident mean for the characters, like expressed in this meme. After Natasha died to retrieve the Soul Stone, fans thought they would never know the answer to that question until it was revealed in Black Widow.

Wanda was angry

Red Witch seeks revenge.

When Thanos came after the stone embedded in Vision’s head, he killed the one person who meant the most to Wanda.

However, the Thanos at the end of End of Game is from the past and therefore never met Wanda. That didn’t stop Wanda from being a key figure in the fight against him at the end of the film. This meme emphasizes Wanda’s anger and rage as she confronts the villain, determined to exact revenge on Vision.

A group effort

Even about sacrifices in Endgame.

Although many of the members brought their power to what inevitably led to Thano’s downfall, their sacrifice and effort is overshadowed by Stark’s ultimate sacrifice.

This meme references the overarching plot in which Natasha dies for the Soul Stone, Hulk snaps with the gauntlet to bring back those disintegrated by Thanos, and Ant-Man’s success in bringing them together to travel through time to find the Infinity Stones in the past. Tony’s death was the most devastating scene, but he was far from the only Avenger who led to their victory.

I am inevitable

Thanos shock in a meme.

After the shock of Infinity Warfans held their breath waiting to see if Thanos was about to wipe out the world’s population once and for all.

But he never had the chance to make his second shot. As several members of the Avengers team fought to remove the gauntlet from him, Tony opted to sweep the stones away from the gauntlet. This meme emphasizes Thanos’ shock when he realizes he no longer has the stones in his possession.

Tony’s Sacrifice

Meme about Tony's sacrifice at the end of Endgame.

When it looked like they were about to lose to Thanos and his army, Tony uses the stones to wipe out the entire army but dies from the power the stones exude as one.

This even demonstrates every emotion in this plot twist. Tony was ready to die, knowing the act would end his life, while Thanos seemed to accept that he was going to be erased from the universe after losing. Doctor Strange was the only one who knew what had to happen for them to win and knew that Tony was doing the right thing. End of Game had a perfect ending scene, but it was revealed by this sacrifice.

Goodbye Stan Lee

Meme on Stan Lee's cameo.

Following the death of beloved legend Stan Lee, this film featured one of Lee’s final cameos in the MCU.

As the Avengers travel back in time to retrieve the Infinity Stones, audiences get a glimpse of ’70s-style Stan Lee as he passes by the military base that Stark and Rogers visit to steal the tesseract. This meme pays homage to the creator, highlighting the devastation felt by fans knowing he would no longer be a part of the Marvel Universe films.

i love you 3000

Even on Stark and his daughter.

Collectively, it was felt that all of the Marvel movies leading up to End of Game lasted 3000 minutes. It seemed quite appropriate with one of the final scenes.

In the scene from Tony Stark’s funeral, the family watches a recorded message left by Tony, ending him telling his daughter Morgan that he loved her 3000. This meme refers both the scene in which his daughter tells him how much she loves him and him repeating the same thing after his death.

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