10 Interesting Family Photoshoot Ideas Worth Trying


Looking for new family photoshoot ideas can be frustrating because every list contains the same old ideas. You want to come up with fun and exciting photoshoot ideas because when everyone is having a good time, the photos will be even better!

To help you create the ultimate family photo, we’ve created a list of the coolest photoshoot ideas below. From mesmerizing underwater photos to incredible aerial shots using a drone, there’s something creative for every family.

1. From Another Decade

Call it retro or vintage, old school fashion always seems to come back in style, so why not use it for a creative photoshoot?

Take a look at your old family photos for inspiration on how to dress, then head to a thrift store to see what you can find. If dressing in the style of the 60s is too much, you can always opt for something a little more recent like the 80s, 90s or even the 2000s.

You might not even need to buy anything new if you still have a box of old clothes from your sweet teenage years.

2. In the kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it’s a great place to snap some family photos. This idea is especially special if food is one of the main activities in your home, the one that brings everyone together.

You can stage the photo shoot with a few staged items around the dinner table, or you can capture a few candid shots while you prepare your favorite family meal. The kitchen might be the last place you think of for a photo shoot, but it’s the one that will truly capture the essence of everyday life.

3. Underwater

For a family photo idea that will really wow people, try an underwater photo shoot. It’s perfect if you have a pool at home, or you can try it out at a local pool.

Your family will have a blast splashing in the pool and striking underwater poses. An ideal camera in this situation is a small GoPro with a waterproof case, but you can also buy waterproof cases for point-and-shoot cameras and smartphones.

If you want to give it a try, be sure to read our essential underwater photography tips.

4. From above

An easy way to change up your family photo ideas is to take a photo from above above the location. For a cute family photo, you can try having a picnic in the garden, then bring a ladder to take a picture from above.

If you want to be even more creative, you can capture the photo using a drone. A professional photographer may already have one in their kit, or ask around your extended family to see if anyone has picked up this popular hobby. Check out these resources for drone photography.

5. Let the kids take the picture

If you’re really looking for a unique family portrait idea, hand the camera over to the youngest member of the family. Kids and teens are often masters at coming up with crazy, creative ideas that are perfect for a slightly different family photo. The results may be unpredictable, but they will produce photos you might never have thought of.

6. Silhouettes

For outdoor family photo shoot ideas, be sure to add sunset silhouettes to the list. Especially if you’re already planning to take family photos on the beach, waiting just before the daylight disappears means you can capture a nice silhouette, showing only the dark form of each person.

Because you won’t see too much detail in the shape, focus on creating fun outlines. Jump, bend and stretch to create interesting shapes. Pair it with a fast shutter speed to capture sharp, blur-free photos, and you’ll have a memorable family photo for years to come.

7. Pillow fight

You don’t always have to dress in your Sunday best for your family photo. Instead, you can wear your pajamas and get ready for a good old pillow fight.

Setting the camera at a low angle pointing towards the bed gives the photo a unique perspective. Bonus points if you can get the feathers to start flying. This creative photoshoot idea will undoubtedly produce the biggest smiles and lots of laughs that will make your photos shine.

8. Turn image into art

Another cool family photo idea is to convert a photo into art. It’s a great way to put a spin on a more traditional family photo by stylizing it with photo editing effects.

In the image above, we used Adobe Illustrator to convert the image into stylized art. If you don’t have photo editing software, there are still plenty of free apps to turn photos into artwork and paintings.

9. Relive your marriage with your family

If you still have your old wedding clothes, you can take them out for a fun photo shoot with the family. This idea also doubles as a great excuse to celebrate your wedding, only this time your kids can attend.

Mix it up by swapping dresses and suits and letting the younger members of your family wear the wedding attire. Once the photos are printed and framed, place them next to your original wedding photos to see how your family has grown since.

10. Use artificial light at night

Family photos almost always opt for a light and airy tone, but don’t forget that you can do a lot of things at night too. A glowing Christmas tree is an example of how LED lights are a fantastic accessory.

Another idea you can try is holding torches in the dark or drawing shapes with sparklers. For the latter, set your camera to a long exposure time to capture beautiful illuminations. By keeping your face very still while holding a sparkler, you can even capture some good portraits.

No more boring family photos

Creative, unique and above all, guaranteed to be a lot of fun to take! These fabulous photoshoot ideas are worth trying the next time you want to capture your family together. Unlike how family photos are usually taken, these photo ideas are much more interesting to take and will be a joy to watch for many years to come.


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