10 Young Justice Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie, According To Reddit


young justice is a critically acclaimed animated series, now streaming on HBO Max. It’s also a showcase for a diverse and expansive cast of lesser-known and younger DC characters, all with compelling stories of their own; a kind of PG game of thrones meets Euphoria. Some of the characters, like Nightwing and Cyborg, will be familiar to the average viewer. Others may sound new to anyone but the most ardent comic book reader.

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However, that doesn’t mean their stories aren’t worth telling. As discussed on Reddit, a few of these characters have their own fan base, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a feature film starring their favorite hero.


night wing

Nightwing looks serious in Young Justice

Hollywood loves spinoffs, so it seems a little odd that Dick Grayson, aka the first Robin, hasn’t received his standalone movie at this point. Certainly, as the leader of the Teen Titans, he figures prominently in most animated films and series that feature them, including being the star of HBO Max’s Titansbut directing his feature has so far eluded him.

It’s about a dysfunctional father-son relationship that’s both relatable and terrifyingly watchable. s the aptly named Redditor Night wing 612 commented, potential villains speak for themselves: “A known Batman villain for the first movie, Deathstroke for the 2nd, Talon and Court of Owl for the last”


Young Justice Strangers Terra Tara Markov in Quiet Conversations

Terra’s story is not new to viewers, as it was told in the popular Teen Titans animated series, animated film Teen Titans: The Judas Contractand of course, young justice. However, just because a story has already been told doesn’t mean it isn’t worth telling. There is something inherently subversive about Terra’s betrayal story.

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With its mature and triggering themes, Tara Markov’s story feels less like the cuddly child fare of Shazam and more in the sense of Joker. In the words of Marv Wolfman, referenced by Redditor spider jerusalem“it was the first time a member of a superhero group was revealed to be a spy (not a traitor – she was still working for the Terminator). Playing on comic book readers’ expectations worked.”

vandal savage

Vandal Savage and The Light Young Justice

Editor The_Unit45 has already floated this suggestion on who should play him: Keanu Reeves. If anyone could play a megalomaniacal supervillain who, through his power of immortality, has lived through all of human history, it’s the long-locked down actor who once played Neo. Vandal Savage possesses no superhuman abilities aside from his immortality and regenerative abilities. However, his life is that of a conqueror.

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Most of its strength is based on the knowledge it has been able to accumulate over several millennia, a perfect demonstration of the power of time. A Vandal Savage film would be a cynical examination of human “progress”.

Cassie Sandsmark aka Wondergirl

Wonder Girl Young Justice

If the success of the wonder woman movies didn’t prove anything is that audiences are captivated by the Amazons of Themyscira. An opinion shared by Redditor Officialkylepopwho feels that Cassie’s version of Wonder Girl – not Donna Troy – “has been overlooked in the new comic book ‘universe’. She’s been good on [Young Justice] and it would be fun for a spin-off of her return to Themyscira and her connection to [Wonder Woman].”

It’s true. Despite being the Outsiders’ second-in-command, Cassie is usually relegated to being a cheerleader version of Wonder Woman. She is cheerful in this American “have a nice day!” kind of path. However, this belies its Amazonian roots. As Wonder Woman’s niece and Zeus’ granddaughter, Cassie is a pretty big story for a feature film.

blue beetle

Blue Beetle looks worried in Young Justice

As Redditor Harvey-McKenzie so simply, “Ah, obviously Blue Beetle? It’s almost offensive to ask…”, adding that “…better give a beginner a chance, Jaime is a teenage superhero similar to Spider-Man and a Latino so many people can identify with him.”

The most intriguing thing about Blue Beetle isn’t even the assortment of powers deriving from his alien – more specifically, the imperialistic and technologically advanced Reach – costume, it’s the fact that the costume is a sentient being. who paired up with Jaime. A Blue Beetle movie is currently in the works, but fingers crossed don’t end up in development purgatory.


Cyborg Vic Stone Young Judge

It’s delicate. Cyborg is no stranger to DC content, featuring prominently in various shows ranging from the original Teen Titans animated series and live-action Doom Patrol to have a starring role in Zach Snyder’s cut of Justice League (being practically non-existent in the Whedon version). He also has quite a unique skill set and personality, offering youth, tech savvy, and diversity.

So there is an argument on both sides, as seen in this Redditor exchange between dynamitegypsy and FunkyTown313. dynamitegypsy said, “Maybe someone could explain why we need it…I don’t see what that would bring to the table.” FunkyTown313 replied, “The real question is why not? Cyborg has the chance to take a ‘lesser’ known DC character and make him popular.”


As the main character of a feature film, Halo has a lot going for it. The first thing is that she is a Mother Box in human form. Having human feelings and experiences for the first time, Halo is a tabula rasa through which the story could delve into and question what it means to be human. Second, she has a whole kitchen cupboard full of superpowers, including shield building, regeneration, and particle beams.

More importantly, she would be the first prominent Muslim hero, at least until Disney Plus comes out with it. Ms. Marvel—and the significance of this depiction cannot be overstated, perhaps best described by Redditor ChaosPhoenixGX“As a Muslim, I’m very surprised and perhaps impressed? It’s hard to describe how I feel. I’ve always thought that Islam was stereotypically viewed as a stricter religion by the average Joe .”

Jar of Artemis

It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say that Artemis Crock didn’t exist before. young justice. Prior to this show, she had a minor role in the comics as one of three incarnations of the villainous Tigress. Safe to say, young justice has dramatically increased his profile, or in the words of Redditor In pursuit of the unlikely“they adapted an older character and made it work better.”

As the daughter of the villainous Sportsmaster and sister of the assassin Cheshire (a sibling relationship that was another young justice retcon), Artemis Crock is an extremely relatable character – Artemis has no superpowers and has serious family issues – whose story is ready for the big screen.


Zatanna young judge

Editor TheRainWolf said it best: “Zatanna is a badass and deserves her movie.” Much like Dr. Strange did for the MCU, Zatanna could introduce DC’s magical pantheon of characters to the greater DCEU. Smart, sassy, ​​and immensely powerful, Zatanna checks all the boxes when it comes to directing a superhero movie. It’s no surprise that more than a few top directors have been mentioned in conjunction with Zatanna projects, including Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, The shape of water) and Emerald Fennell (Promising young woman).

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It doesn’t take a “Mistress of Magic” or a “Witch Supreme” to read the tea leaves and realize that when it comes to the prospect of a Zatanna feature, it’s more a question of when than if.

Miss Martian

Miss Martian looks sad in Young Justice

In a related article, Redditor bthehuman92 opines, “Why isn’t there a Martian Manhunter movie yet? He’s been my favorite character for years and I’m waiting, just wondering if anyone has any idea why this doesn’t happen. hasn’t been done yet?”

It may seem strange to be offered a feature film for Miss Martian when the better known Martian Manhunter has yet to receive his solo film. However, as young justice demonstrated, the young Martian has a lot of story potential that her uncle lacks. Not only is she a member of the oppressed White Martian race, but her mixed-race family acts as a perfectly relatable representation of the complexities surrounding a delicate subject with a long history. That, and M’gann M’orzz’s empathetic and idealistic nature, make this a ready-made, YA, fish-out-of-water, self-discovery character arc.

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