5 potential spinoffs of the Super Mario movie


The movie Super Mario Bros. is set to be a fun animated adventure starring many of the mainstays of the classic video game franchise. If this movie goes well, it’s likely that Nintendo will continue the concept, branching out for a lot of other concepts, stories, and spinoffs in the Super Mario universe.

So far all fans of the Mario movie are a handful of characters and the studio in charge. Exactly nine characters have been revealed, the Mario Bros., Peach, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, Kamek, and Foreman Spike. This being Mario’s first return to the screen in decades, and probably a lot closer to the source material than the live-action movie, the story is likely to be plumbers saving some pretty straightforward princess stuff. . Despite this, the characters, the world, and the backdrop have the potential to provide a launching pad for several new concepts to display on screen.


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Among the Mario family, Donkey Kong is the most ripe candidate for a spin-off. Donkey Kong was there when Mario was introduced, in fact Cranky Kong is the monkey who threw barrels at the plumber early on. The fact that these two characters are making an appearance suggests the possibility that a future film could portray the Kong family in more depth. Donkey Kong has moved on to a world of single player content and a dynamic cast of allies and enemies. The Donkey Kong Country The series, which has spanned from SNES to the present day, could be a wonderful source for a fun action comedy about talking animals fighting over bananas. The chance to see Diddy Kong and King K. Rool on the big screen simply cannot be left out.

The Luigi’s mansion The trilogy is Nintendo’s rare opportunity to explore the world of horror. Its simple plot, in which Mario’s cowardly brother Luigi acquires an enigmatic mansion teeming with ghosts. Mario finds himself trapped in the house, so Luigi must face his fears to save him. Luigi teams up with the mad scientist Professor E. Gadd, who arms him with a vacuum cleaner capable of capturing rogue spirits and sends him through the haunted house to catch ghosts and save his brother. This is a massive outlier in the Nintendo catalog, providing a very interesting tone that could carry a movie. A family-friendly horror comedy film about a cowardly sidekick forced to fend for itself as an amateur Ghostbuster is an idea you shouldn’t miss.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Mine Car Art

Introduced in Super Mario Galaxy, Captain Toad is a friendly ally character who helps Mario in a variety of ways. Captain Toad is the leader of the Toad Brigade, a group of mushroom-headed guys who usually help Mario achieve his goals, usually just by keeping bonuses for him. The underrated Captain Toad: Treasure Chest is a puzzle game that places this sympathetic NPC in the seat of the main character, seeking treasure and saving his friend, Archivist Toadette from a monstrous bird. Captain Toad is an explorer and treasure hunter known for his orienteering skills, but he’s also a bit of a coward and often prefers to be a helper rather than a hero. The character hasn’t had much exposure, but the idea of ​​an Indiana Jones-style treasure hunter in Mario’s universe is great. It offers a chance to explore corners of the Mushroom Kingdom that Mario would never find himself in and center the film on a less established hero.

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One of the most popular racing games of all time just happens to be the brilliant Mario kart series. In quick succession from 1992 to the present day, the Mario kart Games are among the most beloved board games ever created. While there isn’t a whole lot of story to tell in the franchise, the basic outline of a go-kart race between these classic video game characters could be a very solid place to start. Maybe the best inspiration would be the world of racing anime, like the exhilarating Red line. An animated racing film in the mold of Speed ​​runner, in which the plot is based on a series of increasingly bizarre tracks and challenges could be a frenzied delight.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Partners

One of the most remarkable storytelling achievements Nintendo has ever made came in 2004. Paper Mario: The Thousand Years Gate. The Paper mario The franchise is essentially an alternate universe storyline featuring similar characters from the main series and innovative RPG gameplay. The series is however the most impressive in its leaps in the history department. He has an anarchic sense of fun, savagely putting Mario and his friends in weird situations, from pro wrestling leagues to Mafia weddings. The games manage to feel the absurd, hilarious, and yet inextricable of the Mario universe. While the first games, in particular Thousand-year-old gate, are the strongest tales, the whole series does amazing things with the franchise. A Paper mario The film could be a truly groundbreaking film, bringing a group of fantastic characters to screen and redefining the brand in the hearts of audiences around the world.

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