5 Sports Movie Speeches That Can Rock Anyone


Recently I was writing an article about the Danbury Hat Tricks hockey team and when I was finished I found myself distracted.

I wanted to write a cinematic-like quote in honor of the team. I started to think about my favorite sports movies, moments and speeches and had to stop and finish the project I was working on. I realized this was a completely separate article that I was starting to write, because there are so many good ones.

5 Sports Movie Speeches That Can Rock Anyone

Whether it’s a true story or pure fiction, the great moments in sports movies can motivate anyone. Sports films tell the story of personalities and teams who were underestimated, overlooked, or had very little chance of becoming champions. These moments can be inspirational or just enjoyable entertainment.

They can make the hairs on your neck stand up, send a tingle down your spine, and make you want to run through a brick wall. These are the speeches of sports films that can thrill anyone.

Stay tuned for the rest of this list, “Sports Movie Moments That Can Attract Anyone 2”.

Inside the charming Russian village in the woods of Southbury

Every Tuesday you can hear “The Place You Live” on the Ethan and Lou Show with Mike Allen. Mike dives into a local story every week and this week it was a Russian village in Connecticut. This week we learned that Southbury, CT is home to a tiny Russian village designed by some of Russia’s most respected writers.

12 signs you’re a real American tough guy

Our culture morphs and these changes mean that certain types of behavior have an expiration date. What you once thought was “cool” or “tough” can now make you look like a straight D-bag. The problem is, when our culture rotates, not everyone gets the memo.

You might find yourself in a room with someone born in the 60s, another in the 80s, a man born in the 90s and another in the 2000s, they’re all going to have different ideas about what makes of them a man.

What makes you a tough guy today? For starters, the term itself is a punch line, if someone calls you a “badass” they’re going after you. This list was supposed to be titled “Top Signs You’re A Raging Shower”, but my editor denied that, so these are the “Top Signs You’re a Real Tough”.

Amazing images and facts about I-95 (WRKI) and its broadcast tower

Mark Weiss is a retired broadcast engineer, avid I-95 listener, and drone enthusiast. Recently I posted an article on drone photography and Mark texted me and said, “It’s okay, you should see what I have.”

I asked him to share what he had and he sent me these awesome photos. He photographed the I-95 Broadcast Tower (WRKI) from above. Weiss took the photos in 2018. He sent them to me and attached a note that said, “Flown by DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0”.

Rather than just posting the photos, I wanted to add some incidental information. I spoke to a few current employees, a few former employees, and rummaged through the oldest filing cabinet we have to find some things out, even though I didn’t know it. These are amazing photos from our broadcast tour and some fun information about its history and the history of I-95.

Behind the walls of the abandoned Norwich State Hospital of CT

Treating mental health is serious business these days and in most cases patients are treated with care and respect. This was not always the case in the United States, and hospitals dedicated to the “mentally ill” became prisons that regularly practiced torture. America is now littered with decaying closed hospitals from inside and out. Many believe that these places still contain the dark energy left behind by the gruesome deeds of the past. One of those locations at Norwich State Hospital.


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