Tired of staring into the same ugly wall every day. Find ways to refresh your living space. So here we have 5 possible ways to help you refresh your walls.

1) Panoramic painting

Evoke the artist hidden in you to paint a fresco on one of the walls of the room. These paintings take you to distant places like a fairyland. Let your art help your soul and bring out the best in your experience. The wall of your house will not only represent these murals, but also your history.

2) Install shelves.

When you think of shelves, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Book, surely. So why not show your love for books. Install shelves on your wall, fold up all your books, you can also put exhibits and some small plants to add color. It’s the best way to make your books stand out and add an inspiring look to your room.

3) Greenery

You don’t have to have a garden or backyard to grow plants. You can plan a garden in your living room or you can add wall planters to give your space a healthy green look.

4) Hang the wall decorations

Making your wall different from the previous one is the easiest thing you can do. Just buy or make wall hangings inspired by something like history, culture, nation or your favorite thing. It will give your wall a refreshing new look.

5) The art of mandalas

Give your wall a rich look by drawing an intricate mandala design. They are very famous works of art and often give the wall a more historical and inspired look.

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