8 Lifesaver Power Bank Ideas to Save Money


Power banks are a must-have accessory for anyone with a smartphone. With one, you’ll no longer need to rush to a Starbucks for a power outlet every time your phone runs out of juice or walk around with your original charger and risk losing it.

Although they are available at almost any electronics store these days, you can build a power bank from scratch at home and save some money. What’s more, you can adapt it to any size, shape or capacity to power your smartphone multiple times.


Here are eight awesome and life-saving DIY power bank ideas to try.

1. Pocket Power Bank

Are you always on the go, but need to keep your smartphone, laptop and other mobile devices charged? If so, this pocket power bank is the perfect companion for you when traveling.

Enjoy ice cream first, as you will need ice cream sticks for the project. While you’re at it, look for that USB cable you never use, battery snap, 9V battery, transistors, then check this Instructable for guidance on how to approach the project.

2. Simple power bank with solar panels

Imagine a power bank that you can charge with solar energy? Awesome, right? You won’t have to worry about power outlets on hikes or camping trips anymore, because all you need is sunlight to charge your power bank.

Take it out and fully charge your mobile devices; leave it out in the sun before heading out on other adventures the next day, and you’ll come back to find it juiced up and ready to go again. Look for the supplies and the steps to follow when manufacturing in this detail Instructable.

3. DIY Laptop Power Bank

Whether you’re working from home or in a formal setting, working outdoors, in a cafe or any other place outside of your usual place is fun and the perfect way to break up the monotony. However, if your laptop battery drains quickly, your remote work options are greatly reduced as you need to be connected to a power outlet.

Fortunately, a laptop power bank effectively solves such a problem. And you can easily build one at home using a power converter, mini digital voltmeter, banana plugs, banana plug, rotary taper potentiometer, terminal block spring and all other supplies listed in this Instructable.

4. Joule Thief Power Bank

Millions of electronic waste, such as used batteries, are thrown away every day. Unfortunately, in addition to being a fire hazard, discarded electric batteries often contain toxic chemicals like lead which, if disposed of improperly, can have serious negative impacts on ecosystems.

Also, not all the electric batteries you throw away are completely depleted. So instead of throwing away that pair of triple-A stacks you just went through, follow this Instructable to make a joule thief power bank.

You’ll save Mother Nature extra waste and save money while creating a reliable power bank for your smartphone and laptop. You can also save the environment by trying these Earth Day electronics recycling projects for beginners.

5. Solar Charge Wireless Battery Bank

How do you make a wireless solar power bank to charge your smartphone, iPad, laptop and other mobile devices? Follow this step by step Instructable.

We’d like to quickly point out that you’ll need technical skills and access to a 3D printer, but this guide does a good job of breaking it all down. So it’s easy to follow along and create your first reliable battery bank, even if you don’t have any soldering skills.

6. Power bank made from an old mobile battery

The previously mentioned pocket power bank is very portable and reliable, but if you didn’t like it, this power bank could be the perfect solution for what you need. It’s smaller, more reliable, and uses an old phone’s battery and a rechargeable battery cell.

So if you have an old phone that you no longer use, this is a great way to put it to good use. You will need connectors, a lot of strips, a micro slide switch, a wire, and this elaborate Instructable to build one. If you have more old telephones in your mailbox, check out these fantastic DIY projects using old telephones.

7. DIY Solar Bag

A power bank is already a game-changer. Imagine a solar device attached to a bag that you can discreetly take wherever you go? That’s what it Instructable allows you to build. It takes about ten hours to charge in sunlight and can fully charge a 6.1V watt smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device once.

Besides a solar panel and a bag, you’ll need some connectors, a glue gun, and a soldering iron, then follow the steps in the well-researched Instructable to build your DIY solar bag. If you’re looking forward to camping with technology, this project might be a suitable power source.

8. Easy Cordless Power Bank

Wireless power banks are all the rage these days for a very good reason. They completely detach you from power outlets, save you the chaotic life of tangled cables, and keep your phone charged whenever needed.

However, like most wireless accessories, they come at a price that is usually not affordable. So building one is a great way to save money. look at this Instructable for a step-by-step description of building a wireless power bank right from home.

Build a power bank at home

Powerbanks are one of the must-have accessories for your electronic devices, but most of them wear out quickly, or you never use one for long because they are quite easy to misplace since you have to carry them everywhere you go. come on. If you are tired of spending money to buy one, building one yourself would be the best option.

There are plenty of ideas out there, but if you want to keep the process simple and affordable, these eight DIY power bank project ideas are a great start. Feel free to implement your favorite project as is or optimize the hyperlinked Instructable guide as inspiration to create a better and more innovative version.


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