9 Easy Cat Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids and Adults


You’ve got your Halloween playlist on repeat, a marathon of spooky movies ready to stream, but you still haven’t nailed your Halloween costume.

And it’s almost time for witchcraft.

Fortunately, you have options. While you can always rush to the store for a last-minute Halloween costume, you might be better off staying home and creating a DIY costume using items from your closet or pantry. .

When in doubt, go for a classic: a cat costume, complete with one of these clever cat-like Halloween makeup ideas.

Some of these tutorials are more complicated than others, but all are fairly easy to recreate on kids and adults alike – as long as you have the right supplies, a steady hand, and lots of patience.

In some cases, it’s as simple as using a mascara wand to draw whiskers on your child’s cheeks. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll also find step-by-step instructions on how to transform into a bejeweled black cat, a spooky Cheshire Cat and Catwoman lookalike.

Sit back, relax and fire up those Halloween tunes because with these cute cat makeup looks you’ll be looking feline good in no time!

Cute Cat Halloween Makeup

Stay classic and cute this Halloween. Follow this tutorial to lay the foundation for your basic black cat, lion, or tiger costume. The key to this look: use bronzer and highlighter to add dimension, then paint over the whiskers to make it more feline-friendly.

Easy Cat Halloween Makeup for Kids

You’ll have no problem achieving this adorable look – as long as you can get your child to sit still for a few minutes. All you need is an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, black and white eye shadow and lipstick. Meow!

Cheshire Cat Halloween Makeup

The mischievous cat from “Alice in Wonderland” gets the Halloween treatment in this tutorial, which is inspired by the character from the video game “Alice Madness Returns.” It probably won’t do if you’re looking for a quick and easy costume, but it’s sure to impress – and terrify – everyone.

Basic Black Cat Halloween Makeup

Wear a black shirt, put on some cat ears and recreate this makeup for a really purr Halloween. Although this tutorial is easy enough for beginners to complete, try it a few days before your costume party to ease any stress on the day of the party!

Bejeweled Cat Halloween Makeup

Head to the dollar store to pick up all the supplies for this sparkly cat costume. Cheap and Impressive, this one totally delivers.

Lioness Halloween Makeup

Jungle cat, house cat, any basic cat: it doesn’t matter what look you’re going for, because this tutorial will get the job done. Apply white eyeliner and brown eyeshadow around the eyes to make them stand out, then use the same white eyeliner under the nose to offset the black whiskers.

Sexy Cat Halloween Makeup

Catwoman’s skintight costume and dramatic makeup have redefined what it means to dress like a cat on Halloween. Lean into your sultry side by pairing a vampy red lip with smokey eyes. No need for cat ears to complete this look, just lots of cattitude!

Glam Halloween Cat Makeup

If it’s glamor you’re looking for, look no further. A contoured face, thick eyeliner and shimmering lids make a bold and beautiful statement.

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Halloween Makeup “Cats”

Lights, camera, action: This stage-worthy look takes time and skill, but determined “Cats” superfans should give it a try. First comes Halloween, then comes Broadway!


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