A Beginner’s Guide to AEX Liquidity Mining


3rd anniversary of AEX financial activities

stable pool

Interest rate hike pool

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of AEX Finance and as a thank you to users, AEX is launching a series of liquidity mining activities that offer higher average profits

HONG KONG, CHINA, May 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — ASwap is an AMM-based liquidity mining product launched in 2020 by AEX. It consists of 6 liquidity pools, namely GAT Pool, Stable Pool, Hot Pool, Activity Pool, Interest Raise Pool and Moon Pool. Each liquidity pool includes two different coins such as ETH, Solana, BSC, HECO, and Polkadot. To date, ASwap’s TVL has surpassed $200 million, generating over $41,216,728 in total profit for users. Detailed information: https://www.aex.com/page/amm_swap.html#/poolList?type=2

Beginner friendly liquidity mining product
Liquidity Mining Product is a safe, stable and profitable product that allows you to invest or withdraw digital assets at any time. The beginner-friendly ASwap offers numerous liquidity pools with more than 100 types of coins. No blocking, asset security, high APR and fast exchange.

Over 200 liquidity pools
ASwap allows digital assets to be exchanged on different chains. Over 100 types of coins can develop over 200 liquidity pools where users can trade coins via ASwap. Generally, users can get income in GAT (AEX platform coin) or stablecoins or get hot coins like GMT and DOGE as a reward from Genesis mining. Upon completion of Genesis mining, all coins received will be converted into equivalent stablecoins or GAT. It should be mentioned that users who are not happy with the current liquidity pools can create their own liquidity pool to earn trading fees (in GAT) and mining revenue.

Flexible access, no blockage
Among the biggest risks of mining liquidity are liquidation and volatile loss. Different protocols have different modes of liquidation, while AEX does not lock positions, allowing users to avoid this risk. At the same time, AEX’s professional quantitative organizations help users hedge the risk to minimize unpredictable losses. Users can invest or withdraw their digital assets at any time and don’t have to worry about missing an opportunity.

High asset security with 0 incidents
AEX has been operating safely for 9 years since its inception in 2013. To date, there have been no thefts or security incidents, proving that AEX is worthy of trust.

Above average APR
ASwap offers multiple liquidity pools with above-industry average APR where users enjoy 0 gas fees and fast receipt of interest. The stable pool, as the most popular mining pool, includes two stablecoins where users can earn low-risk income and enjoy an APR of up to 16.9%, and the average annual income is about 10 to 15%. Parts of the stable pool may even benefit from an increase in interest rates.

Quick exchange
AEX supports fast arrival with 22 channels for fiat and cryptocurrencies. By participating in ASwap, users can quickly receive the mining token via spot exchange or direct fiat conversion.

How to start ASwap Liquidity Mining?
There are 6 liquidity mining pools with corresponding ways to join.

1. GAT Pool
It contains GAT-Token liquidity pools. Users can join it by adding GAT and other tokens in a certain proportion in the GAT pool. Click on ASwap > List of liquidity pools > Pool GAT to register. Users will receive GAT as a reward.

2. Steady Pool
It contains stable liquidity pools where users can earn low-risk income due to low stablecoin price fluctuations. Users can join it by adding two stablecoins in a certain ratio to the stable pool. Click ASwap > List of Liquidity Pools > Stable Pool to register. Users will receive GAT or hot coins as a reward. Please note that some stable pools may receive interest rate increases (if users invest more, the interest rate will also increase). On this 3rd anniversary (May 1 – May 15), Pool Stable launched the “Mine DOGE for free, enjoy 600% Genesis APR” promotion. After mining Genesis, users will receive USDT as a reward and can continue to earn passive income.

3. Hot pool
It includes some currently hot coins such as BTC, ETH, and DOGE. Users can join it by adding two hot coins in a certain ratio to the Hot Pool. Click ASwap > List of Liquidity Pools > Hot Pool to Join. Users will receive GAT as a reward. Obviously, regardless of the liquidity pool, the APR is always around 10% to 15%, above the industry average.

4. Activity pool
This is where the latest activities on ASwap are shown, such as mining genesis and adding new coin pairs, which beginners in particular can participate in. Usually, users who participate in these activities receive a high APR as a reward. The earlier users join, the more they receive because the APR fluctuates with TVL. Click ASwap > List of liquidity pools > Activity pool to join.

5. Interest rate hike pool
The more users invest, the higher the interest they receive. Click ASwap > List of Liquidity Pools > Interest Rate Rising Pool to register.

6. Lunar pool
This is a special pool for genesis mining, which usually offers genesis mining activities for certain hot coins. Users can add stablecoins in a certain ratio to participate in the activity and get the hot coins in return. The earlier users join, the more they will get, as Genesis APR fluctuates with TVL. At the end of the activity, all the rewards you receive will be converted into USDT equivalents. Click ASwap > List of Liquidity Pools > Moon Pool to register.

Self-built mining pool
If current pools cannot meet user needs, one option is to create a pool yourself by clicking ASwap > Create Liquidity Pool. It helps users to earn profit along with transaction fees. A maximum of 8 coins can be added and the total percentage of the added coin must be 1. The default transaction fee is 0.3%.

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