A Beginners Guide to Pikmin Bloom


This quick and handy guide covers the basics of Pikmin Bloom so you can grow your Pikmin army and plant flowers everywhere.

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Pikmin Bloom is a new game from Niantic and involves developing your own Pikmin. The little creatures are happy to follow you and the objective of the game is to fill the world with flowers. The game has several similarities with Pokémon GO and relies on GPS and step counting to play.

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While not the most complicated phone game to play, it can be a bit confusing to learn how to get started and build your own Pikmin army. The guide below is here to make sure you get started in Pikmin Bloom.

Get started in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin flower shoot seedlings

Pikmin Bloom is a straightforward game, and for the most part, you will quickly receive the tools you need to get started. develop your Pikmin army. The play cycle is actually quite simple:

  • You plant Pikmin in your backpack.

  • You walk around until they are fully developed.

  • You take them out and interact with them.

  • They give you another shoot to grow.

The best way to play is to configure the game to read your steps when you go to work or exercise. You will need to register periodically to collect the new items your Pikmin brings back to you so that you can continue to grow more. You will also level up the more you walk, and the more flowers you plant, the more waypoints will appear, allowing your Pikmin to grow even faster.

  • Quick advice: There’s also a place to add a picture or journal entry to your step calendar.

There are several types of objects in Pikmin Bloom, such as the nectar that you feed to your Pikmin to collect petals. You can buy most items with coins in the game, and there are many purchasable items that allow you to grow more plants at once.

There are also cash purchases to buy storage increases and large pieces of coins. You obtain one piece every time you plant 500 flowers, but it exceeds 30 pieces per day.

How to expand your Pikmin army

Pikmin bloom pikmin in a field

To increase the number of Pikmin you can have and access the different color variations, you will need to level up. Each level increases the amount of Pikmin you can have by one.. The game has a max level 60, with all current features unlock by the time you reach level 19. Expanding your army will allow you to take on the game’s raids, and there’s a multiplayer aspect where you can add friends or team up with nearby players to complete larger raids.

Pikmin also have friendship levels which can be increased by give them nectar. The nectar will be harvested from the fruit your Pikmin finds; the more Pikmin you have on your team, the more nectar you will collect. When you unlock challenges later, Friendship Levels will help you win more easily.

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