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Horror fans have been back and forth when it comes to what a great genre film looks like. Some are more interested in high horror, opting for cinematic tension over good old fantasy. Others swear by guts and gore, and won’t take anything less. Few films have succeeded in perfecting the happy medium: A scary film, but it’s also a damn good piece of cinema. One of them recently found this perfect collision, making the horror movie cut both horrifying and mind-blowing. Here is our A24 X movie reaction, from screams to scares and, with it, sex.

This X the movie reaction is spoiler-free. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil the tension for you.

X Movie Reaction – A short name for a long thrill

X is the latest A24 horror film. If this company catches your eye, chances are you’re a fan of horror movies like Hereditary and Midsommar. This one isn’t as supernatural or slow-building, but it will grab your attention with similar aesthetics and cinematography.

The story opens like many of them. The police are on the scene of a crime, and this one promises to be deadly. 24 hours before, Mia Goth’s Maxine Minx joins her boyfriend and co-workers on a road trip to a ramshackle Texas farmhouse in the 1979 sun. Their mission is to change the world of adult film forever.

There are Maxine, Bobby-Lynne (Brittany Snow) and Jackson Hole (Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi) who play the role of porn movie stars. Then there’s the producer, Wayne Gilroy (Martin Henderson), director RJ (Owen Campbell), and Lorraine (Jenna Ortega, our new favorite scream queen), who’s mostly just for the ride.

The only problem is that society doesn’t accept such blatant sex appeal as much as it does today. The televangelists in the background provide almost as much atmospheric audio throughout the film as the intimate noises, and the farm owners don’t seem too eager for their presence. Would they be mad enough to kill?

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Where the Horror Happens in This Almost XXX Movie

The premise of the movie might make it sound like we’re going to goad old people into going on a sex-angry murder spree. Fortunately, it’s not as simple as that. While Maxine and her friends are proud of their bodies and what they can do, and they desperately want to enjoy them while they’re young, farm owners Howard and Pearl are almost too old to enjoy theirs. .

Pearl, particularly devastated by her loss of youth and sexuality, is heartbroken by her dying body. She quickly clarifies that she loves Maxine, but whether that’s jealousy or lust isn’t entirely clear. Either way, she’s not against hurting a few of the lucky ones to find out.

The film balances a genuinely complex story of progressive views on sexuality, the ageist takes on beauty and good old-fashioned ax performance to make up its second half. The best is built by its rapidly changing scenes. Some both show parallels between the older couple and the filmmakers, proving they’re not as different as they might think. Others alternate between scenes of terror and simplicity, creating fear by enforcing the fact that we never know what will happen next on screen. The jumpscares are there, but they are more effective thanks to the stylistic choices.

Mia Goth in X Picture via A24.

Why the A24 film X Works so well and gets such a great reaction

let’s be honest. X could have been really evil. Of course, it has an impressive cast. After all, Mia Goth has proven that her amazing last time isn’t going to waste any time, starring in horror movies like A cure of well-being and sighed. And she’s definitely a highlight of the film, playing both Maxine and the older woman, Pearl. But mixing sexy and scary can be a recipe for disaster, and can lead to a campy popcorn movie at best.

Director Ti West (In a valley of violence, the sacrament) puts the plot in competent hands. His penchant for horror helps ensure the tropes aren’t too overplayed and nothing feels cheap (even the fake porn they shoot.) Even the foreground, which opens with a fake change relationship, gives us confidence in what is to come.

X is also surprisingly uplifting in its own way. It leaves behind a statement to do what you want no matter what society thinks.

The only flaw of our X The film’s reaction could be its lack of development for its main characters, as few of them have real reasons to urge you to survive. However, Brittany Snow and Jenna Ortega are so good on camera that it’s almost reason enough to pray they make it to the end.

X Is in theaters now.

Have you watched the new A24 movie X Again? Let us know your thoughts, and if you agree with our X movie reaction in the comments below. If you haven’t had the chance, don’t wait too long. This is the one you will want to see. Just be sure to sleep with the light on afterwards.

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