Apple iMovie 3.0 introduces storyboards and Magic Movie


Apple tries to help its users develop their talents and skills with free software for beginners. For example, iPad and Mac users can take advantage of Swift Playgrounds to learn the basics of coding in Swift. They can then create more advanced projects on Xcode, once they are confident enough. Other examples include GarageBand and iMovie. Both apps are available for free on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Thanks to them, users can respectively create their own music and video projects, without needing to be experts in audio and video composition or editing. The tools are simple and include intuitive user interfaces (UIs) that make it easy to navigate and understand their concepts. Last month, Apple unveiled two new features coming to iMovie at its virtual Peek Performance event. The wait is finally over – iMovie 3.0 introduces Storyboards and Magic Movie, making it even easier to create videos from scratch.

iMovie 3.0 scenario

Apple announced in a Newsroom post that iMovie 3.0 is now available as a free update for iOS/iPadOS 15.2 or later users. This major update to iMovie brings two welcome features that make creating video projects easier for beginners. To begin with, Storyboard allows users to select from existing templates the type of video output they are aiming for, such as tutorials, reviews, etc. It provides them with step-by-step guidance and suggests the types of clips to shoot for a particular segment. Users can then export the final result and share it with their favorite apps.

iMovie Magic Movie 3.0

Magic Movie, on the other hand, focuses on producing faster results rather than developing user skills. You simply select an album (or a compilation of photos) from your library, and your iDevice does its own. Magic. iMovie will then automatically choose the moments it deems interesting and provide you with the final exportable result. Luckily, you can also do a final edit before sharing the produced video, in case iMovie’s taste doesn’t particularly match yours.

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Source: Apple Newsroom


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