Are movie theaters dying out? – The point of view


With the rise of streaming services and the decline in movie tickets, people have started to wonder if movie theaters are dying? The pandemic has affected each of us in different ways, including movie theaters. It has also affected our occupations, as well as several companies and cinemas being victims of it.

“I don’t think cinemas are dying,” said Norfolk 7 Theater manager Darrin Paul. “Throughout the many years of the movie industry era, people asked the same question when Betamax and VHS came out. With the release of movies on online streaming services, people always want to experience the cinematic experience.

The pandemic lockdown has left people with nothing to do but stay home and watch movies. Box office market revenue in the United States and Canada fell 80% last year, according to the Motion Picture Association, due to the impact of the pandemic.

“With COVID-19 kind of putting a damper on things, people are starting to go out and enjoy the experience of watching a feature film on the big screen,” Paul said.

So, that leaves us with the question, what is the future of movie theaters? After two years of chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic, people working in the theater industry are hoping for a bright future.

“Technology is changing all the time, I’ve been in the film industry since 2000 and I’ve seen cinema go digital just during my time in the industry. Think back to the 20s when silent films started to have sound,” said Paul. “I’m happy to have had the experience of seeing the changes within the technology. It’s a similar feeling to when silent movies started having sound.


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