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volleyball arenaa new game title from the famous mobile game development company mini clip is now available on play store and very hot with activity. This is a PvP game where two users compete in a volleyball match where the player with the highest score after 90 seconds wins the match and takes home the prize money. There are no limits to the number of rounds that can be played and play continues even if a comeback is seemingly impossible. Players can have a leisurely time playing this fun game, and to help such players out, we have this game walkthrough to guide any newbie through the initial stages of the game.

Introducing Arena Volleyball Basics

The game follows a simple set of rules that are easy to follow, but make for a very entertaining game with well-placed elements. The object of the game is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible without it touching the ground by keeping it off the ground using volleys and slams. The first player who fails to keep the ball on the ground will concede a point to the opponent.

Volleyball Arena: Gameplay (Image via Miniclip)

Each player can perform up to three touches per turn in an attempt to keep the ball in the air. Additionally, hitting the net while trying to fly the ball over it will also result in a point for the opponent. Therefore, the user must follow the game carefully in order to prepare his opponent to miss his volley and award him a point.

But it’s a video game, so there has to be a tweak somewhere in the rules, right? Well yes, the game has a twist in the rules to make it more fun and entertaining, i.e. it has a set of special bonuses that will give an edge to those who use it in the game.


The game features many characters spread across different arenas and has customizable outfits. Each character has a base power which can be upgraded by collecting the required number of character cards from the game’s card decks.

Picture via Miniclip

Base Power broadly indicates the character’s performance in a match. Characters have different attributes such as speed, jumping, and shooting which increase when leveled up and result in better performance in those specific skills. Different characters can be unlocked by playing matches and earning card packs.

When opened, card packs drop several items such as clothing accessories and player cards. When the required number of player cards are collected, the character it represents is unlocked. The same goes for all accessories such as gloves, shoes, hats, glasses and hats. They can also be acquired from the in-game store, but they can only be obtained through a real-time transaction involving real money.

arena system

If you have played the popular game 8 ball pool from the creator of Volleyball Arena, Miniclip Games, then you will surely be able to draw a parallel between the arena system in the two games. The game features multiple arenas, each featuring land in different cities spread across the world.

arena system
Picture via Miniclip

Each arena will be unlocked when the player reaches a specified level by earning XP points by playing the game. In addition, the arena entrance fees increase as the level goes up, but the cash prize you get is also more raised. To keep the player economy sustainable and not pay to win, players will have the freedom to choose which arena they play in based on the amount of in-game currency they wager, thus maintaining the risk factor of bets balanced with the odds of winning.

Power ups

Power-ups are unlocked the same way as arenas. That is, they are unlocked as the level progresses, and over time the player will have access to a large arsenal of powers that he can use in his matches to gain advantages.

Power ups
Picture via Miniclip

Each player can equip up to three different types of powers. The the first slot is unlocked by default in the tutorial, but the second and third slots are earned by playing the game and leveling up, which is quite easy considering how simple the game is. Powers have different rarities which determine the chances of finding one in a pack. For example, the Fire Ball is of epic rarity and is therefore more difficult to obtain than the Freeze Ball which is classified as a common rarity power.

Volleyball Arena Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Volleyball Arena Beginner’s Guide to help you, the newbie, start your journey.

1. Find the sweet spot to serve the ball

Serving the ball first is an advantage as the player can decide the pace of the game by serving either aggressively or more passively. It is recommended to take a run from the back of the court and jump before the throw to give the ball maximum momentum and make it harder for your opponent to intercept. Although it is best to use this move sparingly, in order to use it as an element of surprise.

2. Be constantly on the move

It’s worth mentioning that standing still while your opponent serves or steals the ball is never a good idea. Back and forth allows for a more dynamic approach to intercepting the ball on your side of the net. On the other hand, standing still can often catch you off guard if the opponent throws the ball too close or too far from the net.

Volleyball Arena Beginner's Guide
Picture via Miniclip

3. Predict the trajectory of the ball from the actions of the opponent

Paying attention to your opponent’s actions can make the difference when you’re in dire need of points. Serve a volley from different areas of the court, whether jumping or not, the height of the ball when hit, the position of the ball, etc. factors contribute to varying the trajectories of the ball. For example, hitting a ball falling from a considerable height gives the ball additional speed and fall and therefore makes parrying much more difficult.

4. Use the Dive Button Whenever Needed

The Dive button is often overlooked but it’s an absolutely amazing mechanism to keep you from conceding points when the need arises. Keep an eye out for a ball that’s too far away for you to reach, and when the ball is halfway there, press the dive button to send the ball back to the opposing side of the net.

Final Thoughts

As someone who has played the game, if I have to share an opinion about the game, I would love to let everyone know that the game is indeed fun to play and a great time in a passive mood. The simplicity makes it all the more enjoyable as it could be mastered by almost anyone, regardless of their gaming skills. That’s it, all the basic tips covered, if you run into any trouble in the game, you can always refer to this Volleyball Arena beginners guide for help. Don’t worry, as always, we have you!

That’s it for the beginner’s guide to Volleyball Arena! Did you find our volleyball arena Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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