Arkansas Razorback fan creates a beginner’s guide to when to call the hogs


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Hog fans across the state are gearing up to call the hogs, but one fan has taken to social media to give a guide to the scenarios to call the hogs.

It’s a known call throughout the state.

“It’s one of the most special cheers in college athletics,” said Hog fan Gray Hager.

With game day less than 24 hours away, fans are preparing to call those hogs.

“Being a Razorback is a special thing. There’s only one Razorback as they say and we’re the pro team in the state and that comes with a lot of pride,” Hager said.

Saturday is the first game of the 2022-2023 season.

“There is nothing like it. When opposing teams hear it, I’m sure when Cincinnati fans hear it, they’ll be like, what the hell is this, this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard,” Hager said.

A fan shows us how it’s done.

“It’s woo…we do this a few times, and then it’s…sooty pig,” said one fan, Monty Lee, raising his arms.

Fan, Gray Hager, was born in the wild and raised as a pig fan.

He even graduated from the University of Arkansas.

“It has always been in my blood. My parents went to school there, my sister went to school there and many other family members. It’s just a family tradition, it’s a state tradition, it’s who I am,” Hager said.

He used his Twitter account to create a beginner’s guide to when people should call hogs, to help people know when it’s appropriate.

“I think what separates them is that energy, that momentum. A touchdown in a football game, a change of pitcher in a baseball game maybe a timeout in a game Hog calls are great, but some are better than others,” Hager said.

Fan, Monty Lee, said it’s something that brings the state together.

“Like I don’t know of any other time the Arkansans unite, against the call of the hog,” Lee said.

Hager also posted on Twitter that a pig call is appropriate at a restaurant, wedding, and concerts.

He said the only time not to do it is when you’re alone, but no worries, he said everyone would do it tomorrow for the first game of the season.


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