Automotive Industry Sees 16% Increase in Hiring Activity in February 2022: Monster Job Portal


The auto industry saw a 16% jump in hiring activity in the month of February 2022, according to job site Monster. On a monthly basis, the industry forecast an 8% increase in demand for online hiring.

With the growing adoption of digitalization and high demands on technology skills, acquiring talent with the right skills has become fundamental for automotive recruiters. Moreover, some of this talent – particularly in the electric vehicle industry – is also referred to as “Green engineers”.

The data also revealed that job posting activity for automotive engineers increased by 7% with the 2022 Union Budget Automotive and Housing PLI scheme.

Sekhar Garisa, CEO of, a Quess company, said, “The automotive industry in India is set to thrive and we have seen 16% growth this year compared to last February. Given that the sector has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, this is a victory involving more job creation and job generation.

“Additionally, the Automotive PLI program and budgetary accommodations for the growth of electric vehicles in India will create more efficiency and improve the growth of the industry. Another aspect that remains crucial is the need to qualify talent for a more productive automotive workforce, which recruiters have continuously prioritized in the current scenario. ”

Auto industry hiring activity, according to

Automotive industry/accessories/tires Monthly growth Annual growth
February 2022 8% 16%
Jan 2022 3% 14%
Dec 2021 4% 12%
November 2021 -2% 11%
October 2021 1% 12%
September 2021 -1% -2%
August 2021 3% ten%
July 2021 2% 6%
June 2021 3% 8%
May 2021 -2% 6%
April 2021 -4% -3%
March 2021 0% -21%
February 2021 6% -28%

Application for Automotive Engineer Jobs

Interestingly, the demand trend for automotive engineering positions has fluctuated during the pandemic due to lockdowns and multiple waves of Covid-19. The demand curve indicates a strong growth of 23% in December 2021 (compared to November 2021) due to festive demand.

Although demand for automatic roles trended down 9% in January 2022, this is a noted temporary decline. Demand increased by 7% month-over-month in February 2022 due to the PLI program for the automotive industry as well as the 2022 budget housing for the automotive industry and electric vehicles.

Bangalore and Delhi experience peak demand for automotive engineers in Feb 2022

Data from indicates that Bangalore (18%) and Delhi-NCR (15%) hold the highest share of demand for automotive engineers in India, along with other metropolitan cities. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities showed negligible job posting activity in this regard.

This could be attributed to the growth of the electric vehicle and automotive sectors in metros, with a consequent increase in demand for talent in these cities. Metros such as Pune (12%), Chennai (10%), Mumbai (6%) and Hyderabad (8%) also recorded a considerable share.

Mid-level and mid-level positions hold the largest share of automotive engineering jobs

In February 2022, mid-level professionals (4-6 years old) had the highest share of demand for automotive engineering jobs at 35%, while mid-level positions (7-10) held 33% demand share. It should also be noted that the sector shows an optimistic trend for entry-level or entry-level talent (0-3 years old) which is not far behind with a 23% share of the total number of automotive engineering jobs recorded on the platform. Senior (11-15 years old) and Top Management (over 15 years old) positions saw their marginal demand share stand at 7% and 2% respectively.


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