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From the company that brought you A company of heroes and Age of Empires: Castle Siegenow Smoking Gun Interactive Inc offer you a chilling collectible card game, Phobias. phobia is a card collecting game where players will compete in the surreal realm of the subconscious. The area where the most ridiculous fear manifests itself. In this Phobias Beginners guide, we will give you the basic guide for you to play the game.

The game is not just about collecting cards but this game will also give you a tactical chess game with different battle cards and features on each card. The game is also a turn-based type of game, where once you complete your turn, you wait for your opponent to take their turn.

A Beginner’s Guide to Phobias: Tips and Tricks

1. Master the basics

To be able to play this game, you will need to know the basics of the game such as how you move, how you attack, etc. We’ll start with the basics of how you fight the battle.

Fight your opponent

When you are in a battle against your opponent, you will receive three keys (if you are the one taking the first turn) or four keys (if you are the one who gets the second round). These keys are the thing you will need to summon your phobias, some phobias require a low amount of keys, even some only need one key to summon them, but some stronger phobias can use seven to eight keys to summon, but keep in mind that keys are not unlimited, at some point you will run out of them, depending on how you summon your phobias, you might run out of keys earlier, so think carefully before summoning.

Basic Guide to Phobias for Beginners
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Move your phobias

There are different phobias that you can collect and use in battle and each of them has a different movement whether it is how they move and how far they can move some of them can fly in order to be able to cross an obstacle like rocks in the map, some of them can’t. This basic knowledge of movement is important because it will help you decide which phobias need to be deployed.

Attack with your Phobias

This is the crucial part you need to know. Each phobia has different attacks, and some have special skills. Some phobias have long distance attacks and others are close combat type phobias, knowing this will make you enter the battlefield more confident and effective.

By learning this too, you will also learn little by little how to counter the opponent’s phobias, because unlike most turn-based type games, you cannot equip any equipment on your phobias, so for you to counter the opponent’s phobias, you have to learn it through your battles.

2. Know every part of the map

The map is the most important place in the game, it’s where you fight against your opponent after all. There are several maps in the game, and you will randomly enter one of them when you enter the battle. And each card has its own characteristics that you need to know.

Once you enter several cards, you might think that all the cards in the game are the same, the differences are only in their color and the theme of the area, such as desk, volcano, and much more. But if you look carefully there is a difference between each map, not all of them are important to remember but there is one thing you need to know, this only thing is the type of obstacle on each map, some maps have rocks and walls as an obstacle which is intended to block your phobias movements, and there are also maps with lava or fire as obstacles, these types of obstacles will not block your phobias movements but they will inflict damage to your phobias.

Image via Smoking Gun Interactive

Panic Points and Stim Pad

Not only the obstacles, but each map also has an important point called Panic Points (the shape of this dot is that it looks like an “X” on the floor). This place is a must to control by you because if you manage to control it, you will damage your opponent’s heart (which is like the core) every turn. There are five panic points in total inside the map, two in your area, two in your opponent’s area, and one in the middle of the map. Each of these panic points will deal 200 damage to your opponent’s heart.

Another place is called Stimulation cushion (it looks like a red triangle with the lightning symbol on it), which has the function of boosting the attack of your phobics when they stand on it, and the last important point is called Healing Spa (it just looks like to a pink puddle with lightning inside), which will cure your phobias by 200 points.

3. Use your Phobias to their fullest

Knowing things before you use them is an important thing to do, therefore, you should take your time to learn and know your phobias well. You will notice that there are certain types of phobias available in the game, this means that each type will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Learning this will surely help you win the battle by countering the opponent’s phobias in battle, you can also predict their movement if you already know their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s discuss the

strength and weakness Phobias Beginners Guide
Image via Smoking Gun Interactive
  • Undead: Leeches 40% enemy HP lost from your attacks, but cannot be healed or cured (basically life steals 40% of damage dealt)
  • Mechanical: Cannot be poisoned or diseased, but takes additional electrical damage (from Phobias that inflict electrical damage)
  • Dimensional: Inflicts damage and pulls the enemy one cell if killed by the enemy. Take 50% more poison/disease damage
  • Freak: No additional effect

To know more about your phobias, you can tap on the phobias icon, the phobias map will open and show you more details about your phobias.

Final Thoughts

Phobias is a tactical game that will make you think more strategically than win. The game is not so simple to play, but it is still fun to be engaged in the battle between two players. If you are a fan of tower defense games and strategy games then it is highly recommended to check out this game, your playing time will be worth it.

That’s all for today Phobias Beginner’s guide. Did you find our phobias Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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