Beginner’s Guide to Esports (Top 5 Games 2022)


Esports has been an evolving industry since the early 2000s, from simple online games to a multi-billion dollar industry. They have flooded the internet with hundreds of games to play or watch from different genres, but playing most of them is a challenge for new players. However, other fun eSports are beginner-friendly.

Competitive esports have been around for decades. But it’s only in the last decade that the sport has matured. With that came the opportunity to follow eSports live and even bet on them online. Anyone with a keen interest in eSports betting should always be on the lookout for the best eSports betting sites.

A beginner’s guide to the best esports games

Growth means diversifying genres, intensifying competition, with a focus on single or multiplayer. A beginner may feel intimidated and frustrated when playing or watching seasoned players. If this is you today, fret not as this guide will nudge you in the right direction by educating you on the best Esports games in 2022.


Fortnite is the biggest game in the world, which welcomes new players. It has brilliant cartoon graphics, shooter gameplay, and a large player base. They have optimized the game to help novices gain high skills on how to play. This eSports scene offers weekly tournaments if you fancy playing an engaging game.

Its unique features keep eSports at the top of the organization in the universe. As a beginner, Fortnite is a perfect game to play or watch. In its advanced levels, Fortnite needs resource management skills for a shooter.

New players choose to watch the pros play as an introduction. Once you start playing, launch the game dressed as your favorite celebrity; Spiderman or Ariana Grande. Play this game for free on your PC, Playstation 5 (PS) and One Nintendo.

League of Legends

Even people who aren’t into eSports are familiar with League of Legends (LoL). Two opposing teams of five play the competitive game, and both teams aim to destroy the opponent and win.

The main base is Nexus, and they have to put up a defense that the opponent can’t penetrate. They have to fight on a map filled with enemy players, challenges and computer waves on the other side. Once Nexus clears those hurdles, they win.

The waves pass through three separate levels, and the neutral zone after each wave is called a jungle. At first, players select champions, then increase their strength by selecting abilities while gaining experience in the game. Killing enemy players, minions, or flattening buildings earns players gold to purchase items like new skin.

Since the game has five players and a power imbalance on the map, players need great skill and strategy to get through. Techniques include capitalizing on inequality, high mobility, and controlling to travel the map between 20 and 40 minutes.

rocket league

Rocket league is like football, but they played it with cars this time. Understanding this is simple for beginners right off the bat. The game starts with a player riding a jet engine car, and its main and only objective is to make sure that he puts the ball in the opponent’s net as many times as possible and not give him a chance to do the same with you.

A little practice and good decisions will allow a new player to dominate this game. Thanks to the simple principle, it is more accessible to players, although it has a high skill ceiling which allows cars to fly very high. Rocket League is a Tier B esport with consistent leagues, and teams are backed by top esports organizations like Cloud 9.

Countering seasoned players is tough enough, but opponents can funnel them off their high-flying bikes and outrun them. Access these games for free on almost all game consoles including Xbox series, PS 4, 5 and your PC.

Dota 2

Gamers understand the phrase “easy to learn, hard to master.” The mantra is exemplary, defining Defense of the Ancients 2 in Dota 2. It is one of the most common multiplayer Esport games in the world.

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is easy to learn, but mastering it is a daunting task. It is a free MOBA with functions to choose the playable heroine from more than 100 options. They use the character’s unique abilities, playstyle, and attributes with the intent to win.

In the MOBA genre, viewers need to find instructions to guide them while playing. The game has annual international jackpots of over $30 million! Now you can see why playing this game is very competitive and more and more people want to learn the ropes every day.

Farming Simulator 2022

If violence and nastiness don’t describe you, Farming Simulator 2022 will calm you down. Players compete by performing agricultural tasks like raising chickens and harvesting vegetables using over 400 machines and tools like those in the real world.

The game is quiet but intense as the two teams go head-to-head in an electric clash, showcasing their driving prowess. Players stack Tetris with skill while harvesting wheat with mastery. The units make sure to outdo each other in the two identical farms with the same tasks.

If both teams stack wheat and grain, the winner is whoever stacks the most balls. From the start, each team has the same tractors, but once a player claims a ride, it is locked and inaccessible to the opponent. They reward the first team to deliver a ball of any bonus points product, increasing excitement among players.

These activities increase the tension of wheat and grain your opponent can win. The pressure of the issues begins at the equipment selection stage. The farming simulator holds tournaments worth $100,000 in prize pools.


Esports has become a popular sensation over the past five years, and you can find it at all major sports operators. The games that dominate the Esports arena are football and basketball, and these are competitive games involving one or more players competing for a win or rewards.

Games like football or basketball have players under contract to play for different organizations, and these teams train and practice like virtual teams ready to compete for an online victory. Depending on the game in play, esports has different genres, from sports to battle royales, and the only goal is to win.


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