Beginner’s Guide to Valheim: Tips and Tricks to Get Started


Looking for a great Valheim beginner’s guide? So look no further. There are five million players who have chosen Valheim, and many more embrace their inner Viking every day. Iron Gate’s Nordic survival phenomenon continues to grow, but trying to figure out such a complex game can be daunting.

If you’re curious about Valheim but are new to the game or even the genre itself, we’ve got a few beginner tips for you to make sure your pivot in the past is as seamless as possible.

Ready to don your Viking? Read on for all the tips and tricks you need to know if you want to start playing Valheim.

Understand your surroundings

Beginner's Guide to Valheim

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The first thing you need to consider when starting Valheim is your world seed. This string will determine the geography of the procedurally generated environment in which you and your friends are about to play.

Valheim is a game about exploring multiple biomes and collecting resources exclusive to these new areas to create new items and continue. But if you roll the dice with your world seed, you may have to travel for hours or build a longship before you can find the swamp or mountains in order to progress.

You can create portals to quickly traverse large chunks of the map, but you can’t pass metals and other crucial crafting progress items through them. You have to bring these resources home the old-fashioned way by boat or cart, which can take hours if the seed of the world is not kind to you.

For this reason, you might want to use Google to find a Valheim World Seed that has biomes within a reasonable range of the starting area. Ultimately, it depends on how you want to play – some might want to take the risk and adapt to their surroundings, and you might get lucky. But keep in mind that if you find yourself in an uninhabitable environment, you may have to leave the beautiful house you have worked so hard on and move on to a world richer in biodiversity with your valuables.

Learn the laws of physics

Beginner's Guide to Valheim

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Valheim has a surprising depth in his physical systems. You’ll quickly find that trees still function as physical objects when they fall and can kill you quite quickly if they land on you. Keep this in mind when cutting down trees near your home or building a tree plantation in an enclosure. You can also use this “feature” to take out enemies if you are smart. It’s also worth noting that rampaging bosses and big enemies like trolls can make their way through your structures. Create defenses and traps to keep them at bay, so you don’t lose everything when facing a wave of horde.

Elsewhere, it should be borne in mind that Valheim does a good job of simulating smoke, so you need to create a vent in the roof of your house so you don’t die while you sleep. Likewise, any fire can be put out by rain, so you need to add a small cover on top of the vent, so that your meat doesn’t get soggy …

The damage of fights and weapons explained

Beginner's Guide to Valheim

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Valheim’s combat system seems straightforward at first, but there are a lot of nuances that can go over the heads of new players. First of all, you can block by right clicking with your weapon or shield, and if you right click just as an attack lands, you’ll parry an enemy and leave them exposed to visceral attacks that inflict a lot. more damage. It is a deeply versatile gesture that saves lives. You can even ward off troll attacks if you think you are strong enough.

Also consider the stealth approach. Press CTRL to start prowling and hitting an unconscious enemy from behind to remove a small portion of their health bar. Troll skin armor and knives enhance your stealth abilities if this playstyle grabs you.

The last thing to note is that enemies and bosses are vulnerable to different types of weapon damage, so read the stats associated with each weapon to understand where they excel. The second boss in the game is a gigantic Elder of the Trees who cannot handle the Fire Arrows. Swamp boss Bonemass is also vulnerable to blunt attacks.

Learning what works against enemies and what doesn’t is half the fun, but take mental notes when you realize you’re not dealing damage to a mob. This might be the type of weapon you are using, and you can swap it out for one that will make it a quick job.

Lay your belly

Beginner's Guide to Valheim

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Valheim goes against the typical tendencies of survival games with his hunger mechanic. Players won’t die if they don’t eat food, but it is still essential that they treat their bodies properly. This is because players have a health bar that grows depending on the type of food and the amount of food it brings.

To increase your health bar, you can digest up to three items at a time, layering your stomach with food to keep you going when you go exploring. The higher the quality the food, the healthier you will be. For example, a cooked sausage will give you a huge boost in health, especially if you previously ate berries and fodder mushrooms. Keep this in mind if you feel like you’re never healthy enough – just cook better foods and keep three foods on your stomach at all times!

Inventory management made easy

Beginner's Guide to Valheim

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Managing your inventory in Valheim can be boring, as many of the game’s most essential resources like iron are very heavy. There are several ways to alleviate this problem. First, consider crafting a cart when you reach Bronze to haul your valuables if you’re going on a long-haul mining expedition. The way back can be long and you won’t be able to take enough on foot. The best thing to do is double-click areas of the map when you find an ore vein to create a marker that you can refer to when performing repeated resource scans.

You also want to find Haldor the Trader ASAP. Haldor spawns at a random location in the Black Forest biome. May the odds be in your favor that he is near your spawn point. You can sell the Coins, Amber, Amber Beads, and Rubies that you find in the Black Forest crypts in Haldor for a portable item called Megingjord, which for 950 coins increases the amount you can carry 150.

However, if you can’t find or afford the above, the best thing you can do is trick the transport weight system into juggling your heavy resources. If you are overloaded you will quickly run out of stamina and stop moving altogether, which can be annoying. At this point, throw the heavy resource stack out of your inventory, go forward, pick it up, and repeat for cheese.

Make a home a home

Beginner's Guide to Valheim

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Once you have your smoke vent, workbench, and all the creature comforts, the next thing to do is start transforming your house into a farm. Hit Bronze and you can craft a Cultivator that will plow the land for planting seeds. This means that you can create a reliable source of wood and food by planting carrots, turnips, cones, and more on an on-site farm. This will automate some of Valheim’s more boring resource collections.

You’ll also need a boar enclosure to farm Meat and Leather Scraps, one of the most difficult resources for your crew to master. Head to the nearby woods and get some pigs to chase you, then bring them home to a wooden enclosure with a gate. Lock up the wild boars, then throw mushrooms and other food inside to tame them. Trap a troop and let them * ahem * do its business, and you’ll have a reliable food source and easy access to tons of leftovers if you can kill your darlings.


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