Better Nate Than Ever review: Lisa Kudrow and Rueby Wood’s musical film hits all the right notes


Better Nate than ever

Better Nate than ever Casyou: Lisa Kudrow, Rueby Wood, Joshua Bassett

Best Nate Ever Director: Tim Federle

Best Nate Platform Ever: Disney+

Better Nate than ever the stars: 3/5

Better Nate Than Ever, a family musical, debuted on Disney+ today. Tim Federle wrote and directed the film, which is based on his book of the same name. It captures the essence of Nate Foster, a 13-year-old music enthusiast who dreams of winning a major role in a Broadway show. Better Nate Than Ever is a beautiful celebration of young dreamers and the efforts they will make to discover a community that completely welcomes them. It’s also a love letter to musical theatre, one that will, at the very least, give escapist pleasure to those inclined to such things.

Nate (Rueby Wood, a rookie) is a 13-year-old teenager who is ridiculed at school and lives in the shadow of his older brother Anthony (Joshua Bassett). He and his closest friend Libby (Aria Brooks) take a bus to New York on the spur of the moment to audition for a Broadway musical based on the 2002 Disney animated picture Lilo & Stitch. long before Nate met his aunt. Heidi (Lisa Kudrow), her mother’s estranged sister and Broadway actress herself. As he works toward what he believes will be his big Broadway break, Nate faces several challenges. But, since this is a children’s movie, don’t expect Nate to go through anything too traumatic on the way to popularity.


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This film will most likely be aimed at young theatergoers because tic tic… boom! was for a slightly older group of Broadway fans last year. Both films promote the enjoyment of being yourself on and off stage, while acknowledging how difficult it is to put on or be part of a Broadway show. Better Nate Than Ever avoids getting bogged down in specifics, but it highlights some of the brutal realities of the entertainment industry. The lead actor, Rueby Wood, who plays Nate, is the film’s strongest selling point. The wood lends the role a lot of charm and warmth, which, together with the effervescence and overflowing enthusiasm of his character, makes him a pleasure to watch. You can’t help but support Nate and see him achieve his goals throughout the film. It’s a path of passion and dedication, and it’s motivating and encouraging to see someone with their purity and luminosity striving for greatness. The film might have lost some of its luster if this actor had not been chosen for this role. In this sequence, Wood shines brightly and the film takes advantage of it.

The film’s portrayal of Nate’s sexuality also contributes to its success. While the movie is mostly about a teenager trying to figure out his career path in life, there’s an LGBTQ+ aspect to his story as well. The film makes it clear that Nate is a queer kid, despite never being discussed in depth. This part of Nate’s personality, on the other hand, is always handled carefully and without heaviness, ensuring that the essential beats hit when they’re needed and that a message of inclusion is delivered correctly. In fact, the message is so well handled that I have no hesitation in admitting that it often made me smile. However, the film’s real hidden weapon, its MVP, is the dependable Kudrow, who can exert her superb comedic timing while displaying her motherly side as an adult who still clings to a piece of the dream that pushes her nephew, despite his hopes. to be broken and beaten.


To sum up, Better Nate Than Ever is great fun. It’s bright, lively and simple to look at. Sure, it has a Disney Channel feel, which may put some viewers off, but those who are young at heart and looking for light entertainment should check it out. It has a wonderful soundtrack of original songs and a great feel-good narrative about chasing your ambitions. It might not be in the same category as West Side Story or The Greatest Showman, but it’s a significant improvement over any Disney Channel Original movie.



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