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Often people wonder what it would be like to live someone else’s life from their perspective, to make decisions for them in totally different life situations than the person who is having those thoughts. BitLife Simulator is one of those games that makes that fantasy possible. In BitLife, the player can take control of a person from birth to death while making all life decisions to see how the character’s life unfolds in the game. In this Bitlife Simulator Beginner’s Guide, we can find the guidance needed to live a rich and lasting life, or a fun, twisted, and possibly weird life.

Introducing the basics of Bitlife Simulator

In BitLife, once you open the game, you are shown a randomly generated life with random birth locations, gender, and name. But these are not permanent as all aspects of Life’s biodata are customizable as per choice. You can select a country for the birth of your life in the game and select a city from that country.

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You can further select their gender and name. It should be noted that players with the premium version of BitLife, classified as Bitizens, can further customize their lives. They can decide if the Life can have royal status, a special talent, what their appearance will be and their specific attributes. After choosing this data, you are then free to start your life and progress further in the game.

Birthplace Selection Affects Your Gameplay

In BitLife, the place of birth, or rather the country of birth, plays an extremely vital role in setting the course of life that the custom character will follow in the game, as well as other factors such as resources and health. To put it simply, the BitLife world works very much like our world in real life. For example, choosing a first world country will grant the character a very easy life compared to a third world country.

Place of birth
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If born in a country like the United States of America, the character will have a lot more resources and amenities that will be easier to access compared to someone born in a backward country like Somalia where the poverty is part of everyday life. life in the game as reflected in the real world itself. Therefore, choose the home country you want your character to be in based on your mood which controls the kind of life you want to play in the game at any given time.

From infant to adolescent

The character’s life starts as a toddler from 0 years old. There will be choices such as taking a vaccine and being bratty or well disciplined. Spending more time being productive prepares the character for a better life, such as a boost in high school and having good impressions. But one can also carry out criminal activities which can stain the CV and make it more difficult to obtain a job, etc.

High school and becoming an adult

As the character grows, more options appear, such as many romantic and even sexual options after the age of 18. The character will be able to earn his first paychecks by doing part-time jobs such as being a waiter, working in the cafeteria, or freelance work such as mowing the lawns, writing, etc.

High school
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But one must also follow their academics if they look forward to leading a life in a positive aspect instead of a life that leans more towards the negative side. Although being sexually active doesn’t have many side effects at this stage, performing acts without a condom can result in the delivery of a baby, which may result in additional expense for the player.

In addition, one can also contact STDs such as chlamydia and herpes, which entail additional additional costs. You can also make boyfriends or get married, which would be a better choice when you do that in later phases.

From rags to riches

The best way to get rich in BitLife is to be a gold digger, which, while it sounds a little out of place, is the truth. Set age filter on dating apps to 80+ and net worth at $1 million+. After that, you can elope or propose to your partner and then get married as soon as possible without progressing in age at all. Thus, as the partner is old, he will die very soon after his marriage and all his property will be given to his next of kin, i.e. his wife or husband, who is the player who will receive everything. Therefore, although it sounds indecent, it is the best way for a player to accumulate assets and get rich, and it will only generate more money if you repeat the process over and over again.

Final Thoughts

So BitLife as it can be seen is an extremely dynamic game where independence of choice sets it apart from other games. This also means that making a point-to-point guide for such a game is not only difficult but impossible to some extent. This is due to the fact that there are simply many algorithms and possibilities that can arise in the game and cannot be easily traced. The best way to be more immersed and engaged in the game is to simply play more and observe the patterns that come with it and use them to get the most out of the game.

That’s it for the Bitlife Simulator Beginner’s Guide! Did you find our Bitlife Simulator Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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