Chronicle of Infinity Beginners Guide and Tips


Neocraft Limited present Infinity Chronicle as an exciting, high-graphic MMORPGs game that will allow you to guard the Astral Alliance as the sole survivor of your own family. There are multiple modes besides the main task which you can take advantage of in order to boost your hero’s power and challenge another to claim yourself as the strongest guardian. Here we will give you a great overview of our beginner’s guide, for those of you who want to start your journey in Chronicle of Infinity to unleash your maximum potential in no time.

Overview of Chronicle of Infinity Basics

Characters and NPCs


At the start of the game, you can choose one of three heroes who will become your main characters. There are Ghost who excels in burst damage, Dragon which has massive melee damage with large scale range, and the other is Arcania which excels in magic damage and super large scale attacks. There are three major NPCs that will give you the main task in Astral Alliance, they are Gulmar the god of war, Elmera the guardian, and Leyden the royal orphan.



The countryside is the main story that you will need to complete in order to protect Astral Alliance. There are several stages in a chapter of the campaign. You can earn the stars you get from the campaign in order to unlock Zodiac, which will help you clear the stage by giving your heroes a stat boost buff.

PvE content

In Astral Alliance, there are daily modes that you can explore in order to earn a huge amount of resources besides completing the main story. These are Explorer, Arena and Casual. You can earn coins, gear, experience and more and it won’t cost you anything. However, keep in mind that they will reset your progress in this mode every day.

PvP Content

You can challenge yourself against the best Arena players to claim the title of strongest goalkeeper. There are individual arenas where you fight against another in a head-to-head situation, or you can try out League, Apex Guerilla and Treasure Hunt to aim for legendary items, or you can challenge yourself against d other server heroes in the cross-server competition. .


Joining a league will bring you tons of benefits, especially in terms of strengthening your heroes and getting more resources. So, once your level suits you, join the strongest league and be the strongest member.


Ruins is a special dungeon where you can get items by killing as many monsters as possible. There are 4 modes in Ruin namely Ruin Idle, Cleanse Quest, Ruin Token and Ruin Boss. The ultimate prize of Ruins is a legendary gear set called Ares Set.

Chronicle of Infinity Campaign Mode Guide and Tips

Once you’ve chosen your appropriate characters, you’re limited to doing little more than back and forth with NPCs for the main campaign. It forces you to reach the designated chapter until you are free to do anything outside of the campaign, at least until you get all your gear.

Along with the campaign, you will unlock several modes that will help you boost your combat power. Of course, you will need a lot of resources on the way, which you can also get in the daily modes in order to be able to reach the minimum combat power required to enter the stage.

Campaign Guide

You can increase your equipment at any time, however, you need specific items to refine and rank your items. Therefore, you should prioritize the items you want to maximize before others. Be sure to use your crafting coupon for better items, or you may have a copy of your existing items that you can combine. If you have no issues with farm items, you’ll have an epic set of items before you reach chapter three.

You should hit level 30 above when you reach chapter three. It is better, for now, to enter another daily mode to get more resources because you will need more combat power and more items in order to refine and classify your items. In addition, you will again have to reach several levels before unlocking special items such as Avian, Pet or another mode.

Chronicle of Infinity Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Pace your level at least until level 40

Pace your level at least until level 40

Level 40 is when you can unlock a pet, which will help you throughout the campaign. Therefore, it is best for you to pace yourself throughout the games and not spare your resources at least until you reach level 40 when you will have Avian and a pet that kicks thumbs up to your hero powers.

2. Store enough grading and refining materials

First of all, you need to stockpile these two items as it requires going through specific steps, especially ranking up gear that you can only get freely through treasure hunting. You can use blitz to get refined materials.

3. Join the League for extra benefits

Join League for more benefits

League will give you a lot of resources and buffs for your heroes. Make sure you become an active member in order to get more treasures. You can join league war, league auction, boost your hero states through league relic, or you can worship league elders who will also give you resources as a reward.

4. Play longer for special rewards

Chronicle of Infinity has a special feature where you will get rewards for staying in the game for a long time. Make sure you reach the maximum time needed for a better price.

Final Thoughts

Chronicle of Infinity is an exciting and tricky MMORPG game that entertains you with high graphical environment and enjoyable gameplay. It will take time for you to reach your hero’s maximum potential, especially with hero power demands that will increase over time, that’s why you also need to spare your time in daily modes or ruin in order to get high level items. Also keep in mind that you will have plenty of hidden and unclaimed rewards in your backpack, so be sure to visit your backpack often to claim these items.

That’s all from this Chronicle of the Infinite Beginner’s guide. Let us know in the comments section if you find this Infinity Chronicle helpful beginner’s guide.

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