Destiny 2 Battlegrounds | Hammer of Proving and Season of Chosen Activity explained


Season of the Chosen is the 13th season of Destiny 2which will begin on February 9 and end on May 11.

The main activity of Season of the Chosen is the new Battlefield game mode: a matchmaking PvE activity that sees teams of three players engaged in “ritual combat” against Empress Caiatl’s chosen warriors of the Cabal.

There is also a new social space, a hub for Vanguard operations called HELM where you can access a number of new features. Among these, the main one is the Test Hammera legacy that tracks the progress of the season through upgrades and unlocks more Battlegrounds rewards.

Here’s what we know so far about the Battlegrounds, Proof Hammer, and HELM introduced in Season of the Chosen:

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen – Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is something many Destiny 2 players have been looking forward to: it’s the first matchmaking mode to be added to the game since the release of the Beyond Light expansion. Matchmade modes allow players who tend to play solo to team up with others and complete multiplayer activities, without having to search outside the game for potential teammates.

As a PvE activity, Battlegrounds will pit three-player teams against a series of NPC opponents, portrayed as Empress Caiatl’s chosen warriors.

Prowess and progress in Battlegrounds will be tracked by upgrading the Hammer of Proof, a new heirloom introduced in the season.

How many battlefields will there be?

During the season, Battlegrounds will open in four locations.

the Monster and Hailstone Battlegrounds will be available from the start of the season on February 9.

You’ll find the Behemoth Battleground in the Arcadian Valley on Nessus – and will automatically be matchmade when you start the season.

After completing Behemoth and accessing the HELM, you can then find Hailstone in the center of Europe.

A third battlefield, called Cleaning (located in the EDZ), will open on February 16.

The fourth and final battlefield, Oraclewill open on February 23.

Is the Battlegrounds activity free?

There’s been some confusion over whether or not the Battlegrounds activity will be free – due to an unfortunate ambiguity in Bungie’s original season roadmap.

However, Bungie has now confirmed that only Season Pass holders will have full access to the new Battlegrounds game mode.

Free Players will to be able to play a free Battlegrounds match as a sample of the central activity of the season. But after that, they will have to buy a Season Pass if they want to play again.

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen – Hammer of Proof

Upgrading the Hammer of Proof is both a way to improve your Battlegrounds activities and a way to track your progress throughout the Season of the Chosen.

Upon arriving at the HELM for the first time, the player will meet Zavala, who will introduce him to the big novelty of the season: the Hammer of Proof.

Where is the HELM and what does it do?

The Logistics and Emergency Maneuver Hub – HELM for short – is Vanguard’s new base of operations. The HELM is introduced in Season of the Chosen, but it looks like it’ll be Destiny 2’s go-to social hub for quite a while.

The HELM can be accessed through the Director by going to the tower and looking in the upper left corner.

The following activities can be carried out at the HELM:

  • Interact with the Seasonal War Table vendor to upgrade the Hammer of Proof
  • Access the Prismatic Recaster to decode Umbral Engrams
  • Manage your safe
  • Retrieve items from postmaster

How to Equip the Hammer of Evidence

Examining the Hammer of Evidence once it’s in your Quest tab shows this cryptic tip: “Hammer must be equipped to acquire Cabal Gold”. This has been the cause of a bit of confusion, as collecting Cabal Gold is an important quest step – but it’s not at all obvious how to equip the hammer.

The short answer is: don’t worry. You don’t actually have to do anything to equip the Evidence Hammer. Once you’ve spoken to Zavala and it’s in your Quest tab, you can begin acquiring Cabal Gold. No need to mess with inventory slots.

It’s unclear at the time of writing why this confusing and totally unnecessary text is included in the hammer’s description, but we can confirm that you can safely ignore it and continue with the quest.

What does the Hammer of Evidence do?

The Hammer of Proof has two main purposes: tracking your progress in the Season of the Chosen and unlocking better rewards on the battlefield.

To do this, you will collect a resource called Cabal Gold from the battlegrounds. These can be forged into Challenger Medallions which you can then equip with the Hammer, unlocking more rewarding challenges against the Empress’ chosen warriors in Battlegrounds.

Three tiers allow players to gradually upgrade the Hammer of Proof, unlocking more Proof Runes which in turn customize and improve battlefield rewards.

How long will the Hammer of Proof last?

Bungie has announced that it’s making some changes to how seasonal content persists after the season ends.

From what we’ve seen, you should have access to Season of the Chosen items – including the Hammer of Proof – until at least the end of Year 4 (November 2021 or thereabouts).


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