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daughter of fate is a game developed by Next2Play Games with a Roleplay kind that can satisfy your eyes. Many huntresses are waiting for you to play and combine huntress elements with each other and consider to counter your enemies. We give you the Destiny Girl beginner’s guide, which you only need to master the game.

Introducing Destiny Girl Basics

This game will take us to an area full of dragons, whose main task is to eliminate them in no less than 20 areas provided by the developer. Additionally, you can venture into other locations such as Tower Challenges, Arena, Super Arena, Engraved Dungeon, Dragon Attack, and Lost Garden.

Meet your challenges

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In this game, you are asked to complete the main story as long as 20 domains which must be completed, from these 20 areas there are different types of enemies that have different elements. Like the plain areas dominated by the wind element, there are snow areas dominated by the water element, mountainous areas dominated by the earth element, and volcanic areas dominated by fire.

Collect your Huntress

Collect the huntress
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There are many ways for you to collect Huntresses, either through recruitment which requires 300 crystals to recruit 1 timeor directly recruit 10 times with 3000 crystals, you can also use 1 coupon to recruit 1 time or use 10 coupons to recruit 10 times to guarantee that you can get SR/SSR level hunters. Moreover, you can also get it by completing available quests or events, so you don’t need to spend a dime on crystals or coupons.

Define your hunter’s strategy

Define the strategy of the huntress
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Before starting the challenge, you must first put the huntress in formation to fight the enemies. It is recommended to include up to 5 Huntresses and at least 3 Huntresses who have the same elements to increase the attributes, for the deepening of these elements, will be discussed in the tips section below.

Destiny Girl Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Destiny Girl Beginner’s Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

1. Prioritize High Level Huntress

High level priority
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By using a High Level Huntressyou will easily complete existing challenges, because high level equals having high power and more useful skills.

2. Adjust element composition

If you want to increase the stats further, you can combine items in the Huntress, if in your training you have 3 huntresses which have the same element, it will increase the attribute 10% attack and 10% HPif there is 4it will increase 15% attack and 15% HPand if all five are the same it will increase 20% attack and 20% HP.

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With a note that these elements are the elements of fire, earth, water and wind. However, if you have a huntress with light or dark elements, she will be even stronger, even for these elements there is no need to combine other huntresses who have the same element, with just 1 huntress, it can already add attributes.

3. Counter Each Element

Counter each element
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There are no overpowered elements here, because each element has its own counter, if the enemy uses the wind element, then the book of Jesus counters it with the fire element, if the enemy uses the fire element, you can use water element, if you use water, you can counter it with earth element, and earth element can be countered with wind element, then it will continuously rotate in a cycle . However, the light element can only be countered by the dark element, and vice versa, so the cycle continues

4. Use Appropriate Formations For Your Huntress

Before taking on the challenge, it’s a good idea to set up the formation of the huntresses, one of which is to use a 2-1-2 formationbecause this formation does not unite or gather tightly, so enemies that have a skill area do not easily attack at the same time, so for positions in front it is recommended for typical huntress defense or those with the highest defense attributes, then for the attackers, they can be put behind so they are safe from enemy attacks, and for the middle it’s optional, it can be for n anything.

Huntress training
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You can experiment with other formations until you find a suitable formation, but in the end it will also depend on the position of the enemy, so you can’t do it carelessly, but if you are still a beginner, you can try the trainings that We gave

5. Level Up Your Hunters Regularly

Huntress Upgrade
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To make it easier for you, it is recommended to upgrade the level of hunters. To save coins, prioritize the hunter you usually use and prioritize the higher level. In addition, if you have enough fragments or recruit the same hunter, you can start so that the level that we can improve increases, thus giving your hunter a higher power.

6. Use your Gears effectively

Use equipment
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One of the important things in this game is to use the Gear which we get when completing the challenge because this equipment can add a lot of your attributes if the attribute has a high rating.

7. Getting stuck in the main story

Solutions when you get stuck in the main story
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One day you will definitely experience something called being stuck when you want to complete a challenge to complete the main story because your power is not enough to fight the enemy. We have several ways to use it, including completing the tower challenge through adventure, as the prizes awarded are quite great and can be used to upgrade huntresses.

Final Thoughts

Destiny Girl is a game that really depends on the huntress you have, because if you have a high level huntress, it will be easy to complete the challenges available, especially to complete the main story, because it requires very high power.

Moreover, this game is perfect for those of you who want to spoil your eyes. Because the developer created this game with beautiful, funny and cool characters. Then the voice actors of each huntress are also brought by famous voice actors which makes our gaming experience more pronounced.

That’s all about this Destiny Girl beginners guide. Please let us know in the comment section if you find this Destiny Girl Beginner’s Guide helpful.

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