DINOSAUR WORLD (2020) Prehistoric-themed Virtual Reality Movie Reviews


“The challenge is on”
world of dinosaurs is a 2022 sci-fi action-adventure film about a game in which contestants battle prehistoric creatures.

Directed by Ryan Bellgardt (Jurassic Games; Imp; Frankenstein’s Army) from a screenplay written by Wu Chenglei, Xing Haishan and Chris Hoyt (Jurassic Pet Adventures: The Lost Secret; The Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Beast; The Adventures of Jurassic Pet).

Chinese-American medium boiling point-The production of Flame Node stars Xing Yu, Steven He, Mike Pu and Phuong Kubacki.

A deadly game. A life-changing prize. When a group of competitors come together to compete in a staged competition in a virtual reality kingdom ruled by dinosaurs, shifting alliances and maneuvering for victory become secondary to the ultimate goal: to survive at all costs. Welcome to Dinosaur World…a breathtaking place where anything can happen…and where the stakes of life and death are real.

Our point of view:
If you can get past the painfully mundane, slowly delivered dialogue and echoing dubs world of dinosaurs offers awesome prehistoric predator effects, budget considered. Pterodactyls are the least well presented but always welcome.

To some, world of dinosaurs will be pleasingly meaningless entertainment, much like the video games it pertains to. But for most viewers, the lack of anything even vaguely relatable beyond the dino effects will leave them uninvolved. That said, it’s never boring as Scott Jeffrey has produced Britshit dinosaur dramas or some of the worst asylum efforts. That said, another downside is an annoying child of the same genre that once featured in many Asian films. As he says himself, “it’s painful”.

Best Silly Bit: A feisty young woman knocks out a raptor with a punch to the head. Yes, you read correctly. And there’s more dino punching later. world of dinosaurs inanity is so bad-it’s-good.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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In North America, world of dinosaurs will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by Shout! Factory May 3, 2022. Rent or purchase a digital copy through Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:
Xing Yu … Alex
Steven He… Zhao Quan
Mike Pu … Peter
Phuong Kubacki … Lily
Roman Alcantara … Programmer of the third game
Evan Assante … Eddie
Billie D. Merritt … eleventh player
Brooks Ryan … Ninth Player
Peter Anthony Seay … Player 7
Bryson Smith … Player
Christy Tate … Jessica
Samuel Wang … Jeremiah

Technical details:
1 hour 18 minutes

American trailer:

Chinese trailer:


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