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Do you want to fight alongside your favorite Disney heroes and save the world from evil together? Disney’s Mirror Universe will collect all the Disney characters and bring them together in order to defeat the league of evil that comes from each Disney universe. You will be accompanied by three powerful heroes who will join your team in your long journey to defeat characters like Evil Queen, Jafar, Maleficent, and much more. Here, we’re making your Disney Mirrorverse journey easier by giving you a good overview of the game’s overview, content, beginner’s guide through the game, and simple tips that will help you become the number one hero.

Disney Mirrorverse Basics Overview


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There are 42 heroes which you can collect by summoning them with crystal shards. They were divided according to

  • Melee
  • From a distance
  • Support
  • Tank

PvE Content

The main story is divided into three difficulties, which are normal, hard, and expert. You must complete the entire chapter on one difficulty in order to unlock the other.

PvP content
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In addition to the story, there are supply ruins where you can gather and farm tons of resources to upgrade your heroes, while the tower is the special mode where you will defeat the enemies that reside on the ground and climb the tower one by one until you reach the highest level of the tower. On the other hand, you can try limited events for limited special rewards, and finally, you can test your hero’s strength in dungeons to challenge the dungeon boss.

Wedding rings

Disney Mirrorverse Alliances Beginner's Guide
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You can mine another amount of resources while meeting new friends in Alliance. The alliance will help you a lot with their experience, while you can complete the alliance mission for the resources. You can check the upcoming alliance mission, the current one and the completed one so that you can check your progress in Alliance.


You can collect Crystals from Supply Ruins or complete the Main Story to summon new Guardians in Crystal. Most of the time they ask you 280 diamonds in order to summon a guardian, while you can also claim a free crystal for free guardians or you can create your own crystal in the Timekeeper crystal.

Fight your team battles

In battle you will have three guards, and it is your freedom to choose which tutor you will bring. Make sure your combat power exceeds the required power so that you don’t have any trouble clearing the stages.

Usually each stage will have three waves where the last wave will be the boss, but it’s not uncommon for you to encounter a boss every wave. Keep in mind that you can control all of your heroes, so remember if you want to change which hero you want to control, especially the low HP one, as you need to keep your distance from enemies.

Disney Mirrorverse Beginner's Guide
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Each stage has a special request that you can complete in order to get full stars and additional rewards. There are four classes of tutors, and each of the classes has its own abilities. If you bring support and range guards, make sure they stay away from enemies as they have lower defense stats than a tank or melee guard, making them prone to attacks direct. You’ll unlock the third slot for your tutor once you hit stages 1-5, so be sure to rush to complete chapter one.

Disney Mirrorverse Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Disney Mirrorverse Beginner’s Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

1. Bring in a proper and balanced formation to ensure victory

balance training Disney Mirrorverse Beginners Guide
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balance training is a formation made up of a melee keeper, a tank, and a range or support keeper. This build has a higher chance of clearing stages quickly and has more resistance against powerful enemies as the tank will take most of the damage, while the melee guardian will handle close combat and the ranged guardian will sting the enemy’s HP. enemy and cast the skill debuff on them.

2. Farm Tier 1 Diamonds To Upgrade Your Guardians

Each time your tutor reaches their current level cap, you need to level them up so they can access more levels. You will need a level 1 diamond, lots of diamonds to be able to level up multiple heroes in no time. You can farm more diamonds in supply events or limited events, or the easiest way is to collect them in login rewards.

3. Use the Timekeeper Crystal

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Timekeeper’s Crystal is a free crystal that you can create in exchange for guardians, gold or energy, but it will take multiple times. It is divided into four times, from two hours up to 8 hours.

4. Don’t Forget To Collect Your Resources From Quests

Timeline and Quests Beginner's Guide Disney Mirrorverse
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There are four types of daily rewards that you can claim for your resources. Those are welcome calendar, dawn of hope, golden week and may. Be sure to claim them daily because at the end of the schedule you will earn rare Crystal Shards containing high-level Star Guardians. On the other hand, you can complete quests to earn more resources. There are daily quests, which you must complete within 24 hours, journey quests related to the main story, while achievements and special quests will grant you rewards once you hit specific milestones.

This is all from this Disney Mirrorverse beginners guide. Let us know in the comments section if you find this Disney Mirrorverse helpful beginner’s guide.

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