DUYSTER (2021) Belgian found-picture horror film reviews


“Three students went to get the wrong caption”

Duyster is a 2021 Belgian horror film about three students who make a documentary about the 17th-century Antwerp executioner.

Directed by Jordi Ostir and Thomas Vanbrabant from a screenplay by the latter.

The film stars Maïmouna Badjie, Tristan Feyten, Charles De Meester, Louise Bergez, Sven De Ridder, Stefaan Degand, Ellen Baetens, Pascal Maetens and Margaux Vandecasteele.


” …Duyster is a solid example of the found footage genre with some good moments and a pretty intense last act that would have been even better if the ending was questionable. Those who are hesitant to see it might be relieved to know that there isn’t a whole lot of headache-inducing camera footage to deal with. ***1/2 out of ***** Voice from the balcony

“…this admirably brave but uneven film gives the impression that the filmmakers were trying to make the difference between giving the audience something familiar and tentatively introducing their own more original ideas. Not until the last third Duyster lean into its strongest aspects, focusing on the lore surrounding the executioner and a confident, likeable performance from leading lady Maïmouna Badjie. 4.5/10 Wicked horror

Duyster premiered at the Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival in Belgium on October 30, 2021. It has its US premiere on April 1, 2022, as part of the Buried Alive Film Festival in Atlanta.
Duyster will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in the Netherlands on May 18, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Maimouna Badjie … Nora Danso
Tristan Feyten … Bas Lauwer
Charles De Meester … Milan Avonds
Louise Bergez … Rita Gabriel
Sven De Ridder … Stijn De Molen
Stefaan Degand … Corneel Smolarek
Ellen Baetens … Amber Boets
Pascal Maetens … Professor Marnix Messiaen
Margaux Vandecasteele … Jacqueline Verbist
Julian De Backer … Jan Cleyn
Lisa Lefever … Lea Lefever
Lore Lefever … TCM Reception
Charlotte Vanderdonck … Stephanie Verbis
Wim Tijskens … Bartender

Technical details:
1 hour 21 minutes


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