Electronic Merchant Systems Releases New Beginner’s Guide to Accepting Mobile Payments


Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) based in Cleveland, OH, is a company that has built a very positive and long-standing reputation for helping businesses find suitable mobile payment processing solutions. This extensive experience in processing mobile payments has also taught members of the company that this is a topic that is not always easy for business customers to understand. This is because of the many choices a business has to make regarding the type of mobile payment processing system it will use. This is why this reputable company decided to publish a new blog on their website which covers the mobile payment process in much more detail. A blog aptly titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Accepting Mobile Payments”.

This recently published article began by explaining what electronic payments are. He described them as regulated transactions that take place through the use of a mobile device. A process that works the same as other credit card payment processes, except that it is completely digital. He also referred to the fact that credit or debit card details are stored on a mobile device through the use of digital wallet apps like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. The blog then moved on to how mobile payments work. These transactions are processed using a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). Due to the use of digital wallets, a customer never needs to search their wallet or purse for cash or to physically produce a credit or debit card. Most smartphones and other smart devices running Android 4.0 or later and most iPhone models contain NFC technology. Also discussed in this recently published Electronic Merchant Systems article: “Why Should Businesses Accept Mobile Payments?” This included reasons such as helping merchants and service providers easily accept credit and debit card payments and integrate into loyalty programs that help increase revenue. It can also be used as a way to track consumption trends and monitor inventory. The blog also mentioned that EMS client businesses that use mobile payment processing find that it speeds up transactions and, in so doing, helps increase sales as well. All of these top reasons for implementing mobile payment acceptance are designed to help a business scale and grow.

It has also been highlighted in this Electronic Merchant Systems blog that processing mobile payments also tends to improve a customer’s experience. It does this in ways like increasing sales that people weren’t planning on doing because they don’t need to have their money or wallet with them since all of their information is stored. on their phones. It also helps eliminate long lines at checkouts and build loyalty and brand awareness due to the positive shopping experience that mobile payment processing tends to lead. The blog makes it clear that these are intangibles that can once again help any type of client business grow and grow. He also mentioned how businesses should choose the equipment they use to process their mobile payments. This is a list that includes cost considerations, company size, accepted payment methods, security requirements, and the integrations and support available from a payment processor. mobile. The EMS blog ended by stating that this is a very good company in helping a business choose the best mobile payment option for them.

Those wishing to read this recently published EMS blog on Mobile Payment Processing Basics in its entirety can do so by visiting https://www.emscorporate.com/news/the-beginners-guide-to-accepting-mobile- Paiements . The company’s vice president of sales, Bill Felberg, also recalled that it also offers many other payment processing solutions. This includes their popular point-of-sale payment processing services. The company’s services are also designed for a wide variety of business users such as retail outlets, e-commerce stores, professionals, skilled craftspeople, a wide variety of specialty businesses, and restaurants and bars. . He says more information about these services can be obtained by calling them or visiting their website.


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