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Developped by EYOUGAME, Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin is a fantasy play a role game created to be played on the mobile platform. The background of the game looks like the following – a devil is putting the world in danger and he needs to be stopped in order to save the game and be the hero the world needs. You can add friends online and band together to fight enemies together in different situations. The player can choose from a vast collection of equipment and weapons to take into battle and bonuses that can be used to kill the toughest enemies. The following Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin beginner’s guide will highlight some major aspects of the game that could be crucial in your quest to become a pro at this game.

Choose the perfect class

Lost Sanctuary as a game offers a very versatile set of classes to its players, catering to the different playstyles adopted by them. It has seven unique classes that allow players to bring out the best in themselves by letting them thrive in their preferred playstyle like support, damage dealing, and more. Being able to choose the right class is crucial because it’s the best way to play efficiently and get the best gaming experience possible. Read on to learn more about existing classes.


One of the hardest classes to play in the game, Sibyl makes up for it by being a strong and fast attacker. She is fragile compared to other classes, but her damage output is also higher than other classes. His nimble foot movements and agility make it difficult to hold his reins.

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And while you’ll have no problem taking on weaker enemies that might cross your path, you’ll need to focus when fighting bosses, so you can defeat them before they manage to take you down. Therefore, it is favorable to players who prefer a faster style of play despite a harder learning curve.


Monk Class Lost Shrine: Eternal Origin
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Monk specializes in single and focused attacks and damages enemies away from melee range within a certain distance. He’s a pretty tough character who can deal a decent amount of damage and thus hold his own against more than one troop given the situation. For players looking for a mini tank that can also deal a lot of damage, Monk is the perfect choice for them. His highly damaging skills allow him to take down enemies and bosses with relative ease.

Great Sage

Great Sage Class Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
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The Great Sage is perhaps the most balanced class players can choose from in the game. This class is inspired by the great Monkey King of Chinese legends, Sun Wu Kong. It has stunning visuals that make this class fun to use. Great Sage has high DPS which also comes with a decent range, not to mention he also has strong defensive abilities. It’s also easy to use, making it a good class of choice for those new to the game.


Kali class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
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Kali is one of the classes with the least health points in the game, quite similar to a class already mentioned, that is to say Sibyl. She could be killed relatively easily compared to some of the tougher classes, but she makes up for it by having the longest attack range in the game, so as long as she keeps her distance from enemies in the game, she will be able to inflict continuous damage, turning the tide of battle in your favor. You are also expected to keep her out of reach of enemies or she might end up getting killed.


Ruby Class Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
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Ruby is yet another class that is very well balanced in its offensive and defensive abilities. She deals a satisfying amount of damage while being tough enough to withstand enemy attacks and survive them. This makes her one of the most beginner-friendly classes besides the likes of Great Sage. She deals enough damage to mow down enemies over time and also survive.


Ascalon-class Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
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Ascalon is a regal-looking individual who wields a extravagant sword. While offering decent damage output, Ascalon is extremely adept in defensive roles and can act as a shield for the team in times of danger. He is very tanky and can withstand many hits from enemies and thus can draw the attention of enemies and draw their attacks towards him while the rest of the team deals with enemies while they are distracted. He is a good class choice for new players to use due to the relative ease with which he could be used.


The Nuwa class is an attack-oriented class capable of inflicting massive damage on enemies while being quick on foot. Although she deals the highest damage, she is also fragile, just like other classes that focus more on damage. She also has a very low CC, which makes it very easy for enemies to kill her. It is therefore extremely delicate, which is a big disadvantage for its high damage capabilities.

Nuwa Class Lost Shrine: Eternal Origin
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Luckily, those who manage to master his skills can pull off feats other classes can only dream of, like mowing down bosses and tougher enemies with almost no effort. Its characteristics make it usable in group activities, but not so good in solo games.

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin beginner’s guide to help you newbies get started on your journey.

1. Improve your character by strengthening your equipment and your pets

In Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin, the focus is on automated combat between classes and their enemies, with the exception of certain situations where the player must manually intervene, such as boss fights. So, through this system, it becomes all the more important to upgrade your gear and pets and make your character stronger so that he can deal with his enemies on his own when they are not around. manually controlled. Initially, when you start the game, there are three main ways to make your characters stronger.

These three ways enhance your gear by using Enhancement Gems in the Enhance menu to enhance your gear permanently, improve your character by completing quests and using in-game items to increase your experience. The third way to power up is to level up your pet using Sycee currency in the Pet menu.

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This feature is especially important for powering up your pet as they deal the majority of damage to enemies when you start out and each time they are advanced the amount of damage they deal is amplified and therefore comes into the clutch in the hard times.

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin has a lot of ways to strengthen the characters in the game, which is sure to confuse players in most cases. Therefore, the game has an option that makes it all the easier for the players. The Improve option can be seen next to your battle controls if and whenever there is a pending upgrade for your character. Once you click on this option, you will be taken directly to the menu where pending and relevant character upgrades will be visible. Thus, it is easily accessible and avoids any confusion.

2. How To Advance Your VIP Rank

Unlike other games, Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin allows players to increase their VIP rank without spending a dime for in-game purposes. Instead, you can progress in rank by completing optional in-game challenges VIP ranks grant players additional benefits such as cosmetics, upgrades, and other special features.

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Therefore, it’s worth grinding the extra few hours in order to advance your VIP rank for additional rewards. You can find your VIP rank at the top left of the screen, next to your HP and level. Clicking on it will take you to the VIP menu where you can check the unlock conditions for the next rank.

Final Thoughts

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin seems to be doing its best to meet the needs of new players to build a dedicated fan base for the game. do it, because future patches should make it even more appealing and who knows if it might become a big thing in the future. There you go, all the basic tips are covered, if you have any problem in the game, you can always refer to this Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, as always, we have you!

That’s all from us for the Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide! Did you find our Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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