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European War 7: Medieval is based on a historical story from medieval times. The plot begins with the fall of the Roman Empire due to barbarian invasion, which led to a series of wars between European territories. As a result, your main goal as a player will be to rebuild civilization by driving opponents out of your region and restoring peace. Because it is based on factual history, there are several chapters filled with practically real war stories. In this European War 7: Medieval beginners guide, we will give you a brief guide and tips and tricks for you to play this game.

Introducing the basics of European War 7: Medieval

Learn the basics of movement and attack

In the game, European War 7: Medieval, moving and attacking the opponent both use the same technique. To move and attack you will have to tap on your own unit and tap on the area marked with green arrows to move. If you want to attack your opponents, instead of pressing the green arrow area, you press the opponent’s unit. But the opponent’s unit must have a sword symbol on it, otherwise you cannot attack your opponent.

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Movement in the game is counted according to steps, steps will determine how far you can move, and it will also determine how many times you can attack your opponents. Generally in the game, each attack on your opponents will consume 6 steps, you need to watch how many steps you have left if you want to move again after attacking.

Master the basic commands

There are always cities in the region where you are fighting in the game. These cities are not only a decoration feature of the game, but the cities also have their purpose, you can recruit soldiers in the cities, not only if one of your units has less than three members, you can also replenish them in the city by recruiting new soldiers.

Dissolution here has a purpose, in case you need resupply for your unit, you can disband a unit that you think already has less impact on you, and the limbs can be used as a replacement for your other unit that has lost some of its members. To proceed with dissolving, you can tap on your unit > tap on information > tap on dismiss.

Learn basic commands
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A mixed unit operation involves creating a unit by recruiting different types of soldiers to form that unit. To make it really simple, all you have to do is mine the city and recruit soldiers of different types, remember you can only have three soldiers in a unit, so choose wisely. Mixed units are very useful, they will give you various benefits and you will have a balance between defense and attack power.

Understand the city, the village and the castle

This will link to the previous guide. You will see many towns and at least one castle. All three have a similar function, which is to recruit soldiers, but that’s not all, there are other things you need to know about these three.

Let’s talk about the city first. At first glance, the city on the map won’t do much, but that’s wrong, as mentioned above, the city is where you can recruit your soldiers. Then there is Village, a village that cannot be used to recruit strong soldiers like a town and a castle do, but one important thing of the village is that the village can be upgraded to become a castle.

Town, Village and Castle work European War 7: Medieval Beginners Guide
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Then we will talk about the castle. In the same way as the city, you will need a castle as a place where you can recruit soldiers, the difference is that the soldiers recruited in the castle are more varied than in the city. The castle is also a key point that you must defend. Alright, that’s it for the guides, now let’s move on to the next session which is the tips and tricks for this game.

European War 7: Medieval Beginners Guide: tips and tricks

1. Play with numbers

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Because this game is a strategy war game, you will need strategy, and we can start with the most basic strategy, which is played with numbers. All powerful enemies can be defeated together, it’s a fact no matter how strong your opponent is, but if they are outnumbered they will be easier to defeat.

2. Master your soft skills

general skills
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Yes, you can use general’s skills in the game, but to do so you need to assign a general to your unit. To do this, it’s simple, tap on unity and tap on General. The general’s skill is useful in your fight, it can buff your unit, nerf your opponent’s unit, and even loot your opponent’s resources.

3. Spend your resources wisely

resources to good use European War 7: Medieval Beginners Guide
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This game has resources that will be constantly used in battle. The use of resources is to recruit soldiers in the castle and the city. To get resources it’s simple, defeat an enemy unit. Keep in mind that the number of soldiers is also considered your resource, so if you think you have less than the number you should have, you should consider recruiting more.

4. Choose your opponents wisely

This means, while looking at your unit and the enemy, choose the enemy unit that you can defeat quickly. Some enemies have much stronger defense than you, while others have more attack power than you. You can do this by looking at and enemy icon, by there you can see what type of soldiers the enemy unit has.

5. Choose your method to win the game

win the game
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In the game, you have two ways to win the game. Both ways can also be found in other games. These two ways are either to defeat all the opposing units or to capture their key points. Of course, for you to win in every way, a different strategy will be needed.

6. Avoid Full Attack

Don't Do Everything About European War 7: Medieval Beginners Guide
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This means that you shouldn’t spend all of your units on an all out attack. The enemy unit can be sneaky despite being a bot. Leave some of your units near a border of enemy territory or near your key point. At some point, you will have to play completely defensively.

7. Use your war gear wisely

war gear wisely
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Using war gear is one way to help you win the battle. There are a lot of war gears in the game, you can use them depending on the situation. Using war equipment also consumes technology (an equipment like a token in the game) and the amount of technology is limited. This technology can be obtained by eliminating enemy units.

8. Be creative with your strategies

It is a war strategy game, there are many strategies you can try, and you can even experiment your idea of ​​strategy in this game, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

9. Upgrade your castle

European War 7 Castle: Medieval Beginner's Guide
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By upgrading our castle, you will be able to recruit stronger soldiers. You will have more options to recruit soldiers, and it will make it easier for you to win. You can also create new units with the strongest soldier.

10. Pay attention to victory conditions

victory condition European War 7: Medieval Beginners Guide
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Each stage has different victory conditions. Some stages even require you to play full defensive. At the start of the game you will see the victory conditions, they will even be displayed again after the end of your turn. Understand the condition and adapt, that way you will be victorious with fewer casualties.

Final Thoughts

European War 7: Medieval is not an easy game to play. The game is enjoyable if you are a fan of medieval times, or if you are a fan of strategy games. Despite this, the game can still be fun for all players, the strategic nature of the game is challenging, and it will bring players a new experience of war-themed games. There is still a lot to learn in this game, you will face difficulties in some level stages but it will make you more creative with your strategy. So go ahead and try it! If you run into any trouble, feel free to refer to this Beginner’s Guide to European Warfare 7: Medieval for advice.

That’s all of this European War 7: Medieval beginners guide. Please let us know in the comment section if you find this Beginners Guide to European Warfare 7: Medieval useful.

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